09/29/04 - So, I have been really tired due to playing both kickball and dodgeball in the same week. My body is hurting, bruised pinky, sore ankle and sore knee are my current injuries that hurt right now. Other then that I am fine and dandy. So I decided my knew catch phrase is "Just go with it". Don't ask, ok, ok, I stole it from "the girl next door" ahh I love theat movie, still. Anyways, we had another exciting day of kickball, I played or BRATS, the team I vowed to destroy and the team that brought me out of retirement so I can beat them. Well they needed help so I helped them out. Then later that night, we took down Sparkle Motion a pretty good all around team. 9 to 5. It was a close match andeven though I sucked it up this week. My team did a great job. I am happy we won, and I just found out we are going to Milwaukee to play for the Golden LunchBox Tourney. Which is a big deal in the kickball world around here.

09/28/04 - Waking up today was kinda painful. I had to literally fall out of my bed. Since I was laying on the ground, I felt cold, so I jumped back into my bed, I suppose that kinda defeated the purpose. I got home from work and I jsut sat there and chilled, cleaned a little and ate spaghetti, pretty exciting day huh. Not really. I saw The girl nextdoor. The girl in the movie is so hot. Elisha Cuthbert, ohh shes pretty. She would be the perfect Mrs Tony right now. Actually shes a beotch in real life, only cuz shes going out with some turd. I forget his name. Dodgeball was pretty exciting tonight. We won 7 - 0. Actually its cuz it was a forfeit win. Luckilly I didnt have to do anythng spectacular, so I didn't hurt my self, except my pinky when I was messing around.

09/27/04 - After realizing my funds have slowly decreased lately. I have to step up my search for a 2nd job. I have been getting kinda lazy and I just dont feel like being lazy anymore. With dodgeball and kickball my body has been beaten up where I can't even make my spectacular Randy Moss like catches anymore. I saw "Shaun of the dead" today, it was a slow and crappy movie it did have its spots though. I liked it though. Then I rented "The Lady Killers" and I liked that movie alot. Man I really sucked it up in fantasy football this week, both my teams fell flat.

09/26/04 - The Vikings got a nice little win today, me and Andy watched the game at Bentleys, it seems like everytime we go watch the game there we jinx the Vikes. Well our losing streak is now over. We are now 1 and 2 when it comes to watching the game there. Later that day I went to go see "The forgotten" wow it was a interesting movie" I liked it alot but it was just messed up. 3 stars for me. Hahaha. Tonight I went to bed early, done that in a long time.

09/25/04 - Today we had a little potluck for Richs last day. It was good, I was so hungry all day and I needed food. Later that night went over to Chads bachelor party, it was some good stuff. It was nice not to spend any money this weekend so far. Since my funds are getting alittle small lately due to my frequent spending.

09/24/04 - Friday was a more quiet day for me. I have been so tired that I didnt feel like doin anything today. Although I finally got my hair colored, it didnt seem as orange as I thought it would be, but thats ok. It looks decent enough. So that makes me happy. Wow has anyone even noticed how fast September rolled by.

09/23/04 - I have been sleeping alot and I keep paying for parking upclose. Thats $10 bucks a day. Man my as is lazy. I am going to be writing a few columns in the next couple of days. There was somethigns that inspired me, I should say. My body is really really sore from kickball and dodgeball earlier this week. I have troubles getting out of my chair. Its like I am a car wreck. Went to get my hair somewhat colored today, it didnt work so well. but it was worth a try. Then Me , Amelia and Brandon went to Champps for karoake night. Ahh, Darrel, was the underdog that night, we sure were rooting for him. I am sure we made one person happy tonight.

09/22/04 - What a night it was last night, first of all during the day, I could barely walk into work, seriously, I basically, gimped my way in. I didnt know if I was gonna make it too kickball tonight. But after a few meds, and all that good stuff. I was feeling better, After work I went to go see the Harry Potter movie, well the rd movie. It wasnt that bad actually. Then after that it was off to kickball. I am happy I didnt have to do anything spectacular. My body cant take any more bumps. But I did make one amazing diving catch. ugh, seems like I have one ever week. We won 6 to 4. It was a close game. we knocked off the state champs but I am sure we will see them again in the playoffs. Went to the Mermaid after kickball, I was hurting since my left elbow is hurting the most. But I sucked it up.

