Old Journal Logs

09/30/05: It was a really low key day for me. I love it, since work has been very slow. I got
paid today, but most of it is going to bills. So its basically pay your bills day. So I was thinking
today. When was the last time I went to go see a movie. I used to go watch movies every
Friday when there was a new movie out. I havn't done that much at all. I mean, yes the
movies coming out are pretty bad. There really hasn't been any romantic comedies lately.
Anyways, I stayed home tonight. I took a nap and I woke up and it was time to goto bed. I
needed to rest up and save anyways. Tonight I just did nothing and chilled home, watching
the nephews again.

09/29/05: I was so sleepy on the walk into work this morning, my boss saw me and kinda
laughed at me and told me to wake up. I had my head tilted sideways this morning. I could
barely stay awake. I was an idiot an forgot my wallet so Lunzer had to buy lunch for me
today. After work, I felt bad cause I told Jamie I was gonna visit with her for a bit. I had to run
some quick errands instead. Later on went over to Betsys, I told her earlier in the day I
wanted to eat macaroni and cheese. I been craving it lately. She was nice enough to make it
for me. Tonight at kickball we won 11 to 1. The team we played against was undefeated, and
had one tie. It was a very fun game and I am glad we be the stink out of them.

09/28/05: So after work today I felt so tired I needed to take another nap. Man, I been taking
alot of naps lately. I woke up and met up with Betsy for more kickball action tonight. We won
8 to 3. I had a good game and I felt pretty good about it. I was having fun today and didn't
take the game as seriously as I used too. I just wanted to win thats all I care. I was eating
ramen noodles for lunch today. I am trying to save money. So far so good, but I wish I could
eat out like I used too. Haha, ofcourse I will eventually go eat out. I love eating. Tonight I am
feeling pretty good. Hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight. I been having issues as of late.

09/27/05: Today was the slowest day at work in a long time. I loved every minute of it. I was
able to do work and not feel the pressure of getting yelled at. Today I was supposed to look
for a second job, but I decided to go watch/play kickball instead. We won 14 to 1. I did great
out there today. Typical Tony performance ofcourse. I got to talk to Mary a bit, I havn't had a
chance to talk to her and I am glad I did. She did a great thing by doing the MS walk a couple
weeks ago. I had to throw my 2 cents on that. After kickball we went to Lonetti's which is a
sponsor bar for kickball. We played free bingo, I didn't come close to winning, but Betsy
almost won, I wanted her to win.

09/26/05: My first day of returning to work. Was pretty slow, but somewhat exciting. I found
out today, that starting next Monday I no longer have to come in on Mondays anymore. So 4
months of working 6 days straight has come to an end thank god! Had lunch with Scott
today. He is still the same goofy Scott. He used to work at TCF and is a pretty cool guy. I
went home and did laundry. Talked to the ex for a bit today. Always a delight. I went to play
dodgeball at Kenwood for the last time on Mondays since its getting so dark. I did ok out
there, I feel a bit slower then I usually do. Must be that lack of motivation. Haha, I am always
the he never seems to try person. Watched some tv and went night, night. Pretty quiet day

09/25/05: Woke up pretty early, not as early as last Sunday but early enough. Said bye to
Heather. We finally found Sun Country spot and off we went. I took a nap and woke up and
we were basically back home. The landing was a bit rough since it was raining. Got home to
the parents and stole some food. Hahaha. I went home and basically just relaxed. I realized I
left my Usb cable for my camera in Arizona and I just end up buying a new one. I stayed
home and watched tv. My life will now change, from this day on. I got to do alot of thinking,
since I couldn't sleep much down there.

09/24/05: we stayed the night at Jakes place and I woke up early and I decided to go for a
nice little walk. I was trying to figure out who I was? Basically, the arizona trip, I was suppose
to find my true self again. Since I don't remember anymore. I thought long and hard on my 45
minute walk. I decided, I am what everybody tells me I am. I am the nice Tony that puts all of
his friends first and no one else. It seems I have been selfish lately and my ego has taken
over. So when I get back, I am gonna get things back on track. Later that day we went to the
pool, surprise surprise. We went to Frys and bought some steaks to grill. It was a nice little
dinner we all had. Off to Scottsdale we went and we started it off by going to this bar, I
couldnt remember its name cause it wasnt anything special. I think it was Salty something?
Anyways, we walked to Dos Gringos which was way better. I bought 4 shots of yag bombs
and the total price was 28 bucks. I was so surprised. Got to do some dancing you know.

