03/31/04 - I got to work this morning and my desk was all decorated. I was so happy. Then I had to figure out all day who it was. Later that day I went to Best buy to get the speakers installed. Went to eat by my self at perkins for ym bday dinner. Went out to the bars with Andy and jenni.

03/30/04 - Nothing really haappened today. I got alot of sleep for the big day tomorrow.

03/29/04 - Today, I went to Valvoline instant oil change and got an oil change, and alot of other stuff done. So my total was around 100 bucks. Called the insurance lady and finally got the insurance on it. So I have a car again now. I am so excited. So I went to best Buy to look at car spakers and I bought a nice pair for only $70 bucks, plus the damn Product replacement plan. Since i like my music loud. Now my car is almost complete.

03/28/04 - Kept my tradition of eating lunch with someone every sunday alive. Went out to eat with Bj and Heather at Fridays. Everybody was sore from yesterday. My ankle, shoulders, and thighs and ribs were in some soarness, but i was all good. Went to the Best buy to buy some dvd's. Helped clean the garage. My pontiac is working again. Thye fixed the fuel filter and injector, it was clogged up. But it works now.

03/27/04 - Kickball tournament begins today. We won our fist game, and then we waited an hour and got our drinks and playd pool. 2nd game wasnt so pretty. I think we lost focus. The 3rd game weplayed one inning and it started to pour down with rain. But the other field there was an exchange fo words with these two bitchs. So it was called of. So we all just shared the grand prize bar tab. Later that night, we over to BJ's house and watched Dave make in idiot of himself on camera. Bj black mailed him, hahaha. Today was an exhausting day.

03/26/04 - Went outto Ol mexico at ngiht and had soem food and a few drinks. I will put more info on later. But today is a busy today.

03/25/04 - I didnt take a nap after work yeah. I spent some time watching tv and relaxing. Nothing really special. Although it was kind of odd having it rain today. It should be brushing up some streets from salt and dirt. Woohoo tomorrow is pay day. Wait every friday is payday.

03/24/04 - I was tired from not a lot of sleep again. Today, I have Lee an chins. That place is so disgusting. I got home today, and I realized I forgot my wallet at work. Talked to a few people tonight. But Then i took a 5 hour nap. Woke up and played some SC.

03/23/04 - Today was a good day, nice and slow. I have decided that I might end up getting the car after all. I have continued to do more recruiting for kickball. I have officially got Bj to be apart of this. Talked to Bj, Heather, Emily, Jenni, and Erin on the phone today. I have been spending alot of time talking to people. All night long. Checked to make sure Kenzie was ok from last night before I went to bed.

03/22/04 - Today I went to sportmart to buy some rollerblades. They were too good of a deal to pass up. I went over to my nephews house to, pretty much hang out with them. I don't know where kids get there energy. Later I went to the mall to do some shopping, but I really didnt find anything I liked.

03/21/04 - Woke up around noon today. Went to Quiznos with Brian and lisa. I will never order a large sandwich again. There huge. Me and Andy went to Best buy and sportmart, he got a nice pair of rollerblades so he can roll with his J-yo. Later that day, I went with Emily to get some coffee at caribou, Well I got a strawberry banana smoothie. For some reason, Coffee employees can see a newbie coming in. So they always pick on me. So, anyways we went to Order pizza from papa johns and we went next door to Blockbuster and buy some dvd's. Then we watched "Bruce almighty". Which I really liked, It made me laugh. Then I picked me sister up from work and I let her drive since she has her permit. I was so scared, just like the first time I let evelyn drive the jeep. I was holding for my life. Later, that evening, me and scott met up for some starcraft. Whooped him twice. But he's improving. A busy weekend is now complete. Birthday weekend number 2 is complete. I am getting excited about my bday. Only 10 more days.

03/20/04 - Today was a long day at work, felt like I worked there for over 10 hours. That night Brian, Lisa, li and viet. Went to there dorms and had some drinking games. Then we all were gonna goto stargate, but decided to goto bowling instead. Then we went to go play pool afterwards. Then after that, we had some food at Perkins. I didnt get home till around 3 after sometime. I was tired but I had alot of fun.

03/19/04 - I got home from work yesterday and I was excited. I dunno why. Probably cuz this was gonna be a well deserved weekend. Actually because its pay day and I feel like treating my self a bit more. I am looking at buying a nwe t.v. But havnt really seen one that catches my eye. I played Scott at starcraft last night and whooped him good. Then I played with soem toher people and Got walloped, but I still was standing in the end.

