12/30/04 - Went home and took a nap, I am gonna need to rest for the big day tomorrow. maybe next year I can right full journal logs again, I have been just so busy.

12/29/04 - Went to the Mermaid and had dinner with becky, and to bisit Heather since she waitresses there.

12/28/04 - We beat down one of the ebst teams in dodgeball, thanks to my brilliant performance. We won 5 to 2. It was quite the beat down. Then went to the Independence for Chris's bday. then went to CR's to play pool with Heather and Steve.

12/27/04 - We lost a real close one in dodgeball, it was a preview of the championship game next week for the playoffs. We will be ready next week. went to the corner bar for a few drinks.

12/26/04 - Had Chris come over and play some Madden's Oh I miss Madden's. Then we went out with Steve and Heather and other peeps to have a few drinks at Fridays in Coon Rapids.

12/25/04 - Christmas day. Spent most of the day at home cleaning. Nothing really too exciting.

12/24/04 - Got clothes just like last year and every other year before. Oh well its Christmas Eve

12/23/04 - I have been doing alot of laast minute shopping, and I do mean last minute.

12/22/04 - Since Bj and Heather are in town, we all exchanged gifts at Jimmys.

12/21/04 - Took a 2 to 5 loss in dodgeball tonight. It was ok. I am in good spirits.

12/20/04 - I had lunch with Jackie and Jamie, ugh the fettuccini is my favorite. Won in dodgeball which was great.

12/19/04 - The Vikes won a on a bad snap, wow maybe were finally getting some breaks.

12/18/04 - Had a great adventure at night when the jeep broke down. That was fun, dang cops, wouldnt leave me alone that night..

12/17/04 - Went to Gameworks for a CA event for work. good times, when you get free drinks and food and games. I dont think the guy at the parking ramp was gonna let me drive home, but I convinced him to let me drive away hahaha.

12/16/04 - Didnt do anything really special today. Just been so busy lately. I dont even have time to update my journal hahahaa. Watched the OC and Chrismukkaa!!! hahaha. It was good stuff.

12/15/04 - Another fun edition of soccer. It was a playoff game and we were up 2 to 0. But then finally there best player stepped in and went off. I slowed him down. But it was too late and we lost 11 to 4. I am starting to get recognition as a defensive specialist.

12/14/04 - Took the bus today, how exciting. Well not really. Work went by fast today. Got home and got ready for dodgeball. We ended up winning 4 to 3. which is ok. But we almost lost. Oh well, I had a good time. Just felt tired. Caled it an early night. Go tto save my energy for soccer tomorrow.

12/13/04 - Did some Christmas shopping today. Then it was off to dodgeball. I had an extremely good game today. I was making catches getting people out. running around frely. But I did get beat up a bit. I took another to the head today. It seems lie I am gettin up slower and slower everytime. I dont know if I can do this anymore after this season. The 3 sport stuff is taking its toll on me physically.

12/12/04 - Gosh the vikes suck. Watched Oceans 12. I thought it could have been better. Really took it easy tonight. I have been so tired as of late.

12/11/04 - Saturday got off of work and went home and then took a nice little nap. Me and Chris went to Andy's tap in bloomington. While the girls got done with there little passion party. They had cheap beers there. Always a great place. Then we had a few at Ruby Tuesdays, then another few at bennigans with everyone else again.

12/10/04 - After work, went to dan's to grab the Lacrosse game tickets. Went to Watch "closer" it was really good. Then went to get Susan in Burnsville and we went to meet everyone down at the Excel Energy center. Minnesota Swarm got beat bad. Went to Fridays in downtown minneapolis after that.

12/09/04 - had a few drinks after work. Then rode the bus home with Jackie. Then went to watch the O.C. It was a nice day. I am able to type again with my other hand. So my jornal entrys will get longer again.

12/08/04 - Went to go watch soccer. We won 6 to 4. We got a new goalie so now I can do my regular duties as a defender when I make my return next week.

12/07/04 - We got clobbered in dodgeball tonight. I made 2 token appearances out of the 7 games. But only threw left handed. I dont think it would have mattered if I was a 100%.

12/06/04 - Went shopping at Maplewood mall. Then went to watch dodgeball and ended up playing, I took the sling of and was basically a decoy. went to Patricks in roseville for a few drinks afterward.

12/05/04 - Vikes suck today. Against the crappy bears. It really put a bad taste in my mouth.

12/04/04 - Me and Andy went to the 5 year reunion. It was nice to see old faces. Then we went to the Red Dragon.

12/03/04 - Went to Best Buy and bought some blank cds, i was running empty. Took it easy tonight.

12/02/04 - Went out with Susan tonight, we went shopping at Rosedale. Then ate at Ruby Tuesdays. I am still wearing my sling. Still typing left handed.

12/01/04 - Using only my left hand to type at work was fn. Well not really. I didn't even bother watching soccer tonight. I hope they won..


12/31/04 - New years Eve was awesome, the hotel was a nice little suite and everything. Never had a hotel with bedroom and a seperate living room. The millenium was fun, but it was a $30 cover charge. Then kicked it back at the hotel. I dont think I went to bed till 8am. I also was fighting a cold all night.

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