Old Journal Logs

05/31/05 - After work I went home and took a nice long nap. I woke up around 9:30pm. I had
like 3 hours of nap time. Went to Walmart with Katy later that evening and Mcdonalds. I love
Mcdonalds especially the 24 hour ones. I bought this 52 ounce mug from Walmart. I swear,
thats the coolest thing ever. Its actually 1.5 liters. Amazing huh. I thought so.

05/30/05 - Woke up and went to Mary's bbq. Rich and Lunzer were there too. Had a good
time doing some grilling. I had a good time and I got to relax and play badminton. Yes
badminton. I went home and just relaxed. I have had a long weekend and just want to lay low.

05/29/05 - Went to go shoot some hoops and ended up eating at A and W. That place brings
back some old memories. Went to go see Madagascar. I liked it, but I thought it could have
been a tad better. Then went bowling at Texatonka. We went to Decoys for a few drinks in

05/28/05 - Woke up and played some mini golf. That was always fun. The day went by pretty
well and it was nice to just sit around. We ended up getting kicked out of the palce anyways,
even though we were on good behavior during the day. So we packed up and went home that

05/27/05 - After work, went camping in North Branch. We had to set up the tent in the rain
which was different. Ended up seeing a fire breathing contest with lighter fluid. Ended up going
to bed pretty late at night. We were so loud we almost got kicked out tonight.

05/26/05 - Went to 8th street to grab a drink or two with Rich. Went to football we ended up
losing to a weaker team. Oh well. Playoffs are next week. Went to Cheesecake factory with Katy
and met up with Dan and Kristin at Ciabellas.

05/25/05 - Went to Lawnbowling, but it was kinda lame this year at Brits Pub. So I left to
dodgeball and I got my 2nd dodgeball championship. It is quite an awesome feat. We ended up
going to Legends and I had a few beers. They didn't sit to well either.

05/24/05 - I played kickball tonight. I made my return to my original team. We won a close one
4 to 3. Afterwards we all hung out and just enjoyed the other games. I went home after that
and relaxed. I still need some rest.

05/23/05 - I layed in bed all day today. I had no energy to do anything. I was so tired I
seriously kept napping till I couldn't nap anymore. I made a few attempts to the computer to
read some things online and chat. Other then that, it was a nice low key day to just prepare my
self for tomorrow. I hope I feel alot better as I try to wing it tomorrow.

05/22/05 - I have lost a few lbs from not eating the past 2 days. Everything I shove down
eventually comes back out the same way it comes in. I had some crackers and water, but it
eventually didn't sit well. After watching Star Wars tonight, I came home and hurled it all back
up. Even the nachos I ate. This kinda sucks, I hope I get better soon.

05/21/05 - At around 10am today at work. I had a horrible feeling in my stomach. I havn't had
this much pain in a long time. I ended up leaving around 1pm. I knew I couldn't drive so I went
to Lawrences place. I puked all over the place. Being dizzy, fatigued, having diarrhea, and
throwing up anything I ate or drank. I knew I had food poisoning. Somehow I mustered the
strength to goto Jamies bday party in East Bethel. When I finally made it home to my house I
puked some more. I was dehydrated and out of it all day.

05/20/05 - After work today I was so tired. I got home and took a very long nap. Ended up
going to Mary's party. It was kinda dead. Ended up going to Perkins that night for some food.
Man the service sucks there. I am never eating there again.

05/19/05 - Today was the silent auction in Wayzata. I can't believe I won a signed  Kevin
Williams jersey.  I am surprised my one ticket in the raffle actually won it. I went to 8th Street
grill, hung out with Teddy and Rich for a few drinks. Then went to Mall of America to have
dinner for Ashley at Kokomos Island cafe. Shes going away to China for 3 weeks. Tonight we
got crushed in football. The other team was just simply better. Went to Pyscho Suzies later that

05/18/05 - Dodgeball was cancelled due to some odd slippery residue on the court. It was quite
entertaining watching everybody try to clean the floor. I couldn't help but notice the court got
worse. Ended up going to Legends for a few drinks. I stayed out late again. Its going to hurt
tomorrow morning.

05/17/05 - After work I went home and took a nap. Went to Applebees at Ridgedale. I havn't
been to Ridgedale in a long time. There are usually some fine chicks there. Anyways, had dinner
and went to go watch Lawrences softball game. We ended up going to Big Tens, but it was
packed. Then we walked over to Herbs and Stubs, I cant remember exactly what it was called.

05/16/05 - Had a half day of work today, I am getting tired of working 6 days straight. Went to
go eat at Big Bowl. I hate that place with a passion, its just not good to me at all. I went home
and cleaned my room, its clean for once. After alot of thinking. I have decided theres no more
fear to hold back. I will start to open up to more girls. I feel its time to move on from the ex. I
have been telling everybody about my 2 year contract that expires in June 30th. Well since I
have been on good behavior, I am letting it go early.