03/18/04 - Spent most of the morning laying in bed. Played some counter strike online. Took a nap later that day. Then at around 8pm I went to the Gap to exchange a shirt. Talked to Susan, all is good with her. Talked to Katie, everything is good with her also.

03/17/04 - Last night, We went to Patrick's and it was a nice little irish place. Ran into John Kelly. Drank alot, but don't remember much after that. Puked alittle here and there. I am not feeling good, I was stumbling all over. Met some girl named Lyndsay. I think she was John's ex.

03/16/04 - Today, I got home from work, and I felt tired. But i knew mentally I couldnt take a nap, or else I wouldnt be able to sleep tonight. For somreason I have been havin troubles sleeping again. I don't know if I am just feeling lonely or what. But there are some minor things that cross my mind here and there. I think it has to do with my birthday coming up, and theres just something missing this year.

03/15/04 - Went to go play basketball at new brighton community center, only shot around cause my ankle has not fully healed yet. It felt pretty good with some minor pain. Got my haircut today. Its a nice sleek look. Alittle different.

03/14/04 - Woke up around 1pm. I watched Wrestle mania 20 tonight, Spent 50 buck, 50 bucks for the pay per view. It was great, and well worth it. I missed out on Starcraft tonight, because the pay per view was 4 and half hours long. This has been an expensive weekend Starting from Thursday to Sunday.

03/13/04 - After work I picked up Andy to go to MOA to meet up with BJ, heather, and Lori, I wanted to go to Bubba Gump shrimp co. So we ate there. It was an odd place with weak drinks(The guys said it was a family restaurant). Oh well, Food was ok. Later that evening we all went to the karaoke bar, with the Jancoski parents. Hahaha, We all went up on stage later that evening and sang. I was tearful for some reason. So I could barely read the lyrics. Then we went to Perkins, and every1 said I was supposedly flirting with the waitress. But it was a good night.

3/12/04 - I stayed home tonight, I know that for sure. But I remember watching something but what I don't remember. Got some practice in for starcraft.

03/11/04 - Today was a long day at work, not that anything went wrong. Just because it was a slow day. Tonight I hung out with Evelyn, we Had Red Lobster, and of course I got the seafood feast($21.95) Of course being the klutz I was. I knocked pop all over the table. Later we went downtown to Gameworks, She whooped me bad at skeeball. Good night overall.

03/10/04 - I was so tired I got home and took a nap. Then I woke up later and got my ass handed to me in starcraft. Today was a long day, but brief in a way. I also whooped Kenzie at pool later that night. Yeah hehe.

03/09/04 - Tonight I got a chance to whoop Scott in starcraft, hahaha, whooped him good. Anyways, I talked to Evelyn on the phone tonight. I don't get to hear from her much on her terms. So we talked for awhile. Later that night I talked to Brian/Lisa on MSN messenger for awhile. I felt special tonight, I felt like a hot commodity. :)

03/08/04 - I am finally able to play counter strike again. I finally figured out why it wasn't working. Me and Andy went to three malls today, looking for a pair of shoes that was hard to find.

03/07/04 - Went to best buy today to buy some DVD's. I finally bought High Infidelity. I wanted to add that movie to my collection for awhile. Even though I know someone who said its stupid. Since I was in Richfield at the BBY over there. I quickly went to the MOA for a bit. But I left and then later that day, me and Andy went to go see Starsky and Hutch. It was an ok movie. First time I saw a movie since The butterfly effect. Wow I don't watch movies as much as I used too. Then later later, played Starcraft with the boys from work. I Kicked ass tonight.

03/06/04 - Another day wt work, Got home, I felt so tired. But I was just going to chill for awhile. But I ended up doing nothing and just staying home that night. I talked to my friend Erin, I haven't talked to her in awhile, so it was great to catch up on things.

03/05/04 - Went to uptown with Lena. We stayed at the Red dragon for awhile then we jumped over to Rudolph's. Man that place was expensive. $9.50 for a big burger.

03/04/04 - Day one of the bus strike. Stupid Union and there greedy as benefits. Oh well its not my matter to worry about. I got to sit around and do nothing today. I have gotten allot of bills and chores I had to do.

03/03/04 - I don't think I did anything productive today. So I have nothing. Oh wait I played Starcraft with friends from work. Today was not a good day. I got my ass kicked bad.

03/02/04 - Today was a rough day, not because it sucked. Just because I had such a hard time getting around. I hobbled my way to the bus stop and to work. Which was so hard for me to do. Plus it was strictly embarrassing. I am finally putting ice on it.

03/01/04 - Went to go play some basketball with Andy at Maplewood community center. As we try to get back into playing form, for the summer. I ended up spraining my left ankle. I will be limping for awhile.

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