9/29/03 I didnt do didilly squat today, went jogging around outside, but it was too cold so, I went home. Watched my wrestling.

9/28/03 Today I spent 3 hours facing my rear brakes for my car, I hade some problems with the caliper, but I got it to work and its all good.

9/27/03 For the first time in a long time I spent friday night at home. It was nice, since I had to work the next day. Got to relax and get alot of sleep, for once.

9/26/03 Another day of work, theres a shop called Steve and Barrys sports wear, everything was 7.99 , alot of ghetto superstar clothes.

9/24/03 After kickball, everyone went to the Hoggsbreath for some drinks, cheese fries, they had some good cheese.

9/22/03 Last night I bought a box of triscuits, since I have been doing alittle dieting, man, those things taste terrible, so i went across the street to by some french onion dip, to dip it in.

9/21/03 My vikings won 23 - 13, drove up to minnetonka to take care of some business, and did some siding but then it rained.

9/20/03 Today was Susans wedding, church was West St Paul, then the reception was in St paul park, in hidden harbor. After that made a stop to Treasure Island Casinos since we were about 30 minutes away.

9/17/03 It was an interestind day, today I went to have lunch with an old friend, andrea at pizzaluche, which was really good.

9/16/03 I couldnt sleep last night i went to bed around 11:30pm and laid there till 2:30pm and got up at 5:25am which sucked.

9/15/03 Today i helped my brother do siding on one of the house he was renting out, that sucked. I hate going high on ladders.

9/14/03 Yesterday i made a surprise visit to st cloud, got alittle lost finding bj and heathers new apartment, but i made it ok, and they fed me pot roast. Drove back in time for the vikes game, and went to Bentleys with Jenni, Andy, Amy.

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