09/23/05: Woke up and took a dip in the pool, it seemed like we were there every fricking
day. We went to Walker Butte Elementary were Heather teaches. Her kids were awesome. I
got to read Merry Lou Melon to the kids and we all got to play kickball with hem. Hahaha.
Good stuff. We all went to Red fish, which was a pretty cool bar I liked it alot. I was drinking it
hard there since it was happy hour and I have a bad track record when it came to Happy
hour. We then went to Jakes place and he seem like a cool guy. We went to Tempe Arizona,
and started off the night at The Library, which is an alright bar with waitresses in skany
school girl attire. Margarita Rocks was next, which was an alright place. We then wen to this
place called Graham Central station. Which is basically a Red Carpet in St Cloud but better.
4 different genre of music and bars. Ofcourse whats a wild and crazy night with out going to
the strip club, so we went to Christies. All I have to say was 10 dollar lap dances. W00t!!!
Really busy night it was an awesome time.

09/22/05: We went to go play mini golf today. It was one of the nicer golf courses I have
seen. It was fun though, even though it was so frickin hot outside. We then ate lunch at
Sonic. Since we always see the commercials, on tv back home. We figured we would chec it
out. I wasn't really impressed at all. The service sucked. Ofcourse later on we took a dip into
the pool. Seems like were the only people who uses the pool around here. I havn't seen
anyone else use it yet. We went to the Tempe area to check out the bars. We went to the
Library for a few drinks, its a cool place. The girls dress in nice school girl outfits. We then
went to this place called Fat Tuesday. We got some drink called a octane 190. All I got to say
is it had more then a 100 proof in it. After that we went to good ol Hooters. I didn't like the
outfit they were wearing. I am so used to the orange shorts and white tank tops. These girs
were wearing all black. It was kinda lame. I was feeling pretty buzzed at this point. What a way
to get the party rolling for this weekend. Here are some pics from Thursdays.

09/21/05: Me and Andy decided to get some breakfast at Mcdonalds this morning. We
noticed they sold dippin dots. We thought that was hilarious. Today, we decided to go hiking
in camelback mountain. It was rouphly 2 miles of climbing. There was alot of rocks and alot of
climbing, I didn't last very long as we all took breaks. I made it pretty far but I didnt make it all
the way to the top. I was 1/8 of a mile short. I just had nothing left in me. The regulars, ended
up lapping us on the mountain. There was a lady who climbs it twice a day. It was nice and
pretty at the top though. We got home and we took a dip in the pool. Once Heather got home
from school. We all went to this place called The Elephant restaunt. We sat outside under
the little mist machines. It was a good time, the food was pretty good. Later on that night we
went to downtown Phoenix, we went to Majerles, which is Dan Majerles restaraunt. Nothing
special, there really isnt much to do downtown there. I was kinda surprised. The sites look
nice but just not enough bars. It was pretty lame. Here are some pics of camelback mountain.

09/20/05: This afternoon we went straight to the pool. Threw the football around in it. We
decided to goto the Chandler Mall today. Well we are staying in the chandler area. It was a
nice big mall. Basically kinda like the Eden Prairie mall, but alittle bit bigger. For lunch I got
food at this place called the Paradise bakery and cafe. It took forever for me to order my
food, cuz this dumb blonde wouldn't decide what she wanted. She was seriously really dumb.
Me and Andy decided to buy some white pants, almost see through, we were gonna wear
white pants and pink shirts tonight. We were going with the miami theme. Haha. Heather
finally got home from work and she was already wearing white pants and a pink shirt so it
worked out great. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings. We were just getting food and having a
few drinks. Today was more of a low key day. Although we starting drinking beers around
noon today we slowed down a bit. It showered very briefly, which is odd around here. We
decided to enjoy it while it lasted. I decided to call it an early night since we got a long day
tomorrow. I think were going to something called Camel Back Mountain, and we have to go
up it. Here are some pictures from tonight.

09/19/05: I woke up early this morning. I was so used to getting up for wok about this time. I
am really enjoying myself down here right now. Went to Walmart, I bought a back pack. I was
gonna buy a fanny pack, but I guess it would have been to dumb to wear stuff like that. For
lunch we went to this place called Iguana Blue. Which was an authentic mexican restaraunt. It
was one of the best mexican food I had in a long time. I mean, how can you complain, when
your having fish tacos. So anyways, we decided to goto the phoenix zoo today. It was about
$14 bucks to get in. Andy pointed out the funniest thing. Todays theme at the zoo was great
lakes day. If you didn't get it, haha, well, nevermind. It was fun, alot of walking in the hot sun.
Watching a hippo crap out of its ass might have been the highlight of the day. We wanted to
cook dinner for Heather, so we went to Fry's and bought some food. After eating and
drinking of course, we went to this yogurt place called the golden spoon. I got orange ice
cream with jelly beans, I only did it cause Heather told me too. Afterwards we went for a dip in
the pool. Also found out today that we will be going to Heathers school on Friday,to do stuff
with her 3rd grade students. I think I get to read a book infront of them. I am so excited. Click
here for Zoo pics.

