Old Journal Logs

06/30/05 - I was finally able to take the bus today. I am so proud of my self for waking up early
and doing it. It will save me gas and money to just get in the habit of doing it. I ate  salad for
the 3rd day in a row for lunch. I am on quite a roll. The plan was to mix things up a bit, since
my life has been kinda dull lately. Oh well its a good start and I will take baby steps on getting to
do new things. I went to play kickball tonight. We won I don't remember the score. It was quite
the blow out.

06/29/05 - I took a nap after work today. It was nice to get some extra sleep, since i have been
so tired. Went to play kickball and we were upset 11 to 7 in the first round. I was kinda sad.
Although, this team was a good team and I enjoyed being apart of this team. We were all in
good spirits after the game. It looks like we will stick with the same team this fall. We went to
some pizza place afterwards. I don't recall what it was. Overall it was a good day. I have been
very happy lately, and it feels like I have been the old Tony back in high school. I talked to
James online tonight, he is Evelyns little brother. It was nice talking to him again. Hes a good kid.

06/28/05 - After work I was driving home, and my car was overheating a bit, alittle more then
normal. I should get that fixed one of these days. I kept it low key tonight. I have been trying
to stay in more and relaxing. I ate dinner with Katy yesterday at Applebees. We went to
Borders to look at books. She almost convinced me to buy a book and read it. But ofcourse I
won't tell her that. After that I went home and checkrd out my check book. I realized, who
needs a check book when you can check your account online?

06/27/05 - After work I drove home and went to Walmart. I bought some food for my guinea
pig. Yes, its still alive. Hahaha. Had dinner with Betsy at the Claddagh, which is an Irish pub. I
liked my food it was great. Afterwards I wen to play dodgeball in the rain. How wet was it, pretty
wet. It rained hard. Good thing I got there late. I would have been drenched.

06/26/05 - Woke up early today for Valley Fair. I wish I had more time to sleep today. Met up
with Katy at Ridgedale and we met up with Dave and Mary at Southdale. We had a good fun
day at Valley Fair. There wern't any busy lines. It was a perfect day to go. I won a weird snake
thingy. I always have to leave with something. Went to Bj's parents in Little Canada to say
goodbye to Bj one last time. Went home and relaxed, I got to work tomorrow.

06/25/05 - After work went to play dodgeball, wow I really sucked today. Anywasy went home
and took a little nap. Katy picked me up and we went to Laura's party. then after that we went
to Old Chicago in downtown for Brian's bday outting. We then all went to the The BarFly. I
really thought that place was kinda cool.

06/24/05 - Today I woke up late for work, I wasn't out late at night or anything. Just getting
tired of going to work. I went home and realized that I needed to take a nice little nap. Mary
called and wanted me to go to her place since she was having a little bonfire. I bought a colt 45
for the trip. Hahaha. It was a nice relaxing night tonight.

06/23/05 - After work I went home and cleaned up a bit some more, its been a mess lately.
Katy came over and we went to Dairy Queen and then we went to go watch kickball. W finally
witness the undefeated empire fall tonight. Ramseys team finally lost a game. It was kinda
shocking. We went to Panera bread and met up with Andy and Jenny at Jimmy's I miss that
bar. Betsy told me to look for some bandanas at Walmart so we somehow found them in less
then 15 minutes.

06/22/05 - Took a nice little nap and went to kickball, we won 5 to 1. It was a close game, but
we had a few people missing. This was basically a playoff preview of next week. We will play this
team in the first round of the playoffs. Went home afterwards, I was feeling pretty tired today.
So I just cleaned my room for a bit.

06/21/05 - After work today I went home and just played video games and relaxed. I feel over
worked at work and I just need to calm down a bit. I went to go shoot some hoops in the hot
sun. It was a good work out. Went to go see some softball and then went to Chili's in
Plymouth. I got home and just crashed. Feeling tired kinda sucks. Maybe I should sleep earlier
for once. Nahh!!!!

06/20/05 - Went to work this morning. I was feeling pretty good today. After work I went
home and went to Mcdonalds and bought my nephews some food. I took a long 4 hour nap. It
felt so good. I even missed dodgeball I slept in so late. Jenni called, she and Andy wanted to
meet up with me for dinner, but I missed it. I was kinda sad, I would have ate dinner tonight. I
worked on my website a bit today.

06/19/05 - After getting home from St Cloud. I took a nice long nap. I was so tired from the
whole week. After napping, I went to a chinese buffet for fathers day. It was good times. I
found out I am the godfather of my nephew Cameron. So thats pretty exciting. I got home
and cleaned, it has been a nice relaxing day.

06/18/05 - We woke up around 10 AM. We missed out on decorating, but I heard they had
enough people to do the job anyways. We went to the Newman Center for pictures. Then we
had the wedding. We made a pit stop for some Dairy Queen. Then off to the reception at the
Holiday Inn. It was a fun night with lots of pictures and dancing, I danced alot actually. The
newly wed Jancoski's were off to bed, but we kept partying.

06/17/05 - After work, me and Andy went to St Cloud for the rehearsal and grooms dinner.
After ward we waited till Katy arrived and we went to the hotel to visit for a bit and off to the
bars we went. We went to the Dugout and had one last Hairy Buffalo. A few drinks later and it
was 2 am. We made an attempt to goto the strip club but me and Katy were puking on the
side of the road, what a night. We were all trashed.