05/15/05 - I took it pretty easy this morning. I think I got about 11 hours of sleep. Today was
also basically my moms bday weekend. So we went to my brothers house and got to see
Cameron, my new nephew. I still have not taken any pictures. We ate alot of food, I was pretty
full. Went to go watch "Unleashed". I thought it was pretty good.

05/14/05 - Work sucked ass today. It was so busy. Later on that afternoon, ended up going to
DQ. I miss Dairy Queen. I had a slushee wanna be like drink. It was ok, nothing special. Ended
up playing Mario Party all night. What more can you ask for. It was a low key night, which is
something I am not used to doing.

05/13/05 - We all decided to save some cash and just drink at Lawrences tonight. We still got
destroyed, but somehow I made it to work with only 2 hours of sleep. Yes 2 hours I know. I
actually stayed the night, since down town was only 7 minutes away.

05/12/05 - My goodness we won our first game of football finally. It was in convincing fashion
also. The final score was 40 to 7. Now thats what I call domination. I had 2 touchdowns and 2
interceptions. I ran a interception back for a touchdown, I felt that was the game breaker.
Afterwards we went to Stubs and Herbs, I think thats what it was called. We all came to
celebrate. I was tired so I was taking it easy tonight. I just wanted to be there to enjoy the

05/11/05 - So tonight, for the first time in a long time I missed a dodge ball game. I did have
my first kickball game of the season and we won 5 to 1. I was quite excited. Later that evening I
ended up going to Legends even though I was convinced I was staying home. It was a good
time and it was packed for once. I was so surprised. It was a long evening and I will once again
get about 3 hours of sleep.

05/10/05 - After work I went home and took a nice long nap. I woke up and went to watch
kickball. I got to see my old team dominate and win 11 to 1. After that I ended up going to
Bostons and then to Mama G's wow I was quite wasted that night. Looks like I am only getting
3 hours of sleep.

05/09/05 - Went to go eat with Lawrence at Burger king for lunch. I used to love burger king
so much. After that I went home to relax and we had a small football practice. I went home and
did some laundry and it was a lame night for me. I suppose I am trying to take it easy. I spent
some quality time with the nephew today.

05/08/05 - Sunday I wanted to take it easy. I have been so tired lately its not even funny at all.
Ofcourse I didn't get to rest at all. For mothers day we ate with the family and then ended up
going to go watch a movie. Went and saw Kingdom of Heaven. I thought it was good, but not

05/07/05 - After work I went to dodgeball to throw some balls around. I got home and took a
nice little nap. I woke up and some of us were going downtown to the Gay 90's for Tim's Bday.
It was a little different but it was ok. The drinks are so strong. Its not even funny. I dont think I
finished my bacardi coke. Or should I say bacardi. Hahaha. We ended up going to  The lodge
bar. I ran into Alyssa tonight, and also met up with Katie and Laura. Levi and Eric and I
somehow stumbled are way back to his apartment.

05/06/05 - Friday night I went to Gastofs for the big tent party that they had. I drank german
beer all night. It was strong stuff. I had a good time though. We went downstairs into the place
and there were alot of young cuties. I was out late again and I will have to muster enough
strength and get to work tomorrow..

05/05/05 - Thursday during football, we had a good chance to win it. Somehow we let it slip
away again. We ended up shooting our selves in the foot all night. We had the ability to win this
once. I was upset all game long. I only had one reception and was thrown at 2 times. I endedup
walking off the field with 1 minute left in the game. I was sick of watching us beating ourselves.
Went to Ol mexico for Jenni's bday afterward. That wasfun.

05/04/05 - Work went by pretty fast today. It was kind of a crummy day for me but I got
through it. Went to buy some new shorts and sandals. Dodgeball we all sucked today.
Somehow we just couldn't get a win. Oh well we secured a 1st seed spot and thats all that
matters. We went to Legends for the evening. I only had one drink, I was quite proud of my

05/03/05 - Work was pretty good today. I was just laying low today, I didn't leave my chair
much. After work when I was walking home I decided it was time to figure some things out. I
realized this summer I wanted to go camping a few times. I went to kickball practice. I was just
out enjoying the day. I will be ready when it comes to the real game though.

05/02/05 - After work went to go eat at the Macaroni Grill. I used to think this place was
awesome. Now its just a sub par restaurant to me. I went home and worked out, I think I
re-injured my ribs. Went to go see Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. I thought it was awesome.
Other then that it was a pretty solid day.

05/01/05 - What a long week it has been. I am glad to start the new week. I woke up and went
to Van Cleve park to do some football stuff. Afterwards we all went to Applebees at the U of M
campus. I went home and tried to do alot of cleaning. I still have alot of things on my mind. It
just doesn't seem like I can have any peace and quiet anywhere. The Tina issue has really
gotten to me. I am slowly getting over it now.
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