11/30/04 - Had the day off due to the injury. Fun.

11/29/04 - Moved all day. Played dodgeball, had my hand sandwiched between a tire and a whole car. Went to ER. Fun huh.

11/28/04 - Went into a closet and had alot of stuff fall on my head. Noot fun at all.

11/26/04 - Nothing really special, just worked then went out..

11/25/04 - Happy Thanksgiving.... Woke up and went to the parents house early. I helped prepare the turkey and I got some of the other stuff ready. Finally we had Thanksgiving dinenr at 4pm and it was good. I didn't eat that much this year. I don't know why really. I guess I felt soem heart burn and things liek that and it just got me out of the mood. Plus finding out that my family has a history of heart problems kinda freaked me out. So I was really scared to eat anything. But I felt better and it was all good. Played with the nephews for a bit. It seemed like a really long day today. But it was good to have a day off from work.

11/24/04 - The day before Thanksgiving, oh yeah for everybody. Finally, after a long day at work I raced home to do some cleaning. Then I went to Galyans and picked up some soccer gloves, which I needd badly. Tonight was one of my worst soccer games ever. I let in 14 goals. Wow that sucked. But the other team got alot of open shots on goal and there was basically nothing I cand o to stop them. I looked bad out there tonight. Later that night drove up to Ramsey and brought my game cube for some crazy Mario Party 5 action. Then I realized I had to buy my portion of food for Thanks giving so I quickly went to Cub Foods before they closed and bought brown sugared cured ham($23) and potato salad($12).

11/23/04 - So I woke up today and my hamstring was feeling not so good. I figured if I stretched it enough it would be good for tonight. I was wrong, I had troubles getting up the stairs. So later that day, I went home and just iced up my right ankle and my left hamstring. I made it to dodgeball not knowing what I will be able to do. I tried to give it my all but we lost 3 to 4. I felt if I was 100% we could have won. I felt slow and it seemed like I was a sitting duck with out my normal jumping around and things like that. My throw was weaker cause I couldn't plant my leg. It was awfule. Anyways we went to VFW later that night. Normal festivities there.

11/22/04 - I woke up around 10:30am this morning. I wanted to get a lot of cleaning done with my room and start to pack up for the move on Friday and Saturday. I ended up going to U-Haul to pick up some boxes. Later that evening I went to go watch dodgeball, the old kickball gand decided to play again after all. I was a sub for emergency cases. So since they were short I ended up playing. We won 6 to 1. I think I might have slightly sprained my ankle and pulled my hamstring. The hammy injury might have happened in football on Sunday, but who knows.

11/21/04 - Andy called me early this morning, looks like the guys were playing some touch football. I was still hung over I think but I made the trip and played anyways. I was surprised how well my stamina held up. I usually get tired after a few plays and Moss it up. but I was running hard and did a great job of not getting hurt, hahaha. Then I went over to Andy's to play some Maddens and watch the rest of the Vikes game. Wow they actually won one. Then I went over to Beckyu's to watched "Saved", you know the movie with Mandy Moore and Macauley Culkin. It was a odd movie. Since it was a renter it doesn't get a review.

11/20/04 - What a busy day it was today. First it started off with going to work. I was so tired, I wanted to just crawl over and die. After work I went to eat with the family in dinky town, I forgot what the restaraunt is called. Then I went over to Jasons to check out his house. We kicked it for awhile. Then I went home and into bed, but then I ended up going to Bennigans, since were all meeting there so we can carpool to Aarons concert at the Fineline. Then we found out it got cancelled. So we ended up at Brothers and then we went to The Annex. Then I ran into old high school friends, Mark and Tom. I drove the girls back to there cars and I Brie aned Melissa begged me to go with them to Perkins. Since they didnt trust the guys they were with. All and all it was an crazy night. But good times.

11/19/04 - I was craving a breakfast sandwich this morning. Too bad I didn't get one. I had a sconee, not exactly sure how to spell it, but I am not a fan of them. They are like muffins that didn't turn out right and taste like crap. I was stuck in traffic on the way home which kinda made me angry since, I really wanted to go home. It shouldn't take me over 50 minutes to get home. Later that evening, i went out with Patrick and Becky and we went to The Red Dragon, but it was too busy. So then we went to Rudolphs for 2 for 1 Cape Cods drinks. Some how we ordered so many of those that we almost got cut off, but thanks to me I told her we were all good with my great acting. So I worked a little magic on her hahahaha.

