05/31/04 - Worked from 2:30pm till 11pm at night. Not fun, no bbq no nothing. A nice quiet day at work. All alone. All alone.

05/30/04 - Wished Kenzie Happy Birthday. went to Walmart to buy some bed sheets, It was odd doing that. Ran into Brian and Lisa there also. Went to go see "The day After Tomorrow." I liked it. But it was just another movie. Nothing to special about it. Got home and layed down for a long time. I stayed up late tonight, since I was kinda bored. Kinda cleaned my room alittle for the big move. Tomorrow isgonna suck working the end shift.

05/29/04 - Another slow day at work, I am kinda liking this, its gonna suck though since ihave to wrok from 2:30pm till 11pm on memorial day. Oh well. I stayd home tonight. I was feling so tired. I took a nice long nap.

05/28/04 - Today at work was the slowest day at work I have ever had, seriously I just sat aroudn and did nothing. Well internet is always an option ofcourse. I went to play some hoops today, I unfortunately was on the sadet team ever assembled. I dont know how, but i scored 10 of the 15 points for our team to win. Finally we got creamed against a much bette team. I finally got to eat my 22 ounce steak at the Porter house, I ate like a king. I loved it.

05/27/04 - I was so tired from yesterday, I didnt have any energy, I drank pop, coffee. Still I was just weak. So I finally made it home, and went to take a nap at 5pm. I didnt wake up till 3:30am.

05/26/04 - After work I stuck around downtown, cause we had lawnbowling for the march of dimes. So I went to gameworks to play soem games. Then Went to Brits Pub downtown. Lawn bowling was pretty fun. WE advanced the the final four. Stayed till midnight and got some drinks.

05/25/04 - Work was a long day, after work I went to Maplewood to buy some pants. Then I got home, and got my gear on and played basketball, and then afterwards played kickball. I learned a valuable lesson tonight. When I sat out in the 7th inning of our kickball game and we were up 1 to 0 against the other team. Watching the other team score 6 in a row and not being able to help the team since i was on the bench, is the worst feeling ever. I just felt helpless, knowing I cant do anything to help. But cheer from the bench. Anyways, got home and had seafood dinner. We got snowcrab, yummy. Talked to Kenzie on the phone, before bedtime, she helped get my head straight so I can sleep.

05/24/04 - I had a feeling today was going to be a good day, went over to Brooklyn Park to take care of some business then, I went home got changed and played basketball. Alot of basketball, about 3 hours of games. Wow I was tired. I was really agressive today. I wasnt shying away from shots. Took it hard to the rim, I got my intensity back, well for one day. But hopefully I can keep it that way for awhile.

05/23/04 - I woke up at 8am and got to church on time at 9am this morning. I was able to get up on my own power. Which was a first for the first time in a long time. I went to go se TROY. I liked it alot. Alot of fighting, so I got my fighting fixins taking care of. I ofcourse bought another gas lid from yesterday. Twolves spanked the Lakers tonight. The series is now tied at one game a piece.

05/22/04 - After work was done, I went home and tried to relax my mind. It was listening to relaxing music. I feel like i have so much anxiety running through me. I feel like my heart is skipping a beat when breathe. I went to walmart to pick up some pills. Then I went to the gas station and for the 3rd time in a few months I forgot to put the gas lid back on. I went over to Lisa and Brians for the grad party. I saw thew biggest sub sandwich ever.

05/21/04 - Ok I really cant sleep at all, when your boss calls you and wakes you up, you know you have issues sleeping at night. I had subway for lunch, its been awhile since I have done that. It was quite good. Stupid T-wolves lost tonight, oh well. Nobody expects them to win the series anyways. went to the Hoggsbreath and got soem drinks, hahaha it was fun.

05/20/04 - I went to a silent auction at work, I won a swiss army knife and a nice leather portfolio. I cant sleep at night, this is 2 days in a row now, and its getting annoying. I have emailed a few people, looks like everyone is doing good. Just waiting till it Friday. My back has been really sore lately. So I have to take it easy at night.

05/19/04 - I woke up today and was just not feeling good. Wednesday night was a great night, The T wolves won and advanced to the western conference finals. I have been working on a few different little projects to keep me busy. It was funny I found out today somebody was trying to analyze me, obviuosly it cant be done.

05/18/04 - I was so tired this morning, i barely got up at 5am. I was tossing and turning all night long. It was a good day at work today, I had a nice walk around downtown for lunch. I have been mentally preparing for he kickball game tonight. Speaking of kickball, are team, won, so I am happy. We actually won by a lot. Took some photos for the websites. Kicked back some drinks at the VFW.

05/17/04 - Woke up around 11am today. I was feeling pretty good today. I went to Southdale to by a pair of Oakley glasses. So I now have Oakleys again. Kenzie helped me with shopping at rosedale. I finally got the adidas shoes I wanted. Played basketball later that day andjsut stayed home and watched wrestling. I was in good spirits today for some reason, I think I am just happy with everything right now.

05/16/04 - Not much going on today, there wasnt a kickball practice, watched the Timberwolves get there ass handed to them. went to go play some basketball, and it was a good practice. I felt very confident with my jumper and my fades. It felt good to just kinda sit back and watch t.v. My back is feeling great, and my shin splints are slowly healing. Fox9 news had an interesting piece on cross over car accidents. There were 22 accidently like that in 2003. Thats messed up. The reason why I brought that up besides the fact its on t.v. I saw a car flipped over the other day. Now I know it does happen, scary.

