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03/31/05 - Got alot of love from people at work about my birthday today, which makes me
happy. Went to Fridays, we had a big bunch there tonight. Then we went to Pov's where we
got some free food, and it was some good stuff, more to update soon. Too tired to update my

03/30/05 - Tonight I make my return to dodgeball. We won 7 to 0 against a pretty good team,
it felt pretty good. We went to the Country Bar after wards to celebrate. These 4 girls wanted
us, I even had this girl show me how to do a tequila shot correctly. Her name was Anne I liked
her alot. But didn't do anything, just told her thanks for showing me how to do it correctly.
When we were walking home, we noticed some guy who we beat down earlier in the evening so
we walked in and talked trash to him and his buddy who worked there. Hahaha his little girl
friend said we were a bunch of assholes.

03/29/05 - After work I went home and took a nice little nap. Then Lawrence picked me up and
we went to Big ten, and got some $1.50 pitchers. Then we went to Sally's and got a few drinks
there. Nothing really to exciting at this place. Birthday is only two days away. For some reason I
am not as excited for my bday this year.

03/28/05 - I did some minor stuff today, did a little work out. My dad came over to look at my
car. We think its the alternator. Chris came over for a bit, we threw the football around. I am so
exciting about taking the bus again, there was alot of scarcasm there.

03/27/05 - Easter morning. Wow, it definitely didn't feel like it. I woke up around 11am and I
was quite recharged. Brought a tuna and pasta dish from Cub Foods to my brothers. But
nobody really ate it. So that was a waste of $14 bucks. Oh well, I tried. I went hoem and had a
great work out. I am motivated to get into better shape.

03/26/05 - After work, went to a little football practice. Since I am still nursing my foot injury a
bit. I only ran hard a couple times. It was nice to just move around though. My car died and
Lawrence had to pick me up. We ended up going to Green Mill and Jenni and Andy joined us
also. I think we were there for 3 hours. Wow.

03/25/05 - After work, went to Tanners in Andover. Had a few drinks and some nachos, wow
there nachos were good. Went home after that. I have been feeling pretty tired lately and it
was a good day for me to rest and recharge for this weekend. I am spending more time
exercising at night.

03/24/05 - I stayed home and watched the O.C. tonight. Its been so long since I have seen
that show. Played with my guinea pig for a bit. He doesn't seem to like me too much yet. But
he shows signs of it. One week from today will be my birthday.

03/23/05 - Went to do a scouting report on the co-ed football teams. I guess, we will match up
well against these teams. They got girls who can run and catch. Guys will be just as good as our
guys. Went to Perkins and then Legends after. I wasn't feeling so good tonight.

03/22/05 - I was so tired this morning. After I got home, I just took a short nap, like a 1 hour
nap. It felt so good. I been really trying to relax my foot since its been hurting, but it doesn't
seem to be anything major. I think I might be coming down with a cold. Hopefully I can fight it

03/21/05 - Got my new guinea pig today. His name is Oscar. He will be a new guinea to replace
Dash. Who passed away on Sunday morning. Went to help Jamie move, then booked it over
to Patricks for our little kickball shin dig. It was a late night and I some how managed to get
about 3 hours of sleep in.

03/20/05 - Went to Buffalo Wild Wings Rich, Dana, and Tiffany. It was a good time, We even
learned why it was called Bw3. Hahaha. After that, went over to Dan's to play some football. We
played on a icy snowy field. I did pretty good. Even when your foot is caught in the damn
snow. We won 10 to 6 though.. I did have like 4 or 5 picks though. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings
again with Jenni and Andy. Buffalo Wild Wings 3 times within 24 hours. Crazy!!

03/19/05 - Worked sucked ass today, I was pretty busy doing work. After work, Andy came
over and off to St Cloud we went. Ate at Buffalo Wild Wings and then went to Bj's and off to
Rum runners and The Press for a bit. I was trying to take it easy that night. Since i been
consuming so much alcohol lately.

03/18/05 - Today I wanted to take it easy, but no. I didn't get too. Went to Rossi's for happy
hour. I had 8 long islands and 2 captain cokes. No exaggeration here at all. It was 2 for  1's and
I didn't think I drank that much. It was a gret setting though and I will have to have dinner here

03/17/05 - Happy St Patricks day. Went to La Casita for Ryans bday outting. Then went to
Pov's oh how fun Pov's is. Well atleast Chris got us free pizza's. That was awesome. I am
wearing down again. Too much alchy I think. But somehow, I always muster enough strength
to make through another day.