11/18/04 - I get to leave 30 minutes early today from work, how exciting. I dropped Dan off at his place, since he didn't want to take the bus. I took a nap and later realized I was missing The O.C. Once I eventually woke up, I got to atleast still see 30 minutes of it. I ended up just kicking back and paying some bills and listening to music. My new favorite song of the day is from Jesse Mccartney - beautiful soul. If you goto my music section in my website. You can listen to it. Anyways, I stayed up pretty late tonight since I took a nap earlier today. Talked to Kenzie a little and then went to bed.

11/17/04 - I wanted to do something different today. It seems I have been sticking to a certain pattern of daily routines. So today I decided to buy orange juice for me to drink at work. How exciting huh, well not really. I got home and I was so tired. I knew if I took a nap I would be out cold. So I decided not too. I went to Roseville to eat at Don Pablos for Sara's congrats dinner. Well I think it was a congrats dinner, but it was basically just a nice outting I have wanted to do for awhile also. Then later that evening, I went to The Hoggsbreath for a quick drink with Andy and Jenni. Since I was in the area. I got home and I just fell over in my bed. I was so tired.

11/16/04 - Starting today, I am full time again at work. So that will be fun working 8 hours again. I actually made it to dodgeball on time for once. We had a great game as a team and we beat te other team 6 to 1. It was sweet dominating somebody again. We then got another exibition game. One of the teams that played after us didn't show. So we played some more games, it felt like we played a total of 30 games all night. I was so exhausted. Then we had a little adventure over to the VFW. I had one of the most akward things happen to me. This really old lady asked me to dance and I said "no" she was overly drunk and it was odd.

11/15/04 - I woke up today around 7am. I didn't feel like waking up yet, so I went back to sleep. Then I woke up again around maybe 10:30am. Then I had to book it downtown to have lunch with Jamie. Ugh This bean burrito turkey thing was so gross. But I ate it anyways. Then I went home and got my hair cut. It was time to trim off the locks. Hahahaha. I just wanted to have an easy night tonight. It has been to hectic lately. It was just nice to do nothing.

11/14/04 - The vikes better win today, or else. Well today I went to the parents house and we were getting ready to go to one of my cousins house to pray since he died on Friday morning. It was sad, since I never had anybody I know die. Well my grandpa died but I never met him. So we did that and then we went to get food. It was sad, but thats life I guess. Dang it the Vikes lost. Oh well. Emily came over and we went to Walmart and bought some food at Mcdonalds. I havnt had Mcdonalds in so long.

11/13/04 - I worked alot longer at work then my normal 6 hours today, blah.. is all I have to say. So I went home and took a nice little nap today. I was just tired from the night before. I wanted to see Alfie but was just to tired to do it. Maybe Sunday. went to C.R.'s too play pool tonight, man me and Chris whopped asss tonight. I have been very confident with my shot lately, I feel like I can almost run the table. Good night. I think I hit the alcohol pretty hard tonight.

11/12/04 - Work went by fast today and I was just happy to go home. I walked in the cold instead of taking the skyway today, I really dont know why. I was trying to think of something to do since I will be working full time starting next week. Well I couldnt think of anything new, so I took a nice little nap. Went to Ridgedale and ate at Charlies subs place. It was actually really good. Then for Sarahs birthday we went to Harveys and then we went to Brothers. It was a good night overall. I sure was pimpin that night.

11/11/04 - When I was doing my daily walk to work in the morning from behind the Target Center. I realized I was doing good, and I am happy. So anyways, work went by fast thank goodness cause I was tired. I got home and I basically just cleaned my room how exciting, I know. I called some old friends who I kinda lost touch with. Then I ended up working out my back. The old back is hurting these days. Stayed home tonight, Yeah havn't done that in a long time. Watched the O.C. it was a pretty good episode, everybody says I act like Ryan in that show. I dont think so. But hey, thats what they say.

11/10/04 - Today I was running a little behind because I had to pack my soccer gear, since I wasn't coming home tonight. Cause of IT casino night at work. So the work day went by and I we went to "The Red" They had 5 for 5 shots. So we hit that up. It was a nice little place. Then we went to the casino night thingy and I realized I was not going to be able to perform at soccer tonight. So me and Scott hit up some table, since all the texas holdem tables were full. I dont even know what game it was called and we were racking in the dough. Then it just disappeared. Then I went to go watch whats left of the soccer game they ended up losing 8 to 2. Wow that could have been me letting up 8 points. Then we went to Joe Sensors for some more drinks.

