Old Journal Logs

07/31/05 - I promised Jamie I would bring her to Benihan's since we havn't eaten there in a
long time. I made reservations, and I figured why not invite Mary and Dave. Anyways, I was
so full, I love eat, and that place for some reason I love eating there food. Afterwards I went
home to stretch my back out and my right ankle since it has been really sore lately. Went to
go watch softball, but I ended up playing. It ended fairly quick. I got my first hit when I was at
bat, it went towards the 2nd base man and I ran towards first base, and the first basement
missed the ball and the ball hit me right in the head. The ref basically told me to sit out. So I
will forever bat 1000.

07/30/05 - After work, went to go play dodgeball. I drove home and I was so worn out. Its
been very tiring for me lately to just do so many activities. I ended up taking a nice little nap
and woke up at 9:30pm. Me and Mary went to Stasios and then we met up with Matt at the
VFW, afterwards we got a bite at the Dinkytowner. We got served some big omlettes. Also
ran into Jess, who will be on the fall kickball team.

07/29/05 - After work, I went over to 8th Street grill for tiffany's going away outting. even
though she left a week ago. Reuben and I went to Timberlodge to get a few more drinks and
he drove me home. I took a nice little nap and woke up around 9:30pm. I wanted to take it
easy tonight since I havn't gotten much time to spend with the nephews. So I stayed home
and watched them.

07/28/05 - I wasn't able to make it to work today. Working 6 days a week has really taken its
toll on me. I am starting to wonder if they are trying to get me fired. Anyways, I was feeling
sick anyways, but I could have made it. Today, I got to clean my room and call some places
that I have been meaning to do. Little things like this I can't do on my day off cuz I really dont
have a day off anymore. I finally decided I had nothing to do. So I decided to start my Tour
de Tony a day early. The total trip was an hour and 30 minutes. Lasted a lot longer then I
expected. When I got back, I went out to eat at Ruby Tuesdays with Jamie.

07/27/05 - After work today, I installed my speedometer on my bike. I hope it works, cuz I
really need to figure i tout and stuff. Went to dodge it and got my 3rd dodgeball
championship. Although I can throw an asterisk there. We won but lost, but got the
championship. Long story. Anyways, went to Mikes place afterwards, played some P and A
and had a hoops contest. Good times.

07/26/05 - Work went by kinda slow today, things should be getting better though. Keyword
"should". After my exciting bus ride home from work. I bought a Mongoose DXR today. Its a
sweet ride. I took it for a 25 minute ride, just to check it out. Make sure all the shifting works
ok. Now begins the Tour de Tony tour. I don't know why, but when I was sitting on my bus
ride home. It just hit me, and I decided to do it. My web page for it is somewhat up. I took a
nice long nap today and woke up at 3am. I can't sleep now.

07/25/05 - I had another exciting day of overtime. Yeah... Went to 8th street Grill afterwards.
Had lunch with Andy and Lindsey. Yes Lindsey Esnaola. I had a few drinks and went to see
Hustle and Flow with Jason. It was a pretty good movie. Got home and I was just beat tired. I
took a nice long nap today. I felt somewhat recharged. Oh well, we shall see how this week
goes. I am trying to save money for Arizona and Boston. Those two flights are going to hurt
my piggy bank a little bit. I had a good day today. Lately I been hanging out with alot of
people. I feel so important these days.

07/24/05 - Woke up at 1pm today. How kickass is that. I drove to Betsy's to drop off her keys.
Then I went to eat dinner with Jamie. I havn't seen her in a long time so I wanted to catch up
with her. We went to Acapulco. I got home today and crashed. Then I talked to Chris and he
wanted to go out. I was shocked. He never goes out this late. People have to stop shocking
me lately. I barely didn't recognize him after he kept talking. Must be a new and improved
Chris. Went to Bostons tonight and met up with Chris. Met Charity for the 2nd time ever I
guess. I don't remember the first time.

07/23/05 - I knew today was going to be a rough day. Work was horrible today. Just horrible.
I had alot going on. I wanted to play kickball, but couldn't cause of work. I drove out to the
fields to see what was going on at the little state tourney. Then I drove Mary home, sicne she
needed a ride. Went to dodgeball and went out for a quick beer. For Steve's going away.
Hes very cool guy. He will be missed. Went home and drove over to Betsy's. We went to
Teddy's party and she got wasted. I had to take her back home, good thing she was right
across the street, Literally.