03/16/05 - Went to happy hour to Dan Kelly's. Then went to American sports cafe in the como
area. Then went to Legends. Wow it was a busy night tonight. It was basically my pre-st patty's
day evening. I really got to learn to lay low for awhile.

03/15/05 - Today I made a step forward to the preparation of my birthday. I figured what I
was doing and who was coming. It was pretty exciting for me. It really gave me something to
do. I had lunch with Jamie at Bennigans later that evening. I was so hungry. Two more days till
St Patricks day.

03/14/05 - Chris came over, played a little pool. I been having some pains in my upper chest
area lately. I will be going to the DR soon though. My birthday is inching closer and closer. I had
a whopper with cheese tonight, it tasted so good.

03/13/05 - Lawrence took me to my first T wolves game today for my b-day present. I was so
excited, I been telling everybody all week about it. They lost but thats ok. I had such a great
time. Later on that day, I got home and did some cleaning Me and Andy went to go see, Be
Cool. Wow that movie really sucked ass.

03/12/05 - Work was nice today, very slow, just how I like it, then the later part of the day,
nobody was doing anything. So I decided to say fuck it. Anyways, Andy came over and we
went to Pov's for Jake Holcombs money raising event. Jamie and the northern boys came too.
I got alot of drinks in me. That was quite fun.

03/11/05 - The weekend came by so fast. I could have sworn it was Monday the other day.
When I got home I was so tired. I went right to bed and took a nap. I woke up at like 10:00pm
So I decided to take the night off and stay home for once. Not something I am used to doing,
but it was very good for me.

03/10/05 - Thursday was a pretty good day, I didn't get to watch the O.C> but I ended up
going to Acme Comedy Club. It was my first time, so I was quite excited. Jamie's work had
some event so I got to go for free. It was quite exciting. I had a very fun time.

03/09/05 - Got eliminated twice in the playoffs, wow I sucked tonight. I don't know what
happened. I wanted to become the first ever dodgeball player to win championships with 2
different teams. Maybe I am just a declining player, Nah!!!! Went to Legends for some drinks
and cheap appetizers, it was a good night. I sure need some rest, I have been so tired lately.

03/08/05 - Double elimination for dodgeball, how exciting. We lost but teams are sure getting
better, and it just wasn't our night. Went to Mortimers and got some drinks and Ashley came
too. I think Lawrence pissed off some guys when he was flirting with their girl. It was the
funniest thing I have ever seen.

03/07/05 - Chris came over and I was working on his computer, since it kinda sucks. We went
to Best buy So I could by the new 3 doors down cd. I really like that one song "let me go". Kind
of a low key night for me and I am trying to enjoy that more. Just feeling so tired these days.

03/06/05 - Had lunch with Brian, Lisa and Ashley at Green Mill. Went walking around in the mall
to burn off some of the calories we ate, well Ashley needed shoes too. Later that day went to
get some dodgeball excercise in, since it was quite warm outside.

03/05/05 - Went to Brian and Lisa's house warming party. Then after that, I went to Elsie's for
Laura's birthday. Then we decided to goto Stecios. Wow what a hole in the wall joint it was. It
was a busy evening and I was so tired. But good thing I didn't spend to much tonight.

03/04/05 - Ashley helped me picked my new guinea pig, and we put him into his cage. Well it
still needed to get used to its surroundings. We went to Biaggi's and let me tell you. It was one
of the best restaurants I have ever ate at. went up to Hidden Haven and got a few more drinks

03/03/05 - I got my cage for my guinea pig today. It was quite exciting. Didn't get too do to
much after that. I been worn out due to alot of running around lately. I am looking forward to
tomorrow though. I still can't believe its already March.

03/02/05 - I had lunch with Lundzer today at The 8th street grill. It was quite exciting since
Teddy the bar tender got me my food made in 2 minutes. talk about getting it bumped ahead
of everyone else. Played dodgeball tonight. I kinda was alittle rusty. I turned back into my
regular self though. Went to eat at Maggianos with Evelyn at Southdale. It was a good time, it
always makes me happy to see her and talk to her.

03/01/05 - Work was really busy today. Me and Kristin had lunch today at Quiznos, I love
Quiznos. Later on that day, I finally got to eat at The Cheese cake factory. It was really good,
and worth every penny. Then went to go watch some dodgeball. Later on went to the VFW for
a few drinks.
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