09/21/04 - Tonight marks my return to a game I vowed never to play again. Yes dodgeball. Bens team had a slot open and ofcourse I accepted. I am gonna have a tough month and a half ahead of me. Since Tuesday will be dodgeball and Wednesday will be kickball. I will be getting a nice workout. But I will have to stay healthy. Thats gonna be key. We lost 3 to 4. But we pput in a great effort and it was good ol fun. One of the teams in the all mens league needed someone to play and I accepted. I was so tired but I helped them win in stylish fashion. Wow I am tired and beat up. I hurt my elbows and my knee, but its part of the game and I just got to get up tomorrow. Wow, what did I get my self into. A simple g/f jsut sounds simple right now. Hahaha. This is just perfect I can now meet new people and just extend my knowledge about others.

09/20/04 - Went to work on my day off. Oh yeah. WEnt home and got my brakes fixed. Then went to Bentleys for the Vikings game. Gosh they sucked it up. Its raining tonight and that made me realize things. Its gonna be a slow week, well thats what I think. I got home around midnight. BUt sometjhing jsut feels tired about me inside. Maybe its the season change. I dunno what it is. But I am just feeling worn down. I will have to get it fixed eventually.

09/19/04 - Had lunch with Bj and then I was off back to the cities, then I saw Wimbledon, which was a good movie since I thnk Kirsten Dunst is hot. Well she used to be, but she still has the best smile ever. Anywas, Went to eat at soem place called Red ginger, it was a asian food place. It was ok. Then off to Heathers softball game. wow they got spanked 22 to 1. Got home and took it easy, It was a long exhausting weekend, and I wont forge this weekend in a long time. Oh well.

09/18/04 - Went to work today and then I was off to St Cloud, we all ate at Old Chicago. Then we went back to Bj's and then we went to Mcrudys , The press and then finally to the carpet. It was an interesting evening.

09/17/04 - Woke up, and I was late for work. Then I got to work and realized. Hey its friday, so I was like yeahhh. Anywas I got off work and since it was Matt's last day. I wanted to be around for his going away aouting at the 8th street grill. So I got off at 1pm and went to go se Sky captain and the world of tomorrow. I was a awesome movie with great CGI effects. Then I went to 8th street to say goodbye to Matt, even though I will still see him around. Then I just went home, took it easy tonight. I have been overly tired lately and with St cloud this weekend. I need to rest.

09/16/04 - Feeling some what tired today. I dunno why. After I got home from work, I took a little nap. Me and Brandon and Jeff went to the Quest and then we ended up going to Escape. I finally got to goto Escape. So I was very excited. It was a fun evening overall. We almost went to this new place called SPIN. But maybe next time. There are a lot of hotties downtown tonight. So I was happy.

09/15/04 - Staying late for work today, but its nice to get the extra dinero. Got home and I noticed my car driver side tire was getting flat. SO got it pumped up. Then my brakes was making that grinding sound. So I will have to fix that when I have time. Kickball was tonight, it was going to be ugly weather. But playable weather. It was nice to have spectators watching me. I was surprised to see Jamie, Brie and Becky, its just nice to have a cheering section and they finally got to see me play. But we ended up wining 16 - 7. Our high team is finally geling together now

09/14/04 - One thing I can't stand ip rain, when you dont have an umbrella. I mean a few months ago. I bought the heavy duty super duper umbrella of doom. The unbreakable wind resistant kind. Well it rained and I didnt even get to use it. I was so mad. Anywas went to Granite City, the restaraunt that is. I is one of those selfbrewed places. It was good. It was a nice atmosphere. Me and Megan had a scooby snack. Haha.

09/13/04 - I had to wake up early today, since I was watching my nephew. I was tired so I took a nap and when I woke up i heard "uncle tony, i'm hungry, i want pancakes". So I got up and made pancakes. Watched alot of cartoons with him. I was contemplating if I wanted to take him to the park or not, but since he was being bad. He got no park. Finally got home and I just laid down. I should be looking for my 2nd job. But I dont feel like it. I can feel a change happening. But we will see what happens. A nice low key weekend. Havnt had one of those in awhile it felt good.

