10/31/04 - Happy Halloween. Woke up and watched the Vikes game, wow they sucked horribly. It was so bad I didn't even watch the 2nd half. Went to some chinese buffet i think it was the Mandarin buffet. I was so hungry I think I ate like 5 plates. of course got my fixins of crab. Then went to go see Birth with Nicole Kidman in it. It was really good, so everybody should go watch it when it comes out on November 5th. Got home and just relaxed, it seems like I havn't been home in awhile but now I am.

10/30/04 - Work was normal for a Saturday, it was quite boring actually. But only cause it was basically my Friday. I went to go watch the State kickball tourney. Of course as I expected the BRATS won. dominated the competition. Went home and got a good nap in and then later left to Becky's, I was in the mood to go out tonight but I realized I forgot my wallet at home so that really sucked. Oh well.

10/29/04 - After work I went to go look for a costume, mostly 70's ish since I am going on the Halloween Love boat tonight on the Mississippi river. Well besides paying 25 bucks to get on it. It was a great time. I got to dance with the Bacardi girl Marilyn, she was cool. Spent a lot of time dancing. Which is rare for me, but I was just in that mood. There were some great drinks on the boat. If I could do it again, I probably would. There were some pretty cool costumes, it was like a club on a boat on the Mississippi. It was perfect weather so we could chill outside too and it wasn't cold.

10/28/04 - I was so tired this morning. I might be getting sick but I am not exactly sure if I am or not. I had lunch with Brian after work, we went to Acapulco in Maplewood, it was a nice little place. Later that day I went home to my old house and picked up some mail and what not. Then later I went out with Erin and we went to Apple bees and had a few drinks. I got home and I felt so tired, it was a nice early night.

10/27/04 - I cant believe its almost Halloween weekend. Craziness. Work was nice and slow yesterday, that's how I like it. When I got off of work, I noticed somebody giving a homeless guy food. That is such a great thing for someone to do. I praise them highly for there efforts. So I got home and tried to work on my music but I just wasn't feeling it today. I tried to take a nap but couldn't sleep. I was nervous about making my soccer debut. So I played and I struggled at times, but I was kicking ass as goalie. We lost but it as fun. My stamina isn't quite ready to run around like that, so I will most liekly play goalie and run around on the field 25 percent of the time.

10/26/04 - After work today, I went to Soccer Express to buy some soccer stuff. I ended up buying a cool pair of shoes and socks. I will for sure be pimpin out on the soccer field. Later that day went over to Dan's for a bit. Then off to dodge ball. I felt I had a good game today, I made a lot of catches. My stingers were on. But they were just too talented. There number 1 for a reason. We went to Old Chicago after the game, it was a good time.

10/25/04 - Woke up an had some lunch, it was just a bologne sandwich nothing special. I basically just kinda hung low all day. I then later went to the Mall of America to look for soccer stuff, but all I really bought was shin guards. I am having a hard time finding indoor soccer shoes, cause well there kinda ugly. I need something that sticks out and looks cool. I went to Galyans today and I wasn't being helped by anybody in the shoe section so I left, those bastards, no wonder there going down hill. Then went back to mall of America and went to Jillians to go bowling for John's little gathering, well it was since he got a job finally. I got a 142 in my second game, my best game is my second game. Yeah, but I did get a 81 in my first game.

10/24/04 - Yeah the3 Vikings won today. 20 to 3. After the game I went to the parents house and we had a seafood dinner. It was quite yummy, and ocourse spending time with the nephews. My nephew Kobe is getting taller and taller every day. Then went to go see "The Grudge" which was ok, but it could have been better. Then went out with Heather and her new love interest of the moment, Steve. Which kinda reminds me of a Tony, with more money. Hahaha, but seriously, he's no Tony cu. Hahaha. We were at some bar called Scoops Pub, two for ones so I wasn't complaining.

10/23/04 - Got to work really early on Saturday which is a first. After work I went home and took a nice long nap. Ended up going to this house warming party in Shakopee, basically right behind, Cantebury. Then off to the kickball party at Paula's. I was really worn down tonight. It was nice to make an early exit. Which is not really my style for a Saturday night. But hey, I guess I am human sometimes.

10/22/04 - I was dead tired this morning. Didn't get much of any sleep last night. Work went by kinda quick, but I suppose that's what happens when you only work 6 hours. On my way walking to my car, I was stopped by 3 girls in white school girl like socks and they were wearing some type of clubish red shirts. Anyways it was pretty hot. Ah yes back to the story, they stopped me and was trying to promote the Lodge across from SPIN. Anyways, I talked to them for about 5 minutes, but then I realized I had to go, then they took my picture with them. So that was great. I got home and was just relaxing, I tried to take a nap, but couldnt sleep. I ended up going to the Rodeo. It was a weird place. I will for sure give it an average rating in my reviews. But it was a good night. There was a 2 to 1 girl to guy ratio. So that makes Tony happy.

