07/31/04 - Got home from work, Andy came over and we went to go see "The village". Because of cancelled plans, so we ended up going to a party at Heathers and Nicoles parents house in Mounds View. It was some good times. I think I got home around 4am at night.

07/30/04 - Drove to work again, My two alarms arent waking me up like they used too. So I am assuming my body is just changing. I decided to get soup today, since I was just craving it. Clam chowder is on o my favorites. I got home and I wantd to take it easy, I went for a quick 20 minute jog. Then just sat around and played Tales of Symphonia all night. It was jsut nice to sit back and relax. Which was my choice not to go out and do something tonight, I guess its a sign of maturity.

07/29/04 - Woke up alittle late so I drove to work this morning. I had Taco Johns for lunch, the burrito thingy wasn't that good, but you just can't go wrong with potato Oles. Drove home, to LC and putzed around then Me and Andy went go the Stadium and watched Jenni play volleyball.

07/28/04 - Woke up and walked to my car, and it was about a 10 minute walk. Then went home to take a quick nap. Then I wokeup and took james out to eat at Champps. Then went home, Kenzie came over and then we went shopping. Then got home and made hamburgers. I was so hungry, I have been eating alto lately. Then I finally got back to cleaning stuff up here and there. Trying to slow things down a bit.

07/27/04 - Woke up and drove over to my parents house, and fixed my dads computer again. Actually swapped out pc's this time. Then it was time for some dodgeball, as we played our rivals annd barely won. I threw out my arm again. We went over to VFW for some drinks, then we went to Barbs for a quick beer and a game of 31, I think thats what it called, I lost my 3 bucks ofcourse. Then we went to some bowling place,m aand bowled and drank. Then we went back to Barb's cuz I was to intoxicated to drive. So we goofed around and ate pizza. So I just slept on the recliner for the night.

07/26/04 - Had my little meeting downtown today, it was good to meet with Sally again. It was also nice being in the Robert Half technology office again. Later that day, I ate at bennigans, then went to Buffalo Wild Wings, then me Heather and Becky end up meeting Megan over at Hoolihans. Wow whata bust night, I am exhausted. I was kinda drunk, but I made it home ok.

07/25/04 - Was better prepared for the cold evening, plus really hot morning. We went to go get breakfast at Embers and service was horrible. Stop at the buffalo and cheese store on the way back. Went over to my sisters house. Since she just got a new house.

07/24/04 - Man I was cold last night. Then it got really hot in the morning. We went canoeing and it was a 7 mile trip down the St Croix river. Man that was a long 3 and a half hour trip. I took a nap shortly afterwards. Went to some A and W wanna be place and got come nasty shakes. WE played Mini golf next door to it. Since I was so tired. Ofcourse it was fun getting the fire going and losing our little weiners in the fire. Hell even the marshmallows fell into the fire.

07/23/04 - Going camping tonight, woot woot. I woke up early and drove all the way down to the maplewood park and ride. So I wouldnt get stuck in traffic. Went to Walamrt to pickup a cheap tent. We made it to Wildwood and it was a nice litle camp site. Night one begins.

07/22/04 - Its been a busy week. Andy and Jenni came over and we got to finally eat at the Wildfire right next to the Eden Prairie Mall. It was pretty expensive. But it was the best $30 steak I have ever ate. Even better then the Porter house in Little Canada. I packed later that night for the camp trip.

07/21/04 - I had my Consumer lending interview today, I kinda sucked in the beginning, I was sonervous, but I did great in the end. So I guesss it was an ok interview. But we did talkfro about 45 minutes. Seems liek a cool guy. Hes a VP and hes in the presidents club. Whatever that means. Susan came over later that night and we went to Chammps in Eden Prairie. We ran into Michael Bennett. It was so exciting.

07/20/04 - I was alittle tired this morning. I dunno why, maybe lack of sleep. Laziness, or just dont feel like doing anything. Well, maybe its all of it. Looks like plans for the camping trip this weekend is looking falling into place. I am gonna have an interview tomorrow, which is kinda exciting, but not really. Dodgeball, was fun, we lost, I cut my hand, and I was bleeding all over my shirt and shorts. I must have hurt my throwing arm. My whole hand was shaking, it was freaking me out. Then we went over to Barb's drink some beer.

07/19/04 - Monday I woke up early to have lunch with Rich and Jason, after that I went home to Little Canada, o fix my dads computer, arghh his computer sucks. I swapped a modem out. Just gonna have to reformat in a few days when I have time. Then I went to go eat with Ashley at Davanni's. It was good, i was so hungry.

07/18/04 - Went to work for 3 hours, how exciting. Then went home and tried to get my CS server up and running, how exciting. I finally bought a kvm switch and got it up. There is a few bugs and scripts I have to figure out. but thats all a learning process. Emily came over and we played mario party 5. Ahh I love that game.

07/17/04 - Andy came over and we went to go see, I, Robot. I liked it, butit was alitle cheesy, but thye had alot of good catchphrases or one liners. Later on that evening, we went over to Becky's to drink.