06/16/05 - Me and Chris went to go play dodgeball at Kenwood. i was so tired. Andy called and
he needed us to play kickball tonight. We won by alot, I dont even know what the score was. I
think I am 10 and 0 at kickball right now. It was a fun exciting night for me. I feel very tired not

06/15/05 - I couldn't make it to work today. Mentally, I have been worn out. Physically well I
feel tired every day. I think everything is catching up to me now and its starting to put some
pressure on me. Went to kickball later on that evening and we won 8 to 4. I did ok today, but I
wasnt happy with my performance. Ended up going to Legends for Ryans birthday.

06/14/05 - Went to my dads to put a thermostat in for my car. It didn't quite fix the
overheating, but it was worth a shot. Went to kickball today we ended up winning. Went to
watch some softball today. We ended up going to Bostons for some drinks. I only had one long
island, since I hit my head pretty hard earlier tonight from diving my head first into 2nd base.
After that I got pulled over for a stupid reason, but the cop was just being racist..

06/13/05 - Worked today for a bit. Then had lunch with Lawrence. I went home and
attempted to get to my thermostat. I was unable to find it. Went to dodgeballl and played in
the rain, I think it was hailing at one point. Went to the softball game, well the last minute of it.
Then went to go eat at Leaning tower.

06/12/05 - I woke up around 2pm today. I was dead tired. I went to Napa to buy a thermostat
and a water pump. I had my dad put in the water pump for me. That seems to fix my
overheating issues. I was so happy. Plus, I had somewhat of a reliable car again, for now. Ended
up meeting up with everyone at Ruby Tuesdays for dinner. I had a long island, I was craving
one. Got home and relaxed. What a heck of a weekend.

06/11/05 - Went to work and I was so tired. After work I was pushed to goto dodgeball, so I
went. I should have stayed home and napped. Oh well it was fun. I got home and cleaned up
and went to Camerons 30 day bday. Man I had to take 4 shots within 35 minutes. I was not
feeling good by the time I got to Mary's. I stayed there for like 30 minutes and went to Bj's
bachelor party. Ended up staying out till closing time at Deja Vu. We were there for like 4 hours.
Some how I didnt get home till 6:30 am I think.

06/10/05 - After work went to Happy hour. John wanted to goto the saloon, so most of us
met up there. I then went to go eat dinner with Bj, Heather, and Ashley at Macaroni Grill. Me
and Mary went to the Saloon and then we went to The Uptown, where we went to see some
band. I am so tired tonight.

06/09/05 - We played our last game of football today. Basically we didnt have to play. since the
other team didn't show. So we won yeah.... Went to the Tailgate afterwards. Heck even Tina
went, surprising hahaha.. Ended up going to VFW that night. Wow that place has the strongest
drinks ever. I felt like I was just weak, but those drinks were way strong.

06/08/05 - My car was over heating on the way to work this morning. It really sucked ass. I
hate pulling over on the side of the road. People probably thought I was a bit psycho. Oh well.
we won 11 to 0 tonight, I have a very average game.  I let my beloved fans down tonight. I
usually do better, I can blame Katy for getting a bit drunk from Bennigans before hand. Went
to Legends with the gang afterward. It was nice and low key. But I was just happy to see us all
together again.

06/07/05 - Tonight for kickball I was 0 for 3. Not a very good game at all. But we still won. So
thats all that matters. I made a nice sliding catch but that was it. Went to Maple Grove later on
to get a drink. Yes only one drink It was pretty nice. I wanted to keep it low key tonight. I have
been really tired lately.

06/06/05 - After work I met up with Laura and we went shopping and later ended up in
uptown. Went to dodgeball. It was nice out at this point. I worked a good sweat. We all went to
Green Mill and I had some good pasta. The wait time was pretty ridiculous but what are you
going to do. I am so tired from doing all the walking today.

06/05/05 - I slept all day today and watched lame stupid movies on t.v. I hear its called relaxing
and staying low. I forgot what that was like. I am glad I got to do it though. I ended up going to
eat chinese buffet. I forgot what it was like eating at buffets, since I am trying to watch my
weight. I just can't eat buffets every day you know. This week is going to be a busy week for
me, so I need to rest when I can.

06/04/05 - After work I went home and took a nice little nap. I have been pretty tired lately. My
cousin got married today and I went to the wedding reception. It was good times. I got to
spend quality time talking to my mom. Which was kinda awkward. I went to Elsies to meet up
with everybody while bowling. We ended up going to Mary's and chilling to 5 am in the
morning. I was so tired.

06/03/05 - After work went over to Lawrences to help him move. Once Katy got her truck we
moved some of the big stuff. I was tired. I feel so weak lately. Me and Katy went to go eat at
Ruby Tuesday. I ended up staying home afterwards. It was a long week and I just needed
some rest. Got a big day tomorrow.

06/02/05 - Tonight was my sisters graduation from RAHS. It brought back memories for me. As
I walked down that same aisle. Any hoo, I played football and we lost to the only team we beat
in the playoffs. Kinda sad. Oh well. I went home tonight and gave my self a haircut. I needed
one pretty bad. Still feeling tired right now.

06/01/05 - I did a great job at kickball tonight. I went  3 for 4. Inlcuding scoring 3 times. I was
on fire tonight. We won 6 to 4. Went to this bar called the cardinal. Played some pool with Nate
Z. Havn't seen him in a long time. Ended up going to Champps in ridgedale to meet up with
Lura and Katy. I noticed my car having problems accelerating tonight.
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