10/31/03 Went to champps to watch a band called hair ball, everyone was dressed up fro hallowen there. Then we were gonna go to club escape but that didnt work out, since thre wa sa long line and well it just didnt work out, so we had drinks at Gameworks, alot of sluttys, oh my, wink wink. It was a long night I didnt get home till about 3:45am And I had to be at work by 7am OUCH!!!

10/30/03 Today I felt pretty good I was in a very good mood. I bought people some presents for halloween, which I bought 2 days ago, I know its not xmas yet, but I gave some people a small pumpkin the size of a big grape fruit($4) with paintings on it.I bought a total of 6. I thought I would be nice this time of year. I spent some time with Susan at the mall today, helping her buy a dress for her work. After going to Marshall Fields and pretty much every other store we finally found her a nice skirt and coat and nice nice shirt to go with her outfit.

10/29/03 I was sitting at my desk at work i had my head down, I was very tired, but for some reason, I just didnt feel motivated, my head started hurting and I was finally having a freak out session. All the stress has finally gotten to me. I got an estimate on my car from the accident 1,337 dollars. I was supposed to see my ex tonight, but she cancelled on me again. I dont mind that she cancelled on me, i'm used to it. It just seem like I am at the bottom of the barrel. I guess I am her ex, but that hurts when nobody cares.

10/28/03 Jow Schmoe, what a great show, I feel bad for the poor dumbass that got played my 8 crappy actors, oh well it was one of my favorite shows, i never missed an episode. Tonight I was doing alot of working out, I have been feeling stressed out.

10/27/03 When I have a bad week I have a bad week, my cell phone starting ringing and it was about 8am. It was my bodd from work, he wanted me to come in for some over time. So I picked up a few hours and when I was leaving work some dude in a truck rammed the back of my car. My trunk was kinda popping up. My mom doesnt even know I took the car, since I had an extra set of keys. Life is sucking right now.

10/26/03 My mom was pissing me off and she said since the cars in her name she can take my car back, I was like fuck it, you can have it. I am not happy.

10/25/03 Wow I barely woke up, and when I was driving to work I was dazing off, but I made it ok, I'm so tired. Later that night, me, becky, jamie, and chris with to Ruby Tuesdays in roseville for some drinks, they met up with heather, but me and chris were busy watching the Marlins win it all. On the way back to the Beckys I had to pee so bad, i held it for over 20 minutes, I was drunk enough to not be able to drive home(first time in a long time) so I stayed the night.

10/24/03 Went to Hoolihauns in Maple Grove, then we all traveled over to Causinos to get more drinks, saw Chris from work there, then we went over to Alligators, was kinda disspointed for a club/bar for not havingenough hot girls. Then Had food at Dennys. I work in 4 hours, agonna be a rough morning.

10/23/03 Went out to Bakers Square with Emily and goto eat this pasta that tasted great , then when i got to the bottom it looked like barf.

10/22/03 Another exciting episode of kickball, Cats Meow started off strong and ended up winning the game, Next week is the division chapionships. LAter on that night went to j-yo's with andy , ate pizza with Amy and Deana.

10/20/03 The quest to get an apartment has begun, I'm tired of the same BS at home, and i've schemed a plan thats good enough for me to feel comfortable about being on my own. Money will be an issue, but Tony frickin Cu has done it all, nothing will stand in my way this time.

10/19/03 Vikes whooped those stupid Broncos, and I'm glad because when i was at the MOA they had people wearing broncos jerseys in MN, whats up with that. Went to a chinese buffet in burnsville, was $14.95 , ouch. It was ok food though. Ended up watching The italion job with Andy and j-yo.

10/18/03 Barely got up to work today, I didnt think I would make it, ended going to Mall of america and went to eat at Rainforest cafe, we got to sit by the elephants and the floor shook, which was kinda cool, not to mention the thunderstorms. Ended up going to Jillians and whooping Andrea at air hockey. Then we went to Grandamas and then to the Beer Belly in St paul which was pretty interesting.

10/17/03 Went to Champps again for the 2nd day in a row. Ended going downtown to Rosens, and stayed out tiill 2am. Had about 3 hours of sleep before I had togot work.

10/16/03 Went to Champps with Becky to visit her Lenscrafters peeps, learned alot of weird interesting stuff, but got to go drink

10/15/03 Probably the most interesting kickball game I have ever seen. So much drama for a playoff win, champane flying all over, going to Hoggsbreathe to celebrate, everyone was happy. Went to eat at the Flaeburger for the first time, they got good food and there cheap.

10/14/03 As I was watching my favorite show Joe Schmoe, this guy that everyone has been fooling is such a dumb ass. No wonder he got to be picked as the idiot. Then theyshow told me it was the last episode and they cut me off and said next week will be the last show, damn them.

10/13/03 I was watching monday night RAW last night and I wonder how do they come up with all these odd story lines, limos drving into semi, having your balls electricuted by a car battery. What ever happened to the good old days.

10/12/03 Played football for the first time in 2 years. Wasnt much of a return, I sprained my ankle on the 2nd posession, although I was a trooper and played through it. I'm in alot of pain right now. I cant put any weight on it.

10/10/03 Finally got the pizza craving out of me, went to Old chicago. Didnt get to stay out late beacuse I have to work the next 2 days.

10/08/03 Argh, I am tired, I havnt been going to sleep early and now i'm pretty much dieing about it. Today was another nice day outside.

10/06/03 Today i woke up early and took Becky out for her bday. Later on I ran a mile before I was getting ready to fall over. So I made it about one mile.

10/05/03 Today I made a pretty lame attempt to find a birthday present for someone. I went to maplewood mall for about 10 minutes and turned around and went home. Vikes win yeah!

10/04/03 Went down to St cloud, Bj had a party, went to the bars down there. Bar tender chick was hot! Had a nice sleep over, on the floor.

10/03/03 I saw Once upon a time in mexico tonight. I thought it was pretty confusing at first, but it made sense at the end. Also had bread bowl soup for the first time, ick!!

10/02/03 I found my self taking a short walk after work today. I just felt the need to take a walk, not that I like too. It was just too cold to go for a jog.

10/01/03 Its October already, wow time flies when your working all the time. Its fricking cold outside. Who ever wakes up at 5:30am would know.

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