09/18/05: Woke up at 5am. I was so tired. We got to the airport and I was so hung over I
wanted to pass out in the airport. I wasn't even nervous about the flight. My eyes were barely
open. We took off, and everything was fine. Jenni and Andy were so tired. they slept on
eachothers shoulders. It was kinda cute. I took a nice nap and woke up and saw mountains
on our flight. We arrived and Jenni's friend Heather, who were staying with. Was already at
the airport waiting for us, WOW she rocks. We went to lunch at this place called Iguana
Macks. I had a burger since we were told there burgers were amazing, I thought it was about
a B in food taste. I have been sick since I arrived in arizona. So I was in the bathroom alot.
Took a nice long nap to recover and we ended up going to this place called First Round
Draft. Another bar and we had food and drinks. I am having a fun time so far. Its hot!!! I
noticed there are alot of mexicans here. Alot of houses were we are are town houses. One
thing I learned was diamondbacks are snakes. I thought they were part of a base ball field. I
guess it was my blonde moment of the day. Its weird seeing alot of dirt and gravel and barely
any grass. Alot of cactus's though.

09/17/05 - After work I went to play some dodgeball. I couldn't really move to much since my
hip still had my wound so I was just moving slowly. Finally got home and got rready since
Betsy was picking me up and we were going to Myth for Marcos bday. We went to their
house first and pre-bar'd it up. Myth was kinda cool, I liked it, but 10 bucks is a bit much for
the maplewood area. Looks like I am gonna be getting 1 hour of sleep since I was out till
3am. Flight leaves at 7am, and we wanted to be at the airport by 5:30am.

09/16/05 - Today was Susans bday so I had to remember to make it out for her bday. We
went to this place called River street, which was a tiny bar but it was pretty cool. It was right
across from the Excel energy Center. I think green day was playing that night. Susan was
pretty wasted so we had to call it an early night. It was fun, since we ran into alot of people
like Nate and stuff.

09/15/05 - I took a nice little nap in the afternoon. I felt good after I took it, even though the
dog and the nephews were being loud. We lost at kickball tonight, the score was 9 to 8. We
almost came away with a tie. Oh well, no worries since this is our
FUN team. Although I was
telling Betsy I still wanted to win that game. Atleast now I get a week off of kickball. Maybe I
can get back to basics. Tonight I am gonna lounge and look at some bills. My phone is now
suspended from me not paying of course. I better get that fixed.

09/14/05 - It was pretty slow today at work. I love it when its nice and slow. Went to go eat
with Laura at Champps, her friend was leaving for Iraq. Afterwards, went to kickball and we
won 7 to 4. It was a good game and we got the "w". So that makes me happy. I was a little
amped up for this game for some reason. I really wanted to win. I still havn't gotten a chance
to make any big plays. I am getting so frustrated, that the ball just won't go my way. Why
wont they kick it to me. So afterwards, I was analyzing my self and I realized I was just making
a fuss during the game, so I could get some attention. Wow I am getting pretty childish

09/13/05 - I got home from work and I was just tired. I went to go watch some kickball today
and relaxed. It was nice just sitting back and not having to worry about playing. I got to
mingle a bit tonight, since I watched 2 games. The drive home I just blasted my music and
enjoyed the rest of the night. I really wanted to goto the bar, but I decided to go home and
take the night off.

09/12/05 - I really didn't want to goto work today. Good thing it went by pretty fast. On the
bus ride home from work, I was trying to figure out a way to just save money. The only way I
could would to get a 2nd job at night. So after Arizona, I will for sure have to do that. I
decided to go play dodgeball tonight its been a month since I played. I was doing pretty well. I
didn't miss a beat at all.

09/11/05 - I woke up early today to play some football. I wasn't feeling good this morning. I
felt like I was going to puke. It felt like I have had a hang over for 2 days straight. I am just
surprised I was able to get to Blaine by 9am. I couldn't show the older guys up. I just felt too
tired and out of it. Oh well, next time I will be ready. Went home watched the Vikings lose to
the Buc's. For years and years, I have told everybody Daunte sucks. Well 5 turnovers at
home. You definitely suck. I had a head ache tonight, just did some laundry nothing special.

