08/31/04 - It was the big day for th playoffs for dodgeball. We found out we got a first round bye. SO we went to chill at Barbs. It was finally tikme for us to play, it was a tough battle, we were up 3 to 1 in the best of 7 series. somehow they cameback and beat us. It was a tough loss for us. But its ok we had fun. Ofcourse we went to the VFW afterwards.

08/30/04 - Went to work on my day off. Then I got home and was really tired. I made burritos and they tasted pretty good. Took another nice long nap and I couldnt sleep at night cuz of it. Practiced throwing dodgeballs at the wall at a park. I need to get ready for the big playoff tournament tomorrow.

08/29/04 - Today I woke up at 2pm, wow I was really tired. Woke up went to go grab some burritos. Then went to Bee Bops to watch Heather play her softball game. It was good times, stuck around and had a drink and some food. Emily came over and we just played games and stuff. I still have been kinda sick. But I need to get better by Tuesday since its the big playoff week for dodgeball.

08/28/04 - Got off work went home and took a long nap, woke back up and went to Becky's for alittle gathering. I have been so sick lately, I havnt been able to be my self when it comes to drinking and stuff so I took it easy that night.

08/27/04 - After I got off work I decided to go see Collateral, and let me tell you. It was a pretty good movie. Went to the State Fair with Brie, Becky, Heather, and Jessica, it was a fun time. I got kinda sick from riding a certain ride twice. But I was able to hold it down. I think. But I did a good job of saving money and making probably one more trip to the fair sometime. Gosh I didnt realize how much guys try to flirt with girls. When I was hanging out with them, guys kept coming up. It was so sad. But it was funny and pathetic at the same time. Hahaha. But it was a blast even though I was sick anyways all week. Note to self, do not take medication and drinks at the fair and go on rides especially if your recovering from a cold all week.

08/26/04 - Well today kinda sucked, I got to work late. So that wasnt cool. Then I had to pay $10 bucks for parking that wasnt cool either. Then I got home, made some fish, it tasted good. Cleaned my room alittle, then took a long nap likeoone of my patented 5 hour naps. Woke up around 9pm. Then I just couldnt't seep. It was a nice low key night.

08/25/04 - Kickball was a blast. A nice way to get the season rolling again. we got a nice little 4 to 3 victory. But even though we were stripped of half an inning. It didnt matter we got the big "W" Thats all I care. I went to the VFW for some drinks. I had soem big decisions to make and I think I got it figured out. I hope.

08/24/04 - Another exciting episode of dodgeball this week. I played one of my better games just pegging people like crazy. Even though I was sick I was still able to get energy to play even though I looked like I was gonna pass out. Ah it was great. We won 6 - 1. Now we just have to get ready for playoffs. Me and Becky went to Bennigans to get some food. It was a bad idea since I was still sick.

08/23/04 - Went to watch my nephews for a few hours today. I started to get sick and sneezing all over. It sucks. Ok I decided I am officially sick now. It sucks I havnt been sick since well over a year ago.

08/22/04 - I sure wanted to take it easy today. I just went to go watch With out a paddle which was an ok movie, nothing to spectacular. But worth a rental atleast. Was going to go watch heathers softball game, but decided not too. But I dont remember why.

08/21/04 - Brian came over after work and helped me get the keg and the trash thing we put it in. Wow that was a crazy adventure. Have the keg party it was exciting forme since I never had one before.

08/20/04 - What a tired week its been, too much drinking for me. Went over to Li's he had a bbq over there. Didnt stay out too late cause of work. But I sure did eat alot.

08/19/04 - Went to go watch Alien vs Predator. Which was an ok movie then I ended up going to the Corner bar and got some more alcohol. Which I am not supposed to do. Sicne I have been drinking so much the past week. I need to seriously slow down.

08/18/04 - After debating on whether I wanted to watch a daytime matinee or not. I decided to just go home and sleep after work. Then woke up and went to kickball practice. My lef foot was feeling pretty good. Its weird. Because I havn't had this type of pain before. So I hope it goes away. Went to the VFW in Roseville for a few drinks. Not too much though.

08/17/04 - This week we just creamed the opponent in dodgeball I mean they looked scared confused. Heck even sometimes it looked like they didn't want to continue. SO another 7 - 0 sweep and we are on a 21 game winning streak. Went to the VFW afterwards ten I went over to Bennigans or some two for ones. Which was not really a good idea, sicne I am trying to cutback on drinking.

08/16/04 - Woke up and felt kinda crumby. I couldnt find my keys. So I was late meeting jamie downtown for lunch. Then I found them in th shower, how they ot there I dont know. Then picked up my nephews and brought them back to the house and played video games. I was still soar from tubing, so I couldnt keep up with those kids. Hahaha.

08/15/04 - Went to the VFW for the beer bust. I knew I was going to be piss drunk from this ahead of time, so being smart I decided to get nothing to eat before I went. From 3pm till 10pm I drank there. Then we some how decided to goto Ol Mexico for two for ones. I drove to a 24 hour Mcdonalds on the way home and I was so drunk I couldnt read the menu. Man it was not a good idea driving home that night.