11/09/04 - I woke up today feeling pretty good, I was a little tired, but what can you do. I decided today, that I was just going to be nice to everybody. Well, maybe. So I went home to help my dad rake some leaves. Then I took a nap and then I realized I was late for dodgeball, I was so late that I came during the final game of dodgeball and lost. I was upset that I didnt wake up. I dont miss big games. We went to Ben's afterwards and had a little bonfire. That was fun. I totally smelt like smoke when I got home, It was kinda gross. But what are you gonna do.

11/08/04 - Went to the parents house this morning to grab some mail. My dad was at home, I think he hurt his back some how. I went to go watch the Incredibles today with Andy it was pretty good. It could have been better in some spots but it did enough to maybe purchase it when it comes out on DVD. But who knows. went back home and just kidna relaxed. but then Dan called and was ahving people over to watch Monday Night Football. So ofcourse I swung by and watched the Vikes get beat again.

11/07/04 - Woke up and had breakfast at Spring garden or something like that I couldn't remember exactly. Then it was home we went. But we made a pit stop in Eau Claire for Green Mill. Then it was back to normal life in MN. So sad. I had a lot of fun in Milwaukee now that I think about it. The downtown scene was cool. The buildings just looked nice and modern. Not our crappy bars here. But at least our bars are very close together. Overall it was great. I loved it. I even forgot there was football on tv today.

11/06/04 - Kickball action begins, well The BRATS won there first game, but lost the 2nd game. Lost 9 to 1. But thats ok, we can still drink, so we went to O'brien's pub. It was a nice place for all the defeated or teams waiting for there game to hang out. I think I had so much sun my face turned a little red from the sun. Later that evening I was playing in the Milwaukee vs The World all star game. It was fun stuff. Then we went to Long Wons, that was were the big kickball bash party began. But it was a typical chinese restaurant and then in the back was this big game room with two bowling lanes and a dance floor and tables and games and everything. It was great. I definitely got my groove on that night.

11/05/04 - Off to Milwaukee I went. A long 6 hour trip because of rest stops and bathroom breaks. Oh fun!! I went to this cool restaurant called the Safe House. You had to know the password to get in. If you didn't, then you would have to do a goofy act. But the cool thing is everybody inside can watch you via video cameras and laugh at you. Especially when you walk in. It was a nice place. It was hidden in an alley that is not even labeled. Coolest bar I have seen in awhile. Then Tina led us to this place called Mels Waters. IT was a cool place and we kicked it there for the rest of the night. Lots of alcohol tonight since we drank nasty Old Milwaukee and Pabst for one dollar all night.

11/04/04 - I really don't remember what I did today, But it was a good day, I do remember that. I still havn't seen SAW yet and its bugging me. Oh well what are you gonna do. Its been a bit muggy and rainy lately. I hope it goes away when we go to Milwaukee. I have been working on getting new pictures up. I have been so lazy I don't feel like editing it in my website.

11/03/04 - Its been awhile since I have rented a movie at Blockbuster. So I better start renting again. I am on that stupid rewards program. John Kerry officially concedes today. So sad, so sad. Oh well, Bush will make us rot in hell now. Thanks idiots who voted for him. Anyways, soccer was tonight. I was pumped, I was ready to go this time. No more first time jitters. Well they came back pretty fast. But I shut down everything they kicked at me. Until they went off on the 2nd half. I was aggressively attacking and trying to score. I almost did it twice. But then my 5 to 10 minutes of huffing and puffing and I finally said I am done running. The ankles started to really hurt again. Oh well it was a 5 to 3 win. I am getting better and better every week. Just wish I would have scored. My goal is to at least score once.

11/02/04 - Today, I felt great. I wanted to let the world know how great I was. But I kept it to my self. Well today is election day and everybody had there vote stickers on. I felt heavy today, I think its cause I have been eating so much these past 2 weeks. So I am cutting my food intake by over a half. Another exciting day off dodge ball. I was telling everybody today. That we will win today. Well I got there and I found out we got a forfeit win. Woot. Another 7 - 0 win. Well next week is playoffs. Gotta be ready then. We went to Old Chicago and had some food and drinks, and ofcourse karaoke night. Also we watched the election. Too bad Kerry didn't win. Great another four years of hell from Bush.

11/01/04 - My nephew Kobe came over this morning. Right at 9am in the morning. So that was fun, I was so tired. Oh well he just played video games. But he gets so involved in his video games that he forgets to go pee when he has too. I paid some bills and it seems like I don't have much room for spending these days. I worked out and it felt great, my ankle is still hurting but i feel good in my upper body. Oh and I started to eat healthy today too.

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