07/22/05 - I got home from work and took a nice quick nap. Shaun, had some "win a party"
thing at Gabby's so we went there. Basically you pay $3 bucks to get in and they give you a
tiny cup and they will make whatever and its free. Pretty kickass I know. Hahaha. Later on,
went to Rudolphs for Kellys bday outting. I know I drank wine and I was fucked up. I made it
home though.

07/21/05 - I am trying to remember if I did anything specatacular today. I really dont think I
did anything :(. I know I did try to lift some weights but I hurt my left arm. I am so injury prone.
Hahaha. Someone asked me the other day why I havn't dated anyone yet. Too tell you the
truth I havn't been looking. for once, I am not looking. Kinda shocking I know. I talked to
Susan tonight. Shes so wacky sometimes.

07/20/05 - Got home today and it was very very hot outside. I felt like I was gonna melt. Went
to go check out dodgeball at dodge-it. Afterwards, Me, Jim and Sarah went to Mikes house. I
never met him before well I have but never talked to him. He is a cool dude. Anyways I was
doing awesome at P and A. I love that card game.

07/19/05 - After work, I met up with Scott and Ruby Tuesdays for some drinks. Afterwards we
met up with Sara, Rich, Dana, Steve and Tiffany at Red Lobster. It was nice to see the old
crew again. Ofcourse we were celebrating for Tiffany since shes leaving TCF. Afterwards I
went to Psycho Suzi's. Talked to Chad, he is such a cool guy, I can't explain it. I had to pull
over again on the way home. My car is really pissing me off now.

07/18/05 - After work today, I went home and relaxed and took a nice little nap. My car is
overheating again. My sister kinda abused it and drove it in rush hour and it over heated and
she never noticed. So somethings busted. I had to pull over today like 3 times. That sucks
man. I made it to dodgeballa nd the corner bar, but that was really showed up by my
overheating issue.

07/17/05 - Woke up around 1pm. Went to go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with
Ashley. It was an ok movie. Johnny Depp kinda reminds me of a creepy Michael Jackson in
this movie. Went to go eat at Buffalo Wild Wings with Andy and Jenni. Good ol times again. I
went home and just relaxed and did some bills. I have been very tired lately and I just want to
enjoy what ever I am doing these days. Today would have been 6 years for me and Evelyn.
So I played some backstreet boys on the way home Hahaha. Lame I know. I guess that was
an inside joke.

07/16/05 - After work went to a few parties. It has been a long day today. I was so tired and
boozed up. I didn't want to get overly trashed. So I took it easy everywhere I went. For once I
was being somewhat responsible. I know sounds weird. Maybe I am trying to slow down a bit.
Besides I got short weekends now and I can't recharge like I used too anymore.

07/15/05 - Went to go watch Wedding Crashers with Ashley. Afterwords we went to the
Hennipen block party. Then we went to Joe garage to meet up with everyone else. It was a
fun ngiht. I didn't spend so much money so thats always a plus. It was a nice relaxing night
for me. I needed something fun and relaxing, cuz work has been so much work lately.

07/14/05 - Wow work sucked today. Nothing really happened but I think I am just getting work
down from working 6 days for the past 2 months. Oh well. After work I went home and worked
out a bit. I did some laundry and that was basically it. I really wanted to relax a bit since I
been moving around so much lately. Tonight was a good nigh to relax hahaha. Tomorrow
should be a better day.

07/13/05 - Today I sent Mary a text message saying Happy Bday. After work I went to go  see
the Fantasic 4. It was an ok movie. Nice little special effects and things like that. After that I
went to kickball and we won 17 to 1 I think. After that, I went to Legends for Mary's Bday
outting. It was a good night. I didn't drink much since I have been doing so good with my
weight lately.

07/12/05 - I felt kinda clueless on what I had to wear this morning. It was kinda odd. Anyways
after pondering what I should wear I got to my car and realized I wasn't matching, so I went
back inside and changed. After work today, I went to go watch a $1 movie with Katy in
Hopkins, we Saw Kicking and Screaming will Will Ferrell. It was an ok movie. Nothing special. I
went to a kickball scrimmage afterwards. "Me Andy and Jenni", wow I havn't said that in a
long time went to Buffalo Wild Wings afterward. To discuss when we make our trip to Arizona,
looks like we figured out a date hopefully.

07/11/05 - Work was so busy today I am just glad I got to get the heck out of there. I ran into
Andy by the corner of Old Chicago when I was walking to my car downtown. It was quite
hilarious how it happened. I went home and took a nap and then realized it was time for
dodgeball. I went to dodgeball and I had a decent day. My sandals broke though. So I was
kinda sad about that. Other then that I got a nice little work out.