05/15/04 - Work was slow today, I was very tired, so I am glad it was slow. Met up with Brandon downtown and We went to SGT prestons for one of his friends going away, I think her name was Anna. We then went to Grandmas and that was allright, then we went to a toga party. Alot of weird people. I didnt get it hahaha.

05/14/04 - I woke up late and barely got to work. I really have been looking at reading the reviews for "TROY" I was really interested in the movie jsut because it sounded good, besides the pretty face of "Diane Kruger". As we did more cleaning, I finally found my digital camera. I was so happy. T wolves won tonight. So I am happy. I am tryin to get some sleep tonight. Hopeflly its an easy night.

05/13/04 - I really did not want to take a nap today, but I just had to, so I did, I have been helping with all the cleaning around the house, since my parents are having some type of religious church thing at the house, liek the whole church will be over.

05/12/04 - As I sit around all day letting my legs heal. I was just thinking what else I could be doing right now. Then I realized it was Wedesday so I decided to take a nap, I woke up just in time to watch the T-wolves game, in a important game 4. Too bad they lost and I stayed up late watching them lose. I couldnt sleep at ngiht again, probably cause of my nap. Shoot I missd the OC again. I seem to be getting overly excited when I am running around. I was breathing hard when I ran up my stairs.

05/11/04 - Another day, another dollar. Today was a akward day for me, I was really tired from watching the Twolves game last night. I didnt have lunch today for work, I wanted to walk around outside since it was just a nice day. I have found out I have shin splints in both by ankles and shins, since I have been so active with it and still playing its not healing and getting more panful. We lost at kickball tonight 0 - 3. Kind of dissapointing but thats ok.

05/10/04 - Its gonna be a long but very intriguing day today I got allot of errands taken care of. I woke up early today and waited for the cable guy to swing by and he said I hooked up the digital box wrong. I told him your people hooked it up wrong. So then I went over to Goodman Jewelers to have lunch with Susan, then after that I went to Eden Prairie, to visit my nephew Kobe. Then after that I went to Southdale to do some shopping. Got home, Drove down the block and wrote one of our neighbors a $85 check for one of our trees falling on his fence. I feel I shouldn't have to pay anything if its an act of god. But oh well. Then I wanted to get some exercise so I went to play some basketball. I had a great game today. I found out I have shin splints in my legs. Check out this link to read more about it, http://www.foot.com/info/cond_shin_splints.jsp Then I got home took a shower and Andy and Jenni asked me to have dinner with them. So I finally got home and stayed up late last night watching the T-wolves survive a scare. Wow what abusy day.

05/09/04 - Mothersday day is today. We decided to not go out to eat this year since it was probably gonna be busy. So we had a bbq, we had crab, lobster, and wings burgers, hotdogs. I wwas quite full from all the food. I decided to get a little work out by shooting some hoops. SInce lately, I have really lacked alot of intensity when I play.

05/08/04 - I noticed the weirdest thing this morning, I was parking on the side of a road for work and lets not forget it was 7am in the morning, I hear a blast of loud music coming out of a parked beetle. 2 girls decided to just jump out and started to dance like it was a club. I just stood there and shook my head. But what a way to start a morning. Later that night, I went over to Brandons house for a bbq and some drinks.

05/07/04 - Friday was a nice quiet day at work, I was getting tired alot. Went to Sportmart and bought a ankle brace and a ice pack. I figured that ice pack will come in handy alot since I am older than I used to be with the young legs. Played basketball at Pioneer park. Then I almost sprained my ankle, but it was just a little scare. Then i ot hoem and played with my nephew kobe.

05/06/04 - I went over to chads house and Played alittle croquet. I really sucked it up. Cuz Matt was supposed to be a newb and he whooped us both. Tried a new place to eat. The taco house. It was kinda rundown. But it was ok food. Good thing I recorded the last episode fo FRIENDS. I was a nice way to end there show.

05/05/04 - I was so tired from the night before, I really was fading in and out all day. Had lunch with Kristin and Devin. Good old subway, is always good to me. I think I was busing checking out girls in the skyway while I was eating. I got home from work today and I went to shoot some hoops, I once again was just terrible. I went to the mall later to buy Jenni her by day gift. Went to go get some drinks at Ol Mexico, since it was Cinco De Mayo. Another late night for me. Its gonna b tough getting up again for me in the morning.

05/04/04 - Today was a long day at work, we were so busy. Our first kickball game was today, and we ended up in a tie. Which is ok I guess. We played against the team last year, that probably should have won it all. But this year they seemed weaker. Went to VFW later that night, I didn't realize what time it was, then i looked at the clock and saw it was 1am.

05/03/04 - I woke up early and did some bills. I went to Southdale mall to get some shopping done, then of course I went to go shoot some hoops, I was horrible today. It was not pretty at all. I got home and felt like a loser.

05/02/04 - I was so tired from work, since I got only a few hours of sleep since I saw Kill Bill Vol 2 the night before. But regardless, today was a good day, I picked up my nephews and bought them over to the house, I got in a few extra hours of sleep before it was time to go to the Hoggsbreath.

05/01/04 - Woke up early and went to go play some basketball, I wanted to get my legs stronger, and nothing better to do that besides taking jumpers and working on my game. Went to subway to get a healthy meal. Went over to Andy's and picked him up for kickball practice. Later that night I was just doing some cleaning here and there. I was so determined to get much of my chores taken care of.

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