09-10-05 - I got like 3 hours of sleep I think today. I was out of it all morning, but then I
eventually woke up after some coffee. Me and Betsy went to Valley Fair. Got free tickets, so
we went. It was a nice hot day, lines were nice and short. I swear, I always end up going to
Valley Fair after having a bad hang over. Not a good a mix. I started to get sick and I wasn't
feeling well. We rented, "Guess who" at Blockbuster. I really liked that movie. I forgot how
much I miss staying in and renting a movie.

09/09/05 - After work, I took a nice long nap. It was Shaun's bday, so most of us went to
Gabby's. Afterwards, we went to some place to get some green drink. I forgot what it was
called though. I took alot of pictures. I also noticed the Mississippi river was flowing
northward, per Andy. It was fun hahaha. Me and Betsy and Lunzer went to Mary's bonfire at
her place. If I remember right. We threw a chair in the fire. I sear every bonfire I have been to
something other then wood has been thrown into the fire.I lost track of time, and it was like
3am. Wow I will be hurting tomorrow.

09/08/05 - The funniest thing happened today. Well not really funny, I downed 2 cups of
coffee in a 2 hour span. I think I am starting to like coffee. Although I am the only person it
seems to put cocoa mix in it. Me and Betsy decided to start carpooling, since gas was so
high these days. We ended up losing our game 12 to 4. There were alot of mistakes, but
what do you expect out of the B squad. Oh well, I didn't have a good kicking game tonight. I
went back to my basketball shoes. I need to stick with a pair for shoes for kickball. This is
starting to mess me up.

09/07/05 - I got a decent amount of sleep last night. I got to work and drank so much coffee. I
figured why not drink more coffee. I also had lunch with Lunzer today at the chinese
restaurant. I always have cravings for chinese for some reason. Someone asked me today
what my passion in life was. Surprisingly I didn't have a good answer. I was thinking and
thinking and I only kept coming up with the same answer. So I need to work on that. Tonight I
did some laundry. How exciting i know. It was nice to have a bye week this week for kickball.
more time to rest.

09/06/05 - Work was busy, which was expected. For the day after labor day. I was just
thinking. I can't believe its September now. I went home and played with the Achilles, the pit
bull. Last night I had a hard time sleeping. I kinda felt lonely last night. My mind just went off
on all the people, I knew that had someone. For once, I had that lonely feeling again. We
shall see how it goes for tonight.

09/05/05 - We packed up and went home. I think we got back around 12pm. I was so tired I
got home and took Two separate long naps. I was making fun of my nephews cause there
both starting school tomorrow. I think Kobe is in kindergarten. I don't remember kindergarten
much. I had a fun camping weekend. I guess the highlight was really seeing a radio being
thrown into the fire and the capacitors just going crazy.

09/04/05 - I wanted to check out he scenery today. Went to go check out the waterfall, I think
they said it was the 4th tallest waterfall east of the Rockies. Funny I know. Went to the beach
area played some football. Drank obviously. Jen brought in some weird game called darts.
Basically you throw steel darts at each others beer cans and drink it till it doesn't leak
anymore. Quick way to get drunk if your wondering.

09/03/05 - So today was an extremely busy day. I went to work today, then left from work to
goto Cameron's(nephew) baptism and then went back to work. Went to pick up Andy and
Jenni. Off to camping we went. The 2 hour drive wasn't so bad. I thought I would fall asleep
since I was so tired.

09/02/05 - I think its my new routine to just nap on the bus. Everyone else does it. I am
always paranoid, I might miss my stop. Work went by pretty slow today, but I am glad I got
through it. I ran some errands today and got back home. I been so tired, I got my camping
equipment ready. Its going to be a fun weekend. I can't wait. I realized today, every time I see
Evelyn, theres always one person out of the blue, that we don't know that makes things
awkward or makes a weird comment about couples. Its kinda creepy.

09/01/05 - Today, I fell asleep on the bus on the way to work. I was so tired. I been kinda
stressing lately, just cause I got alot of bills to pay and things like that. I know I will have to
get a 2nd job and get it figured out. After work today, I got home and played more of my rpg.
I haven't even touched Madden 2006 yet. I am so addicted. I guess this is my nerd side
coming out. Went to the kickball practice/scrimmage what ever you want to call it. I went
home and just relaxed.
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