10/21/04 - Woke up all tired today. I drank a few mountain dews and they really didn't help. I made some chicken wings when I got home. They were so yummy. Then I took a nap, since I was tired this morning. Later that day, Evelyn came over and I had to do some stuff with her computer and while it was doing its thing. We went to grab a bite at Old Chicago. I was amazed at how good my food was. Oh well I will probably have to do a review on it now. Other then that it was a nice quiet night for me. Its always nice to see the ex again.

10/20/04 - Has anybody realized that its almost Halloween already. I went to the Mall of America after work , and went to Sportmart, to try to find some soccer gear. I didn't like any of the shoes I found. They all looked so plain jane to me. I want something with a little flash. That sticks out. I did at least buy some blue ice bags. I will need those as the season goes on. I almost walked into Pearle Vision and got my eye exam done, but once again. I was too lazy too. I was sleepy so I took a nap and passed out. Ah yes good times.

10/19/04 - Got up today and my body was aching all over, especially my shins and ankles. This is not good since I am making my soccer debut next week. I got home and I was supposed to go look for soccer gear but was too tired. So I took a nice little nap. Later tonight in dodge ball we won 4 to 3. Finally a tough win and it felt great. This is the 3rd week in a row. Where I felt like I didn't play my best. I don't know if the injuries are keeping me from going all out. Or if I am just wearing down. Anyways we all went to the VFW afterwards.

10/18/04 - Woke up and went to Walmart and tried to find an application so I could work overnight, but was unable to find the applications, and I was too lazy to ask. I found out later that day that I will be playing indoor soccer. Since kickball is done with, I will have something else to do at night on Wednesdays. So that means I will have dodgeball on Tuesdays, soccer on Wednesdays. This will be my soccer debut, so it will be quite interesting. Since I have been bothered by shin splints, I bought a special brace for my calf and my shin last night online. Since no local retailers sell it. Emily came over later that night and we just hung out.

10/17/04 - The Next day, we had pizza, taco casserole. I didn't know how to explain it, but it was pretty good. Drove back home to the cities and went to go see Team America: World Police at the Har Mar mall. I needed to waste some time for the game tonight. It was actually pretty funny. Then went to Bentleys, to watch the game with Andy and Jenni. Drove home and kinda relaxed. I've been so worn down this weekend. I really need to recharge.

10/16/04 - After work, I went to my brothers to pick up the jeep and then I went to my sisters house to visit my nephews. Then I took a long nap, and off to St Cloud I went. We went to the Rum Runners first, then we went to some place called DB's and then of course The Red Carpet. We took a cab home so we got home nicely. Another weekend in St Cloud yeah!!!.

10/15/04 - Drove to work today, I could have taken the bus, but I decided not too. I realized today that my car might not make it through the winter. But who knows, if it breaks then I will just get a new one. When I got home and I was so tired, but I was a little bored. Went up to Isanti with jamie for a bday party. Had jello shots for the first time ever. The kinda gross after a few. I stayed over at jamies since I knew I had to get up early in the morning. So there was no point for me to waste 45 minutes to drive back home, when it can be valueable sleep time.

10/14/04 - I woke up real tired today, but I was still feeling the affects from yesterday, it still is hitting me kinda hard. Oh well, it was kind of cold today, I suppose its October and almost halloween. It was farmers market day today. So that makes me happy. I never buy anything, but its just nice to people watch. Tomorrow I am going to the Radisson to apply for my 2nd job. Its basically a lock for the job. Since i know the mgr downtown st paul. It will be different, but I need the extra income to support my g/f, well future g/f that is. Hahaha. I got home and just did some laundry and cleaned. It was a great feeling. I was just reflecting back on things and I realized, I am just feeling good these days.

10/13/04 - Championship Wednesday! What a day it was. During the day all I could think about was the championship game. I have a lack of not being able to win the big game. Unfortunately we were down 5 to 0 in the first inning and we never quite recovered. It was one of the most frustrating losses and thats not how I wanted to go out. I am in the same boat I was in the spring. Came close but didn't win the big game. It just sucked I wasn't able to do anything to really put us over. I never got the ball kicked my way much. The cold windy conditions didn't benefit us. I was wrong on that. But after the game we went to go hang out at the Chalet on Rice street.

10/12/04 - Some how I was able to wake up and get to the bus depot on time to get to work. I was feeling good today. Real good. I actually brought food in today, left over chicken breast. I got home and finally cleaned my car. Took a nap and woke up and got ready for dodgeball. I felt kinda reserved today, just didn't wanto get to exhausted or hurt for tomorrows game. we lost 3 to 4. But we made it a good battle. Then we went to a familiar place. Yes, the old VFW in uptown. The guy remembered me, so that was cool. Got home and fell right to bed. Another late night. Sometimes I wonder how I do it.

