04/30/04 - After I got home from work yesterday I wanted t go out and do things but I just felt so lazy. I ddi help move some plants outside. But Then I got tired. Me and Brandon went to go see Kill Bill Vol 2. I liked it alot. Not bad for not seeing the first one.

04/29/04 - I have been doing a crappy job of updating my little journal. Next month I am going to write more detailed things. I should have more to write about, but since I am so busy, I keep forgetting to update it. Its been busy updating both Kickball teams websites.

04/28/04 - Today I tried to go rollerblading. Didnt work out to well. Especially with my stomach ache. Tried to just enjoy the outdoors today even though I wasnt feeling well. It got up to 90 degrees today.

04/27/04 - Work went by pretty fast, had kickball practice. It was getting cold out and for somereason I had shorts on. I dont know why.

04/26/04 - I went to the mall today, it was such a nice day outside. Did some workouts, getting into good shape.

04/25/04 - Went to kickball practice. Looks like we took a step forward at preparing the team. Then we went to the Big-ten a nice litle local bar on old 10. I went home and watched a few games on t.v. Thne Andy, Jenni wanted togoto Old chicago. I didnt eat much. I guess I wasnbt too hungry. Then we went to walmart and got some pictures printed from my digital camera.

04/24/04 - Today was a busy day at work on a friday, everything wasnt working right at TCF. Went to meet up with Susan so we went to the passions party. It was quite interesting stuff. I se why guys usually never goto these things. Hahaha, After that we putzed around there talking and drinking. Then We all went to The Sports bar at mall of america till almost closing time. It really sucked driving in the rain when you feel alittle intoxicated and dont have windshield wipers. But I made it ok.

04/23/04 - it is friday today, a nice decent friday. Everyone was somewhat happy. I got home from work and since bj/heather was in town. We all went to Buffalo Wild Wings. My stomach didn't feel so good after that. Thne later that night we went to The Whiskey rack, which is a pool place with a bar. Nothing special.

04/22/04 - Today, I woke up late, so I ended up driving to work. Been a relaxing day. I enjoyed my subway sandwich during lunch hours. But I realized I forgot to check out the stuff going dowtown, oh well. I got home today and listened to my Ben Jelen cd. Its good stuff. I tried to work on my abs, but didnt get much progress.

04/21/04 - I couldnt sleep last night, I layed in bed from 12am till 5am, and finally I was falling asleep. So next thing I know I hear my alarm going off. Been having somethings on my mind lately, since its raining. I had some great subway today, this guy really hooked me up and gave me alot of meat. Wow it tastes so much better.

04/20/04 - First day of riding the bus again for me. Nothing really new, a little less riders since they lost rider trust. I went for a nice walk around the cities for my lunch. I wasnt feeling to hungry today. I got home and went right to best buy. Bought some cd's. Took a nap and went to bed.

04/19/04 - With monday being my day off, I went to the mall and pretty much just walked around. Later that day I called a few people I havnt talked to in awhile. Called my cell phone company and made sure that I wasnt getting screwed on my bill. Went to Ol Mexico With Andy and Jenni, It was different drinking on a monday.

04/18/04 - Kickball practice was today. Was a nice warm day. But you could tell it was gonna be nasty later today. Went to the VFW for some beer bust thing. Then later that night we had our first thunderstorm of the year. It was scary, cause they reported rotation in the clouds in Vadneis heights. But nothing bad happened so it was all good.

04/17/04 - Saturday, took a little nap after work. Me and Andy went to go see Hellboy. It was a good movie, had some cheesy effects, but it was good enough. Story line was kinda iffy, but it had its moments.

04/16/04 - I was in good spirits today. I went to Arbys for lunch. Got the 2 giant roast beefs for 4 bucks. Today could be my last day in the carpool. Bus strike should be coming to an end soon. I made plans with Susan, but I cancelled. I was so tired. I just fell asleep while playing with my nephew Kobe. Kid loves to play Simpsons Road Rage on the Gamecube.

04/15/04 - I was very tired today. Not getting muchsleep still. I wanted to go to Target today to check on some bed sheets. But I was so tired. I ddint bother going and took a nap. Woke up and felt even more tired. I missed The Aprentice, not that I watched that show and wrestling.

04/14/04 - I was unable to sleep again last night. As my mind keeps thinking and processing. This is starting to get annoying. I was so tired today. I went to Dunn bros coffee and got a turtle mocha. Usually I goto mountain dew first, and if that doesn't help then I goto coffee. Both were failing right now. I was very sluggish today. During lunch I went to taco bell for there fiesta salad. Which was very good, but I dont think I was awake enough to enjoy it. I got home and took a nap. Then I woke up at 11PM. Damn, another 5 hour nap. This aint healthy.

