06/30/04 - Rented a few movies and awtched them, nothing realy special going on tonight. I havebeen trying to keep it low key.

06/29/04 - Since I couldn't get up in time for the bus I drove downtown for the 3rd consecutive day. I went back home to Littel Canada, putz around at th eold house and fixed my dads computer. Then I went to Walmart, to pick up a few things. I feel as Walmart owns me now. Watched Brian play softball at Pioneer Park.

06/28/04 - Had to come into work today, but got off and went to buy some speakers for the car. Now It sounds pretty darn nice, it only took me like 4 hours to install. Thanks to having to take the door panel off. My sucky car couldnt't just be simple and take the grill off no no no.

06/27/04 - Valley fair, good stuff, It was a ncie rainy day in the moring but when it came time for valley fair it was nice and warm and sunny. Too bad all the other people wen home, cuz there was no wait time Kick ass.

06/26/04 - Went to work, got home, then I drove to my sisters to pick up he nephews to bring to my old house, then I drove all the way up to East Bethel for a party at Jamies, then drove to st Paul for a party at Paula's, wow it was exhausting. Then I drove back home to Eden Prairie. Wow!!!!

06/25/04 - Last night I watched one of the dvd's from my little library, I saw the Rundown. which was an ok movie. Hahaha, made me laugh. I didnt feel like doing anything since I was so tired from a hectic week. Atleast there will be partie for me to goto tomorrow.

06/24/04 - I got home from work , then I realized, iI need to go for a quck walk, so I went for a walk. Not much going on.

06/23/04 - Wednesday, oh how fun its Wednesday. I felt this weird bump on my head, I guess a mosquito bit me the other day and its a huge lump. But I am ok.

06/22/04 - Got of work, then I drove right to blockbuster to return a movie. Then drove home, it kinda sucked being in traffic for an hour. Got my hair cut, then off to kickball I went. It sucked that we lost but I had a blast getting to know everyone this year. It was a good way to end my first kickball season. I feel tired and going to bed is such a great feeling right now.

06/21/04 - I didn't do much today. Since I dont have cable tv anymore, I went to blockbuster for the first time in almost a year and bought and rented a few movies. Tonight I am watching 50 first dates.

06/20/04 - Went to my brothers house for a fathers day bbq. That was fun to be around the family, since I dont see them anymore. I was drivign around trying to find some parks I can shoot some hoops at, still no luck.

06/19/04 - Went to work, and after work, went home ran some small errands. Had a mini bbq. Me and Nate(roomate)went to go see Dodgeball, it was awesome.

06/18/04 - Went to Eric/Swampy's bday party. It was fun, and nice to see all the other k-ballers there. Drank played some game where u throw rings into three holes I forget what its called.

06/17/04 - Nothing really special today. I am looking to find some garage sales to hit up.

06/16/04 - Wow, I have been tired, takign naps totally throws off my sleeping habits. The process of making my new website look cool. is about half way complete. Its looking good. I am just trying to get the search engine to work. Thats causing the most problems.

06/15/04 - Taking the bus from m new home was kinda scary. Not knowing what to expect. But it worked out nicely. Had some Pizza for lunch and wings, arghh that was probably a big mistake. got home and jsut layed around. Went to play kickball and won 2 - 0. Briefly went to VFW. Got home and showered and went night night.

06/14/04 - I had lunch with jamie downtown, it was nice to see her again. Later that day I went home to my old home to pick up a fe wthings. then I drove back home. Andy came over so we went to the mall. I got home and started to do my pushups again.

06/13/04 - I woke up and finally put together my desk after I picked up a few screws. So now it looks nice and pretty. Did alot of driving around today picking up stuff. It was a good Sunday.

06/12/04 - Went to work, it was a nice slow day today. Then got home, and just picked up my desk. It kinda sucked because there was a part missing. So I will have to pick up some screws from home depot tomorrow. Lisa, Brian, Sarah came over and I showed them my new crib. We went to Jillians and then too the sports bar and got some food from IHOP. It was a good night overall.

06/11/04 - Working sucked today, I hated it. I am so worn down that my body functions cant function right, I dont thnk they ever functioned right actually. I have cable internet. It lvies. YEAH.My recent postings hav been short due to not having internet.

06/10/04 - Move in day, was quite busy with all the junk I had to get. Plus the many trips to walmart. But it was a nice easy process. Which is great. I am worn down from all the moving. But I will be ok. I went to the stirctly business expo today and it sucked. Really bad. Not much going on, and the big nams didnt show up.

06/09/04 - Wednesday I just got my bed moved in. Went home and slept on the couch. Today was lacking in everything.

06/08/04 - I was so tired from not sleeping comfortably. I got up for work, rean into an old face, but didnt say anything to her. Work was nice and easy today. I was preparing for kickball today. I got there 30 minutes early. But for the first time I was feeling nervous. Today was one of my worst games ever. I never drop a ball. I dropped an easy catch. We won and got a playoff spot. So I am happy.

06/07/04 - It was such a hot day today. It was like sitting in an oven. I drove to the bank cashed some checks. Drove to Nanosystems and got a 50ft cable. Then, later I had the worst A and W food ever. Me and Kenzie went to go watch Shrek 2. It was ok, not as funny as the first one but still good. Then got home and it was hot in my room, I opened a window and i pretty much slept in the hot air. It sucked.

06/06/04 - I woke up and went to Walmart to get some shopping done for the new place. But I did't get the stuff I really wanted to get. I was just beiung lazy. Played alot of basketball today, and today had to be one of the finer days in my basketball career. As I dominated and my shots were falling down. I developed a new baby hook. Which got kudos from the brothers.

06/05/04 - Saturday saturday, satuday. Today Work was nice and slow paced. At night I didnt really do much. I just went to the Porterhouse and had a smaller steak then I usually had, but it was good. Not too much going on. I got home and rested.

06/04/04 - On the bus this morning, I saw some guy pick his nose and he had a big ball of green and brown boogers on his finger. Thought I would mention that. Anyways I had pizza for lunch and chicken wings, I thought I was in heaven but I was wrong. I dropt some stuff off at brandon's and then went back home. I was so tired today. So anyways, I had someone tell me the other day that my advice skills are bad. I took offense to this since that was telling me that my skills at helping people were bad. Well the fact of the matter is, I have helped over 7 important cases for friends. I take pride in doin that. I mean, I don't ever swear in my journal, but what the fuck. I am tired of people who only think only about themselves and nobody else.

06/03/04 - With such a weird day at work. I had a chicken bacon and ranch wrap. It was quite yummy. I got home went to the park to play some basketball. I did well today. My defese of skillz were put to the test. Ofcourse I was able to shut the other guy down for the team. My offensive skills were just up and down. I got home I was so tired. I decided to pack stuff into boxes anyways. I was cleaning otu my closet and I found my first fairytale book. It was quite a moment. Not alot of people realize. I have great knowldge in fairy tales.

06/02/04 - They were doing alot of drilling otuside at work. Ofcourse yours truely aws next to the wall and It wa sloud. I had my mp3 player blasted and it helped. But my ears kinda hurt from the loud jackhammers. I took a nap today I was so tired.

06/01/04 - I am tired from working on Memorial day at ngiht and waking up early to come here. Not much really going on today. theres no kickball tonight. So I just took a nap.

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