07/10/05 - I slept in till 1pm today. I was out till 4am last night so I new I was a bit tired. I
basically laid back all day and took it really easy. We went out for my sisters Bday dinner and
Kobe's also. We ate at our regular buffet on Robert street. I worked out alot today. I had to
work off all that food I ate. I really got to relax today. So I am fairly happy right now. Evelyn
told me she got me a souvenir from every country she visited. I am excited, I love it when I
get stuff when people bought me stuff while there away. Makes me feel special, since I wont
ever leave US soil.

07/09/05 - Work was really busy for a Saturday. Went to dodgeball and did pretty good. It
was a nice hot day and I wasn't gonna complain I love the hot weather I think. After wards I
went to go take a nap and Me and Katy went to Applebees. She was paying for me. I was so
excited cause I never get treated. We went to pick up Melissa and we went to Park Tavern,
what a crappy place. I hate that place. We went to Red Dragon again and hung out with the
whole kickball group. Some how we wondered over to Mortimers, wow that place sucks too.
$6 for a long island, which was pretty bad. I missed out on the kickball tourney in Rosemount,
since I had to work.

07/08/05 - After work Me and Mary went to The old spaghetti factory and then we wen to the
Corner bar. It was Mayka's last day today, so we all made a farewell appearance at Red
Dragon for her. After that we all went to Lyles on Hennipen for some more drinks. I went
home and I was feeling exhausted, but it was a good night overall.

07/07/05 - Worked sucked again today. After work, I went to my dads, we were putting in a
different radiator for my car. For now it looks like it worked. I know it will continue to over heat
though. I was so tired today, I kept taking naps. I dunno, its just a odd and quiet Thursday. I
can't wait till this weekend. What a waste of a day.

07/06/05 - I got up today, I felt kinda cold. I dunno why. For the 6th day in a row I ate salad
for lunch again. I am on quite a roll. After work I went to go see a movie at the E-Block. The
only movie playing at 3:45pm there was Land of the Dead. It was a so so movie. But hey I
love seeing zombies get shot at. It had its scary spots. I went to play dodgeball outside. It was
great weather for it and I did well in the beginning but after that I kinda stunk it up.

07/05/05 - Work was really pissing me off today. Anyways, I had my interview today and it
went well. My time at TCF is winding down pretty fast. I picked up my car from Tires plus.
Wow my car has alignment issues I guess. He said something was bent and blah blah blah. I
cleaned my room today. It looks so nice. I am feeling pretty good these days with the
exception of work. Once again I ate salad today for lunch. Thats 5 work days in a row now. I
am doing great.

07/04/05 - Happy 4th of July!!!! Well today, I woke up with the neighbor cutting his grass at
around 1pm today. I don't get to sleep in on Mondays anymore since I am doing my
mandatory overtime for the past 2 months. Went to my parents and had a little BBQ. Ashley
picked me up and we went to pick up my brothers car and we went to go see Batman begins.
I thought it could have been better but it was good.

07/03/05 - Sunday was nice. I got to sleep in a bit. I realized my rear tired on my car was
getting ready to all apart so I drove it to Tires Plus. Me and Lawrence went to go see "War of
the Worlds." I was expecting so much more, kinda like Independence day. It didn't live up to
the hype. We went to the Taste of MN. We got Brenda and Ryan to go. It was quite hilarious.
Afterwards we went to some lame party. I was quite disappointed. I suppose every now and
then theres got to be a lemon right.

07/02/05 - Went to work today and it was kinda busy. I hate it when its busy on a Saturday.
Went to dodgeball afterwards and I realized I am jumping again. I been injured so much I
didn't jump anymore. Afterwards I went home and took a nap. Went to Plymouth for Ben's
party. Betsy, Nate and Barb where there. I got to play speed quarters. I really miss playing
that game. I also learned how to play hockey, with cards of course. At one point I was carrying
chex mix and a piece of broccoli and something else. I dunno I thought it was pretty funny. It
was a good night.

07/01/05 - Friday I wanted to take it easy. So I took a nap when I got home from work. I didn't
realize I would sleep through the night. I can't believe its July already. Anyways, its been
kinda crazy just being busy again. I am glad its finally starting to slow down for me though.
Tomorrow should be a fun day for me. I am quite excited. I suppose its time to clean out my
guinea pigs cage.
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