10/11/04 - I woke up around 9am this morning. Since I had to work. I was able to get up and I felt refreshed about how this week was going to be. After work, I went to go see "The Notebook" and it was pretty good. I actually recommend it. After that I went over to Jenni's new apartment and me and Andy had taco's there. I love tacos, watched a little MNF and love watching the Packers get dismantled. AH, a great feeling. I was in good spirits today, I dont know why. Just excited about Wednesday, as it maybe the biggest kickball of my career.

10/10/04 - I woke up just in time for the Vikings game and I was so tired I couldn't even focus on the game. I did a lot of cooking today and I ate a lot of food. I took a nap during the day also. It was slacker mode for me, and I am just happy the Vikes won. I didn't even leave the house today. All I know it was a nice day outside and I didn't feel like moving.

10/09/04 - Today went to go see Sharktale, I thought it was pretty good, but it was a pretty funny movie, but it could have been better. My ankle has been a bit soar lately, but it will be fine and dandy. I made some chicken breast for dinner, and it was good. It was my first time, so it was ok atleast. Finally went to EPIC, its more of the Posh crowd of Eden Prairie if you know what I mean. Then ended up going to Champps for some karoake haha. All and all, a nice quiet night for me. Getting ready for a exciting weekend.

10/08/04 - Worked sucked today, we were so busy and I knew I had to work alot harder then I normally do. I got home and I wanted to goto bed but I ended up going out to watch taxi with Emily. Then after that I went over to Li's house and they had a little bbq. Played texas holdem with a $5 buy in. I ended up leading in chip count before I had to depart over to becky house for her bday party. I ended up giving up my spot to john, who was supposedly good at texas holdem. But somehow he lost my pot. Oh well.

10/07/04 - Basically a slow day, and I wanted to do nothing but sleep, since I have been really tired lately. I ended up going out and playing pool. I was so tired. I just don't feel like going to work tomorrow. I should be able to wake up, since I have my alarm all ready to go. A nice easy night for me.

10/07/04 - Today went to go see Sharktale, I thought it was pretty good, but it was a pretty funny movie, but it could have been better. My ankle has been a bit soar lately, but it will be fine and dandy. I made some chicken breast for dinner, and it was good. It was my first time, so it was ok atleast. Finally went to EPIC, its more of the Posh crowd of Eden Prairie if you know what I mean. Then ended up going to Champps for some karoake haha. All and all, a nice quiet night for me. Getting ready for a exciting weekend.

10/06/04 - I was pretty tired this morning, I don't know why. It was a busy day at work today and I really didn't feel like doing anything. I went to my dads after work, and I helped him fix his cell phone situation. I was happy to call up Qwest adn bitch those fools out. Anyways, Its kickball time, first round of the playoffs. I know, I know, I'm building up the hype. Anyways, My fans came to watch me, it meant so much to me, and it gave me the energy and the emotional high to be basically unstoppable. We won 10 to 5. This was the only team that beat us. But we got them when it counted it. After the game went to the Venue for Beckys birthday. Didn't get home till about 1:30am.

10/05/04 - For the first time in a long time I took the bus to work today. It was a great feeling, ok I lied it was ho hum and it was free, thats it. Dodgeball was got creamed tonight. A 6 to 1 spanking. Well the other team was just better, not even my great tony skillz was enough to overcome the odds. Got home and relaxed, I have a big kickball game tomorrow and It Beckys Bday tomorrow also.

10/04/04 - Woke up early, well 9am isn't really early. But it is early for someone who has the day off. I went to Wal-Mart to pick up some clippers, well I do need a haircut. Went to downtown, to have lunch with Jamie and her peeps. Oh, the food was so good. But it didn't fill me up. Got home and watched "Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind. Which was a good movie but, you have to watch it to get into it. I liked it allot.

10/03/04 - No Vikings today, which makes me somewhat sad, but I guess I would just need to find something to do. Anyway I ended up going to Target, and bought some groceries. Then went over to Richs and chilled with pimp daddy Jason. Hahaha, then me and Becky went to Fridays in Coon Rapids to meet up with Heathers peeps. Well that was quite the interesting night. Tonight I was pretty drunk, but thats just cause I drank a lot. Which is ok, as long as I am not sick. I am going to sleep good tonight.

10/02/04 - Today at work went by pretty fast, called up Ben, but there didn't seem to be dodge ball practice. Tonight, went to an engagement party, and that was fun, it was nice mingle with the family members, it was Deedee and Ricks party. OMG, the chicken was so good there. Went to Deedees and Ricks and drank outside by the bonfire.

10/01/04 - Got to work a little hung over, but I managed to make it through. No more late night partying on a weeknight, hahaha, ok thats a lie. After work, I went home to get cleaned up. Went to Chad's wedding reception and chilled with Matt and Erik, ahhaha, it was a good night. But this is just the beginning of a already exciting weekend.

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