1/31/04 - Went to the VEnue night club again, met up with lindsey and her peeps. Saw becky, heather and brie there too. It was Brie bday.

1/30/04 - Made spaghetti dinner, andy and jenni were my guest that night, thye enjoyed my tony made fresh spaghetti. We went to Bentleys afterwrrds for beers.

1/29/04 - I have been eating so healthy lately. Its crazy. Subway subway subway. I am on the jarrod diet. Well Tony diet.

1/28/04 - Ahhh, no cable, We were suppose to have comcast come out and install the new digital cable. BUt those bastards cut us off and didnt even come out. What a geat opportunity to watch all the new movies I have bought.

1/27/04 - I am very happy how many hits my website has been getting. I am getting close to 1000 hits. I was looking over the stats and I a extremely happy with the traffic.

1/26/04 - I did alot of research on the internet. What I was doing was trying to figure how harmful the atkins diet can be. There were rumors of it hurting certain organs. But either way you will die anyways, so you would rather look good. Plowed the snow out of the drive way. It sucked.

1/25/04 - Went to lunch with andy and jenni At Bentleys. Continuing my lunch tradition every sunday with somebody. Then we went to go see the butter fly effect. The critics gave it bad reviews. But if you like weird movies like Memento. You will like this one.

1/24/04 - Went to The Venue nightclub. It was fun, but I didnt drink as much as I usally do. Oh well. Got the see the hot body contest up close. I mean really close. HAHAHa

1/23/04 - I didnt feel like doing anything tonight, so i took the night of and did nothing. Watched tv and played some video games, and since my nephews were over. Played mario party 5 with both of them. I love that game.

1/22/04 - I tried to see if I was on tv on smackdown, but I couldnt see myself. But i got a litle peak at me, but that was it. HAHAHA, 2nd ro seats kick ass.

1/21/04 - I have been looking for mp3 player sfor the bus but I coudlnt find any. I went to radioshack, and almost bought one for $179. But the guy was an ass. So i didnt buy it.

1/20/04 - Tonight I went to go see Smackdown, it was really fun. I have never sat so close before. It was fun interacting with everyone around us. We tried to the the "woohh" chants all night long.

1/19/04 - Didnt really do anything on my day off, actually I didnt even get to go outside the house. I got to sleep in, which was nice. But I have been so focused on doing my workouts especially my pushups.

1/18/04 - Usually on sundays I have been having lunch with people. This week, I had lunch with brian, lisa, and li. We went to Fridays. It was nice to chat about things. I was looking for my mp3 player, but they didnt have it in stock at CompUSA. Now i dont have the desir eto spend $200 for it anymore. So i figure i will just get a cheap one around $100.

1/17/04 - Me and Andy went to st cloud for BJ's bday. Had a a good time. Stayed till 4am. Got home alittle after 5am i think.

1/16/04 - After work today I took the bus to Brooklyn park to pick up the jeep. So i can get to work ons saturday. Went to go see "Along came Polly" it was a good flick, typical ben stiller, typical jennifer aniston. But it was worth the 8 bucks. Went to ol Mexico afterwards.

1/15/04 - I have not been getting much sleep the past few days, as I have been so busy to , not even get a chance to sleep. Plus it doesnt help that i am sick.

1/14/04 - I spent alot of time just relaxing today. Went to maplewood mall with andy, to take care of some business.

1/13/04 - My car is quitting on me when i am at a idle. It sucks so much when this happens downtown, this sucks, so I have finally decided to take the bus. Which begins tomorrow, I am very nervous about this. I feel ghetto fab, but since every1 does it when they work downtown its ok.

1/12/04 - Went to work to help out and get some extra hours. Went to go see Chasing liberty, it was good, i liked it.
1/11/04 - Had lunch with andy and jenni. We went to champps to watch the game and eat, I had the seafood melt. Then we worked out in the work out facility. Then played some pool.

1/10/04 - When I woke up this morning I was shaking and it was scary. I barfed on the way to work and I barfed again in the parking lot. I walked in and i have bark all over my self. I was still feeling sick. So I went home. Later that evening after my long nap. I went to Bucas, and then went to Billy's in St paul. Today is the beginning of me not drinking again for awhile.

1/09/04 - Went to Dan's party last night, met the girl that bites(sarah), met rachael, who baked the cake. She was cool too. Drank a fairly good amount but not much.

1/08/04 - It was a fun work function after work last night. I was there from 4pm to 10pm and we got to order drinks and food for free all night long. Then I went to the hoggsbeath to visti Amy and Jenni. I am goign to be hung over tommorow.

1/07/04 - I finally got my bus pass today. Instead of 10 bucks a day. Its gonna be 30 bucks a month. Now i just got to use it. I used my 20 gift certificate at cub foods last night, I didnt need any food so i went to the pharmacy section and grabbed a new pack of mach 3 blades($7) and bandaids. Although i did buy some bread and turkey to last me a week. Lets see if I am able to make my self lunch in the morning. The whole point of this was to stop me from eating otu at lunch time. Which costs me alot of dinero.

1/06/04 - For the first time in awhile, I woke up and didnt feel tired. I got to work way early. I havnt had chinese in awhile so I went to Lee ann chin buffet($10) It was yummy. I took a nap at 5pm and woke up at 10:30pm, wow I was out cold.

1/05/04 - Monday was a quiet day, wen to the DMV to get my tabs, I went to the ticket area to get my number and i got lucky 69, but then i realized there was a seperate line for tabs, so i gave it to some dude. I had alot of time to relax and watch tv.

1/04/04 - Tried not to buy any new movies, I have been spending alot of money on movies lately. I did a fairly good job of stopping my self. But I did buy a Football though, I had to spend a giftcard from target, that i got from work.

1/03/04 - Went to The venue last night, it was fun, I think they have the music to loud cause after i get out at night i cant hear anything. Oh well, I havnt been so drunk driving home before.

1/02/04 - Went to go see the sneak preview for "Win a date with Tad hamilton" Wow i didnt know sneak previews were the whole movie, anyways this movies was a chick flick but it was akwardly very good. I had a little tear at the end but it was funny too, since they had the nedy guy from the 70's show in it. It comes out on January 23rd. Go watch it. Went to the Wild onion later that night, it was a fun evening.

1/01/04 - Wow it was hard typing in 2004. Thats gonna take sopme getting used too. New Years eve was great. Didnt get to goto bed till 6am, I woke up at 1pm today. HAHAHA, me and my bottle of hypnotic was inseperable.

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