09/12/04 - Went to Benihana's with Jamie I have never ate at a restaraunt that cooks the food right infront of you. It was good though. I got home and watched the Vikes play. Good thing they won, cause they looked shaking from the beginning. Went to go see Heather play her softball. Wow they almost won, but they let it slip away oh well.

09/11/04 - After about 2pm today I started to make some calls, I was bored and was trying to let everyone know I was ok from the night before. Man I am still out of it. I had to clean all the puke inside my car. And it still smells like acid. Oh well I got to see Resident Evil, So I was excited about that. Not much going on tonight. Taking it easy, cause of yesterday.

09/10/04 - Went to VFW to help do some practice kicking and working on lineups for kickball. Then went to TVFW afterwards and I drank alot of beer, well 4 pitchers worth. I wasnt feeling good and I threw up in my car and I was to intoxicated I coudlnt drive. I tried to do drive anywas and it was a rough 35 minutes home, but Imade it. I had to have Brandon help me in. Then it sucked cause it was only 8pm at this point and I missed out on plans that night. I was pretty messed up. I was breathing heavily and was cold, just couldnt stop shaking.

09/09/04 - Ugh, I was so tired today, I almost didnt make it to work. I mean I almost swerved into another car. I wasnt paying much attention, must be because I heard Ashlee Simpsons song on the radio. Hahhaa, anyways, I got off work and went home and cleaned. I saw Joey, thespinof from FRIENDS. It was a good show, it has a nice supporting cast. But there just seems to be something missing. he needs some more casts to help him out. 3 main casts are not going to do the trick. But it was only episode one. So we will just have to give it time. Me and Emily went to walmart then played some video games tonight. Low key night. So tired...

09/08/04 - Last night we played a tough game. We were up for most of the game, but it just seems we have a curse when it comes to finishing games. We just have to bounce back. We went to the VFW as usual. But I just wasnt in the mood to drink. But I had fun and that all that matters.

09/07/04 - Got up for work today , well barely. It was so nice to sleep in a normal bed again I didn't want to get up and go to work. Another typical day, after work I just got home and cleaned up. Did my laundry mostly cause of camping. A nice relaxing day. It felt great. Going to bed at 10:30am tonight. Wow that's early for me.

09/06/04 - Woke up early and packed up. I was quite impressed by my target tent I bought. I didn't think it could hold up in the heavy rain. Headed back and that was basically my camping trip, well all the big events I can think of. Once I came back in the cities went to go see. Napolean Dynamite, it was a good movie, but its not for everyone. Then went to go eat at Fridays, well I think it was Brie's idea, but cant remember. Then went to go play pool later on that night.

09/05/04 - I woke up with the most pain on my side and my arm that I was sleeping on. But anyways I managed I played volleyball and it was fun. Then I decided to take a nice solitary hike by my self in the woods, I actually took the "black walnut nature trail" I think it was called, anyways it was a little weird since I ran into a deer. It freeked me out. Anywas I got a good picture of it. Good times. Hahaha. Later on we played some Texas holdem that night. We then had to prepare for the rain it got kind a heavy. So it was night night time.

09/04/04 - I couldn't sleep last night , thanks to a big bump coming out of the ground, maybe it was a rock maybe it was the roots from the tree. But it gave me a hard time. We went to some motel and grabbed a quick daytime beer. I think I got something called cow spots, it was actually quite good, and I hate beer. Canoe trip was fun, it was about 3 to 4 hours long, and it was a hot day. Got done and went back to camp, the sun wore me down so I took a nap.

09/03/04 - Today is Friday, so that means its payday and its also going camping day, hooray. We left around 7 and got there around 10pm at night. Set up camp, it was actually a nice camp ground with a lot of space. Went to bed after a little bonfire action. We had to prepare for the canoe trip for tomorow.

09/02/04 - It was Chad's last day at work, so I was kind a bummed, since he rocked. Got off work and went home to prepare for camping and got everything ready. Took a nap since I have been so dead tired lately. Went to Hoolihans and then Walmart. Picked up some camping stuff. A nice quiet evening havn't had one of those in awhile, actually it was busy. So not quiet at all.

09/01/04 - I went to go watch open water during the day it was a good movie. Then went to shoot some hoops and dominated, but hurt my hip in the process when it got knee'd by someone. We had kickball practice tonight, nothing really too special we just had fun kicking the balls around. Went to the VFW of course.


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