07/16/04 - Work was weird. I had potato oles for lunch. Mmm was really craving it. Anyways, I got home and it was just so nice outside. So I decided to finally eat and make some chicken breast fillet. yummy!!! Went to "Tonic" or "Tonic of uptown" for the first time last night. It looked real cool and it was a great hot spot. I did have more to drink then I wanted but hopefully 3 and a half hours of sleep and being hung over wont mess me up tomorrow.

07/15/04 - I am such a nerd, since my neck was still hurting, all I did was play "tales of symphonia" all night last night. I played that game for 2 days now and iI have played it for a total of 13 hours. I am such a little geek. But not to mention a good looking one.

07/14/04 - MY NECK HURTS!!!!!, I cant move it, I am in so much pain. I can't even turn my head, I think I am crippled forever. I drove to work and I couldn't even turn my head to change lanes. It was so scary. I left work early, Got to gamestop and picked up Tales of Symphonia. I put 7 hours into the game that night. I took more ibprofin. Laid in bed practically all night. Lets see how tomorrow goes. Man this sucks, I havn't felt this type of pain in a long time.

07/13/04 - The Dodgeball era begins tonight. I am hoping there wont be much for competition. Cause jsut awnt to cream everyone. although there was a team that had matching bandanas and stuf, we are going with our 2 main franchises. cats Meow and Pound Puppies. We won 5 to 2. My body was beat up bad. I ced it up I should be good. Although I have a big bruise on the rigth side of my face do to a stinger coming at my face.

07/12/04 - Woke up around 10:30am. did some cleaning, and some pushups. I couldn't do many cause my body was really sore. Becky came over and we went to go see "anchorman" which was a good movie. I got home and I have been trying to get back in to great shape. So I did some jump roping. Yeah, jump roping, funny huh. Gotta get into that dodgeball form. hahaha. Either way it was a nice day off.

07/11/04 - Just relaxed all day. Was feeling the effects of the day before. Cooked a great strir fry dinner. Yummy!! Had Emily over we went to go watch Spiderman 2 and we played Mario party 5.

07/10/04 - Work was nice and slow. Getting tired of working Saturedays with 4 hours of sleep. went home, had a little bbq wqith Brandon and his firends. Went up to Ramsey, its been awhile since I was up there, maybe since late January. Got really drunk. I had to spend the night.

07/09/04 - Friday, yeah!!! Me and Andy met up wit Brian and Lisa and we Went over to Chris's apartment to meet up with Li and his g/f and chris's roomates. Hahaha that was a handful. We all went out for Kayja's bday. We went to Brothers and then we went to the drink. Had a drink called the under current. Learned what a "nug" is.

07/08/04 - After work, I tried to drive back to LC. I got stuck in traffic every where I went. There must have been something going on. Played some v-ball at good old Pioneer Park and went to Jimmy's afterwards with Andy and Jenni. I don't remember that palce being so packed.

07/07/04 - Went out With Ashley after work, we went to some place called Cosetta's. Wow there really isn't much to do in downtown St Paul. Anyways it was fun. We went to a Pub. I dont rememebr what it was called, but I drank New castle, yes New castle. After that I went to the Mermaid to get a few more drinks in me.

07/06/04 - What a great day it was, after a nice day at work. Drove home to Lc and got stuck in rush hour for about an hour. Which was fun. Also fogettign my wallet at hoem after I got to LC was not fun. Anywasy went to the mall with Andy and then later on met up with Jenny at Bentleys. The talk of volleyball got me quite interested. Although its a girls only league. It brought me back to the days when I was actually dominating in something. Not to mention 7 volleyball trophies through high school. Hahahaha had to brag about that. I can atleast say I have something not alot of people have.

07/05/04 - Woke up, and went for a light jog, very light jog. Went to Wal-Mart to buy some candles for the bathroom. I know I know, kind of sounds cheesy. So I have been trying to make it look all nice and pretty. Went to Cub bought some food. Tonight is going to be taco night. Actually went to bed early for once. The long weekend has worn me down.

07/04/04 - Went to work in the morning. Had lunch with Bj,Heather, Lori. Then went home to LC and chilled for a bit. Went over to Li's he was having a bbq. Then me and Chris went to a party in Edina, it was cool, cause we got to see fireworks in Edina and there were a lot of people in the streets. Then we went back to the party and got liquored up. Then I had to pick my car up at Li's in Roseville. It was a long drive home. I almost fell asleep behind the wheel.

07/03/04 - I rented a few movies and watched them, I was hearing good things about Club Dread, so I bought it. It wasn't bad. Took it easy, since I am working in the morning on the 4th of July.

07/02/04 - For the first time I can actually go out on a Friday night and not work the next morning. We went out for Brian's birthday, we went to Khans, and then we went to KFAN the restaurant. After that I went to go see a movie with Kelly at MOA. White chicks was really funny.

07/01/04 - Thursday has been quiet. I tried to think of things I could do for this up and coming weekend. I will have to call around and see what happens.

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