04/13/04 - During work today I had a thought. Maybe its time to slow down time. Its 2004 and this year has already been a blast. But how Do I slow things down. Its what I do after work that will help me slow things down. To you know mix it up alittle. I was thinking 2nd job for sure. BUt taking maybe a class for something would be fun too. The only problem would be, I would simply use it to meet girls. Oh well. Later that day, I was so lazy I decided to not rake the leaves. I had to drive to Fed ex to pick up my order I placed on friday. Ah yes 2 day shipping, well worth 15 bucks. Played basketball, nothing really serious. Took it easy, since it was the 2nd time this week. I played with out any ankle or knee support. Sending my insurance info tomorrow. I am not getting much back this year. I told my dad to not file me as a dependant this year. So he would get way more back. Since I dont really need the extra cash.

04/12/04 - I sure did feel like a man today. I bought my first blow machine, well I should say a leafblower/mulcher,vaccuum. It only costed 80 bucks. But I knew I had to do some yard work. I broke the rake when I was raking leaves and it snapped in my face. So thats why I decided to buy this Blacker and Decker Hog. I felt I owned the tree and its leaves. 04/11/04 - Happy Easter!! Went to drive around today. Then I realized all the stores were closed. So I went home, and called some people up to see what everyone was doing. But everyone had plans so, I had easter lunch by myself. Went over to Andy's later, and we ended up at Jimmy's. I was so full from the nachos, but I still wanted chicken wings.

04/10/04 - Work wqas a nice slow day. I was tired, but thanks to some coffee. I was somewhat awake. I was supposed to meet up with Susan to go to the mall. But we ended up screwing up the plans, and I ended up at the mall and she was at my house. So there was a little mix up. Later that night I went over to Sarah's townhome, cause she was having a party. It was nice to meet new people and everyone was very nice. I was very drunk, but I managed to get home safely. Spinach dip with the bread was very good.

04/09/04 - Today is Andy's birthday, so I called him up and wished him HAppy Bday. We had office gofl at work. Yes miniature golf in hallways and all around our dept. I was chosen as head office guy to collect money from people and tell them the rules. It is all for March fo Dimes. So this is one of those things each dept does to try to make money. So All day I worked to make it a success. People took it seriously they were encourage to either bring there own putters or borrow one from us. I WEnt to the steak house for dinner, I had a walleye this time. It was good. Then we all went to some place called the Firehouse lounge in circle pines. This place was pretty ghetto, in a hick way.

04/08/04 - I had lunch at D. Brians with Kristin and Devin. I had chicken gumbo soup with a salad. It was ok. But I think I also had pizza too. I got home and went to the parks to shoot some hoops. I couldnt do anything full scale. Since my ankles are still hurting. But I have to get ready for the kickball league coming up.

04/07/04 - Geez I have been slow updating my journal as of late. I have ben really tired. I dont think anyone has adjusted to the daylights saving thing. I missed the OC and starcraft tonight, i am so pissed. Since I took a long nap today I didnt feel tired. So I couldnt go to bed. I got roughly 2 hours of sleep. But since I took a 6 hour nap. I was good to go in the morning.

04/06/04 - I woke up a little late for work today. I guess maybe I am still a little tired from my whole birthday still. I had Quizno's for lunch today. I love here subs. So as I walked downtown today for lunch. I noticed there aren't a lot of people who beg for money. I suppose those freaks can't get downtown without the bus. I wanted to go out and about today. But I am just to sore from the past few days.

04/05/04 - Today I was called in for work. So I am getting some nice overtime. Got home, It was very nice outside today. So I went to go play bball again. My legs are very tired. Running two days in a row. Played a game of Starcraft. Wow I suck at that game now.

04/04/04 - Went to a buffet called World Buffet, which had american food and chinese food. It was kinda gross. But oh well. Played b-ball later that day. I am trying to find a second job, but I havn't put much effort into it. I had the want ads in my hand but I threw it aside, to watch tv instead.

04/03/04 - Saturday night was great, we all met downtown at brothers and had a good time. Got a lot to drink. Then we went to Dream girls and got out around 4am or Got my car impounded. Got a taxi to get there and pay $200 to get it out of the impound lot.

04/02/04 - I had another lonely b-day dinner. I went to The porter house steak and seafood right off of little canada road. Wow I didn't realize it was fine dining. Good thing Kristin told me to dress up. It as nice of her to visit me while I was eating and stuff. So I wouldn't feel lonely. It was nice place with candle light. My food was expensive, my total for just me was $40 bucks. But well worth it.

04/01/04 - Went out to dinner with Evelyn today at our favorite chinese buffet. It was fun staying up to date with her. Got a nice bottle of hypnotic(my favorite). I didn't realize, how much we act a like. But oh well.

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