11/30/03 - Man the vikings suck. Tried to do some christmas shopping but I was really looking for my self today. Almost bought a new t.v. at Best Buy.

11/29/03 - Went to a Karaoke bar, forgot what it was called. Heard some terrible people sing. Heard some ok people sing. It was funny. Then made our way to the Bird night club. I was pretty hammered tonight.

11/28/03 - Went to Buffalo Wild Wings, then went to Bradys, there was alot of old high school people there, ALOT. Seems like everyone got fatter.

11/27/03 - Happy ThanksGiving

11/26/03 - Tomorrow is Thanks Giving, This will be rough for me since this will be the first of the 2 holidays with out evelyn. Finally got to go see the Matrix.

11/25/03 - No notes

11/24/03 - Went to the apartment I was looking at, I was impressed enough to sign my life away. I just got to wait till I get approved.

11/23/03 - Spent some time with Evelyn, havnt seen her in over 2 months.

11/22/03 - Saw Gothica, it was ok, it gotcreepy at times, but wasnt as scary as I expected. It was an ok movie though. Then got some drinks at Ol Mexico,2 for ones.

11/21/03 - For the first time in probably like 5 months, I took a friday night off and stayed home. It felt great just playing video games and going to bed early. Although I am mad that I missed my TGIF lineup.

11/20/03 - Went to Ridgedale, bought some new clothes, I spent alot more money than i planned on.

11/19/03 - Watched The OC, what a great show.

11/18/03 - Bought the new Britney cd, it aint too bad.

11/17/03 - Went to go watchg a daytime movie. I didnt want to watch it at first, but since it was 2 weeks at number one, maybe I might believe the hype. So we watched Elf, which wasnt that bad at all.

11/16/03 - My family went out 4 dinner becasue it was my sisters bday dinner. We went to some chinese restaruant downtown. I ended up paying for the bill, which was $128.12 ouch.

11/15/03 - After I got off work, I went to St Cloud to visit BJ and Heather. We went to Trista's and everyone seem to know who I am. Idiots, they thought I was somone else. Went to the Red carpet. It had 5 bars and diffrent types of music for each section I was quite impressed.

11/14/03 - Went to a party in South St paul. I dont know why they always call me Cliff when i get ehre but who knows. Anyways it was nice to see some old BBY peeps there. Poor Doug he passed out. Some guys went to go piss off of a bridge, what grade are we in? Anwyays went to Perkins afterwards I have never been drunk at Perkins before. It was kinda funny. Waking up is gonna suck tomorrow. I really gotta stop doing this to my body.

11/13/03 - I had a subway incident today, I was ordering my food and I gave the lady a 20, she didnt give me my change back. I told her I gave her a 20, and she was like I already gave you your change. I was getting pissed off, because I have been going there alot. Luckilly the guy behind me was paying attention and told the lady I didnt get my money back. There really are good people around. I got home from work, I did my usual pushups, I took a ice 3 hour nap. Then I received an unexpected call from the ex. Got to catch up finally.

11/12/03 - All I really did today was change my website around. Took a really small nap, watched another great episode of the OC, Seth, the nerdy guy. Likes Summer, but she dont want him, then he goes with the nerdy girl, who is hot. Making the other girl jealous, so she kisses him. Great stuff.

11/11/03 - Today was a sucky day at work, i had a very bad stomach ache, but I worked through it.

11/10/03 - With the plan of getting a new apartment, today, I was looking at what kind of furniture I will have. Didnt have any luck, looking for a futon though. Might steal it from my brother.

11/09/03 - Went to church for once, on my own power. Maybe finally I have come to peace with my self. Nahhh, Viking were very dissapointing, very sad game. I went to the mall to buy a new shirt. With all the over time, i can spend more moeny on some nice clothes.

11/08/03 - Was late to work this morning, forgot to set my alarm. Went to go see Scary movie 3, since it wasnt produced by the wayan brothers it wasnt as sexually funny, but it was still funny.

11/07/03 - Went downtown with jenny and amy to grandmas. It was so cold outside.

11/06/03 - Since I work so early in the morning, i dont have time to let my car sit and let the defrost, defrsot my windshield. I was driving with alittle peep hole wheree the heat was coming out, for about 2 miles. I made it ok. I got home and did the most pushups I have ever done, a set of 50. I took a nice 3 hour nap and now its 10pm and i'm wide awake. I have been pushed to do more pushups lately. I forgot I was supposed to go out with Susan tonight, my bad.

11/05/03 - Woke up late for work today, about an hour late. I didnt even hear both my alarms this morning. I must be in a deep funk. Trying to get someone to go watch the Matrix with me.

11/04/03 - It is so hard to drive with windshield wipers that only work with the left turn signal down. I made it ok though. Didnt really do anything today, I went to the mall for a bit, but couldnt find any new kicks. Matrix comes out tomorrow.

11/03/03 - I Woke up around noon, to catch up on the sleep i missed over the weekend, went to taco bell, this guy got mad at me, cuz i took his order, well it wasnt my fault he went to go fill his pop and the lady gave the bag to me, oh well, I'm not going to get angry over him and his nachos.

11/02/03 - Went to the mall did some light shoppping, watched the vikes lose to the Cheese curds, damn they sucked it up.

11/01/03 - This morning was probably the worst sleep related mornings I have ever had. I had 2 and a half hours of sleep the night before. Work was unfortunately overloading with things to do. I got home and took a nice 3 hour nap. Then went to Beckys, ofcourse jamie was a devil angel thing, becky was some girl Hugh Heffner thing, Chris was a, well he was himself, and I got to meet Jacki who i think was a cowgirl. I was a walking want ad that says Men seeking women. Ended up going to a party then later that night, some how I ended up naked, damn drinking games and new girl, but I was behind sheets, kinda like a toga.

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