08/14/04 - Went to work then go off work and went with Brandon and Katie to go boating and tubing. I actually went tubing and I am fricking soar from it. But being in the middle of the lake just floating in my life jacket was a accomplishment. Cole and Kyle were funny as usual. Had a bonfire on the lake it was pretty sweet.

08/13/04 - So after I got off of work today I went to Mcdonalsd and picked up some Mcdonalds for the nephews and then I went to Ruby tuesday, then we ended up going to Jessica's and played texas holdem poker. I made it to the final 3. But I got tired and I just went all in when I didnt have anything. Dave and Jessica are getting married. So I am excited for them, since they are cool peeps.

08/12/04 - I got off work and went home and did basically nothing besides play Madden 2005. My body has been hampered with injuries and it was nice to just stay home for once and let my foot heal. Things are looking pretty darn good for the end of August looks liek things will get interesting. I have been thinking of finally just getting a 2nd job, to spend more money on useless junk.

08/11/04 - I woke up a little late for kickball practice but being 45 minutes late aint so bad. I was still not a 100% with my left foot hurting after dodgeball. I dont know what it is. I have never felt pain on the top bridge of my foot before. Its weird. Anyways went to VFW really quick. Then went to the Mermaid. I was acting like a retard to Heather, since she was serving us. Jessica still seems like a cool girl. Becky was well becky. I tried toe at a 20 piece of buffalo wings by my self. I failed that task by 5 wings.

08/10/04 - Yeah another exciting episode of dodgeball, we had some extra guys show up so I wouldnt have to play a full game, hopefuly maybe half. But the other team didnt even show. They must have been scared. So we win 7 - 0 hahahaha. But I refereed the Cats meow game and that game got ugly, they lost because of unsportsmanlike conduct from one of our players who was otu and threw the ball in and hit someone. Taking away Ben's 1 on 5 come back in the final game. But the other team got in my face about the forfeit and I was getting ready to bust skullz. But we all calmed down.

08/09/04 - I decided to sleep in and I finally woke up around noon. Then i went over to maple grove to watych my nephews. I havnt doen that in a long time. As iI wrestled them. and while they kicked me over and over. I realized I am ready to compete in dodgeball again. That I can take a beating and not get headaches.

08/08/04 - I woke up late and picked up my dad from the airport, then I was driving him home and I missed the house, hahah i drove right by it, i think it was so focused with the hot girl walking down the street or something. Then I went home to just clean, I am trying to take it easy, since my body does't saeem right, but I do feel really alive.

08/07/04 - Saturday I went to work, and just putzed around since it was so slow. Then I got off work and went home and then I went to some crappy place up norht but nothing was really interesting. So we went to Jamies townhome. I was at the gas pump later that night and I couldnt remember how to fill up gas for a second, but then I rememebred. I was so emberassed.

08/06/04 - I cashed in my chunk of change yesterday at the bank and I got a whopping $31.31. I was so excited. So anyways, I went home and then decided to just take a long 5 hour nap, woke up and then went to Andy's tab in bloomington. I was getting headaches after the music, even though it wasnt even loud and just being out I decided to go home early that night. I took some ibprofin and went night night.

08/05/04 - Started of parking downtown at Rapid parking, nice little spot behind the Target center for 4 bucks a day. Anyways I need to have a morning walk. Went to go see "Harold and Kumar goto White castle" It was actually pretty good. Then went over to talk to Becky and Jamie. Then went to the Stadium,t watch and play alittle volleyball, that wasn't such a good idea cuz i had headhaches and felt dizzy again when i went to go eat with Brian, lisa and Andy at Jimmy's.

08/04/04 - Ah yes Wednesday, I was just checking the weather forecast for the new week or so and it just looks like summer is over, we only had a few 80 degree days and the rest were high 70's. Wow I guess I shouldnt be complaining. I was having trouble thinking at work today. Kinda weird, but oh well. There was kickball practice tonight, but I was unable to participate, due to my little head injury. I just took it easy since there was no need to seriously risk anything. I could just feel in my body mentally and physically I was not able to move and do whatI wanted to do. This is different from my other injuries where I just usually suxked it up and played. Concussions are serious and its not something to take lightly.

08/03/04 - I got up for work and I noticed it took longer to get downtown this morning, which kinda sucks. Stupid construction, any hoo. Dodgeball was tonight, and I tried to get there early but traffic was a pain so I took the back roads and learned where Lake Calhoun is. So anyways dodgeball was great, we swept them 7 - 0. I took a stinger in the eye and left a red bruise of some sort. Then we all went to the VFW for some drinks.

08/02/04 - I woke up and stretched out alitle bit, nothing really too interesting on my day off today. I have been resting my arm and my back. Looks like this week will be abusy week. Kinda excited for it. Hope the weekend comes pretty soon.

08/01/04 - Sunday I woke up and went out to eat with Becky at Mall of America. Then I got home and just worked out and tested my arm. Its feeling pretty darn good. I have been treying to slow down lately, I been going out so much. I just need to take a day off to rest.

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