2/29/04 - Wow a leap day (gasp) When jogging around the lake with andy and jenni. Well i pretty muched walkaed around after my quick sprints. got to see my nephews which was great.

2/28/04 - Went to Knuckleheads, its a comedy club bar thing. Christopher Reid, most of us knoiw him as Kid of Kid and Play in the house party movies. It was a great show with two other comedians also.

2/27/04 - Stayed home and did absolutely nothing. Lena called and asked me to goto the Red dragon with her but i was too tired to go.

2/26/04 - For the first time in a long time i got to play starcraft with some friends from work. It was awesome.

2/25/04 - Wow its almost march. I was really tired today. Making my big return to work after a long extended weekend. Spent alot of time playing FF:CC. Game lacks story line, but hey its Final fantasy. I am still not working out , since my arm is in alot of pain.

2/24/04 - Went to liek 3 walgreens looking for a prescription medication for my mom. That was a good 2 hours of my time, which was not fun. Especially when the medical people take there sweet ass times. I bought final fantasy: crystal chronicles today.

2/23/04 - Spent most of the day lifting weights and working on the abs. Eating carrots and celery sticks is not a fun diet. I hurt my left shoulder again. I can barely lift it over my head, man doesnt this sound familiar.

2/22/04 - Went to play some b-ball with andy at the community center. Spent a good 4 or 4 hours gettingback into shape for the big return in the summer.

2/21/04 - Went to the Mall of America, met with kristin and her friends since it was her birthday, went from the Sports bar, to gators, and back to the sports bar. Kinda interesting listening to the piano music people.

2/20/04 - Just spent the night at home working out, Went to cub to buy soem healthy food. carrots, cellery , stuff liek that. Taking it easy tonight for the big day tomorrow.

2/19/04 - For the first time I had indian food for lunch today. Didnt know how to describe it, It was just plain disgusting. I am glad the boss ended up paying for it.

2/18/04 - I had the most disgusting taco bell today ever. For some reason the meat had a weird after taste. I threw half of it away. Learned today that someone called a "fruit fly" is a straight girl who like to nail gay men. I guess its a challenge i hear.

2/17/04 - Went out to the Wild Onion for Kristin's bday bash. Goodtime, alot of sluttys.

2/16/04 - Finally got back to working out. My arm seems somewhat comfortable for me to work out now.

2/15/04 - Went to go eat at green mill with, andy and jenni. Then walked around at rosedale mall. I was looking for a jean jacket, but couldnt find a good one reasonably priced.

2/13/04 - Got home, and i fell asleep watching the rookie all-star game at 7pm and didnt wake up till 6:30am. So I got plenty of rest.

2/12/04 - Today i went go help my brother with a flat tire he got on his truck. Later that night I had dinner with evelyn at Perkins.

2/11/04 - I went to the mall with andy, we actually bought stuff. AHHAHAA. I got some cool shoes for 10 bucks.

2/10/04 - Today i found out I was chosen to receive the Service Excellance Award. It was great beacause it was unexpected. Went out to Chilis with andy, jen, and amy. God there was some loud people sitting next to us.

2/09/04 - I woke up early and went to maplewood community center. Played b-ball and worked out on the gym upper level. Got a nice work out. I went home and shoveled some snow. I think i reaggrivated my shoulder and it hurts again.

2/08/04 - Drove to the bookstore, to buy some magazines but couldnt find the one I wanted. I went home and cleaned out some junk in the garage. Went to Walmart at the end of the night. Tryng to find light bulbs in that store is near impossible. ran into some girl who knew who i was but i am pretty sure I have never met her before.

2/07/04 - Work was the slowest day today. Nothing really happened at all. It as board game night with heather, andy and bj. I think it was pictionary and some game called tri-bond and another game but i cant remember right now.

2/06/04 - So, I was talking to kristin today via email. I was surprised how someone could hate v-day so much. Ofcourse using my Tony powers. I figured she wants to spend it with her ex. I was trying toi show her that even though they jack up prices at candy stores, flower shops, and jewlery stores. Its a special moment anyways. I suppose you should love your significant other the other 364 days, but oh well.

2/05/04 - John at work was teasing at the fact, on ebay to buy me a virtual g/f, she will send me letters adn send me a valentines day card in the mail. Send me a scent of her. Article of her clothing. Call me, and talk about anything i want. Also. After my three month term is up. She will write me emails and stuff to say she wants me back. As I chuckled i laughed so hard some chick would actually do that. I hope he doesnt do it.

2/04/04 - As i was eating my spicy chicken sandwich from the wheel of death in the break room. I thought to my self. What havnt i done, thats amazing. Then i said to my self "nah i have done it all". I was quite annoyed today that the bus was kinda full. Hmm, I have decided to start eating breakfast. maybe it might help me get through the day. This was kinda a boring day now that i thought about it.

2/03/04 - It was cold outside, very cold outside, I was thinking about buying my guitar today, but couldnt make it out to the guitar center. Or was I going to buy that mp3 player, ah, i cant decide. I sprained something in my left arm, by my shoulder blade. Its very painful.I wont be working out for a couple days.

2/02/04 - I had a very producive day today. I woke up at 10am. I wanted togoto maplewood community center to work out, but lost track of time. went out side and tried to start the snow plow. Wouldnt start, so I had to goto walmart and buy a shovel. So i shovelled the drive way for about 45 minutes. Then went back inside and did some workouts. Finally the cable guy came and installed digital cable for us. Did alot of cleaning afterwards.

2/01/04 - I started the day driving my sister to church, since i got there really early i figured i would actually go to it. Then i went to the coputer convention center in Cantebury. I was gonna gamble but i was like nahh.

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