12/31/03 My last log of 2003 how exciting. Tonight is gonna be great. Back in 94 it was the best times of my life, i expect 2004 to be the same. Prolly gonna get drunks somewhere tonight.

12/30/03 A nice slow day at work to surf the web adn listen to mp3's "i'm lov'n it". Went to green mill later that night, andy and jenni wanted me to swing by, i havnt had green mill in a long time.

12/29/03 Nice day off, went to ridgedale to visit becky, went to sam goody and they had a 80% off sale to close the store, i bought 4 cd's.

12/28/03 Vikings got screwed, but they had a chance to win, and they screwed it up. They didnt deserve to go to the playoffs if they cant beat the 4 worst teams in the NFL(1.oakland, 2.san diego, 3.arizona, 4.giants). I would rather have the packers try to represent the NFC north, I cant beleive i just said that. Oh well.

12/27/03 - I woke up this morning feeling refreshed. I dont feel tired at all. Tonight i will be going out, Which club/bar i dont really know, but i am going out. Went to The venue, it was interesting there, but had lots of fun. Saw my old friend Lindsey there.

12/26/03 - Didnt go out for once on a friday, I took a nap at 6pm and woke up at 10pm, then i stayed up for 2 hours , then i got another 6 hours of sleep.

12/25/03 - Drove to Beckys to give her, her present. went over the The jancoski's, then ended up at andy's to exhcnage gifts with andy and jenni

12/24/03 - Happy Christmas eve, Did all the cooking well 75% of it. Brian and lisa stopped by to exchange gifts.Went to the wine store with jenni, bought some hypnotic. 12/23/03 - I did somkething but i dont remember

12/22/03 - Went out to southdale to get some shopping and to drop Erins christmas card off.

12/21/03 - Went out with Jenni to Jimmy's then we went to the White Bear Bar, then went to some other place across the street from that to get some bloody mary's, Ick, i still hate that taste.

12/20/03 - I have been very tired lately. Especially since the trip to mankato, I dont think I ever recovered, I was weaving all over the road this morning. Didnt get home until 5:30am.

12/19/03 - Went to Grandmas's tonight. It was for Katy's b-day. I dont rememebr how many beers i had actually. Maybe 4 or 5, but it think it was 4. It was an interesting night considering what happened towards the end. But oh well. Went to 24/7 mcdonalds afterwards. I always feel sick after i eat it.

12/18/03 - Went to mankato, it was very fun, got to have bonding time with susan. Went to bethany lutheran college, It was nice to see katie again but now that shes doesnt have school i know i will see her again. hahaaha. Visited Tim and saw his new home. Went bowling and Buffalo wild wings, it was fun getting drunk and playing pool and darts, i kicked as at darts.

12/17/03 - I dont remember anything that happened on this day.

12/16/03 - Got to leave work an hour early. Went home and took a nice nap. Thne woke up and went to Walmart. I had to buy some boxes, soters dopnt give out Gift boxes like they used too anymore.

12/15/03 - Worked Overtime today. Went to go see "Stuck on you" afterwards. That movie had its moments. That was an ok movie. Maybe a renter.

12/14/03 - Vikings lose again. Saw the Frankie J concert. It was cold waiting outside. After waiting outside for 40 minutes. We had to wait another 1 and a half for some dude named Gemini to come out. All the teenie boppers were all below, and 21 up alcoholics were up top at the quest. Good concert overall.

12/13/03 - Woke up early for work. 3 hours of sleep sucks.

12/12/03 - went out to the mermaid. Heather was working that night so we all stopped by. I havnt seen Heather in a long time. Kicked some beers back. But stayed out pretty late. I do have to wake up early tomorrow.

12/11/03 - Took a long nap on thursday night. I got about a 4 hour nap. I have been sleeping alot lately, I dont know why.

12/10/03 - Ended up going to Jimmy's. We all had nachos, cajun chicken wings, walleye fingers, yummy. Although I could only drink one beer, I still had a 1/4 of it left. I dont know whats wrong with me. Maybe I might be getting sick. Oh well.

12/09/03 - Today i found out I didnt get the apartment. Sad sad day.

12/08/03 - Went to Southdale to visit Erin havnt seen her in ahwile. Got more shopping done there.

12/07/03 - Its about time the Vikes blow some1 out. Did alot fo shopping today.

12/06/03 - I got 2 hours of sleep. I am barely awake. OMG i think i'm dieing. Its gonna be along 8 hours today.

12/05/03 - Went to Beckys little get together. I was pretty drunk. It was a late night, i stayed there till 3:30am, and will have to wake up at 6am for work. You know its a weird night when a girl bites you in the face.

12/04/03 - Went to Ridgedale to visit Becky today. It was packed at ridgedale today. I went to Sam Goody and I bought the skip DR. I have always wanted one tho fix my scratched cd's and now I have one. YEAh!!

12/03/03 - I had a hard work out today. With all that eating I had on thanks giving. I needed to get back into form.

12/02/03 - Today was quiet day also. I was very focused on things. Still waiting for the apartment people to call me back.

12/01/03 - Monday was a nice day off, I didnt really do anything. But it was a quiet day.

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