Old Journal Logs

01/31/05 - I had the day off today, So I watched my nephew all day today. I have been doing
some work outs to get into better shape. Today was a strong and nice work out. I felt great.
Later on that evening it was Brie's bday. So we went to Champps, and then went to the Corner
Bar where Heather worked.

01/30/05 - Went to Olive Garden and had lunch with some peeps. It was a good time. I had the
new chicken Marsala. It was the best chicken I have had in a long time. Later on that dayu. I
was feeling so sluggish. I just wanted to lay down all day. Emily came over and we went to
Walmart and bought some stuff. Then we had some Perkins. Yes Perkins, its been so long since
I have been there..

01/29/05 - Work sucked today, stupid Online banking sucks ass. Anyways Me and Andy went
to St cloud. Had dinner with Ashley at Bonanza steak house. Which was a bit different then I
expected. Check the reviews for that. haha. Went to Bj's then went to Cassie's then to
Rumrunners and eventually DB's. A good night of drinking. haha.

01/28/05 - Tonight I got to do something I havnt done in a long time. Play basketball. I played
at some church and I was totally off my game. I couldn't make any shots to save my life. Buit I
finally started to hit some. It felt great, I miss playing basketball.

01/27/05 - After work we went over to Kierans for Scotts last day at work. I drank a few
Summits I think, and had a Bacardi coke and some other stuff. It was a good night. I had a
good time. But seriously, when don't I? Me and Scott went to go watch Coach Carter and it
was one of there better movies of the year if not the best so far this year.

01/26/05 - Wednesday was such a nice little day for me. Hahahaha. Ok I really don't have
anything to talk about really. But it surely was great honestly. I cleaned my car alittle today. I
also got to watch alot of tv shows I used to watch before my life got busy.

01/25/05 - Work went by fast so that was nice for me. Dodgeball was gonna be a somewhat
big night. We were going up against the Thursday night Champs and we were the Tuesday
night champs. Well they won 4 to 3. Maybe next time I will aim higher for there heads. Atleast I
got my motivation back. It only took a shot to my pretty face. They just woke up the
monster. Went to the VFW and then went to Ruby Tuesdays. Lawrence got a 1lbs burger, he
finished it and got ice cream, amazing I say.

01/24/05 - I woke up and made the nephew some breakfast, but he didn't want to eat anyso
that made me kinda sad. Well not really. I paid some bills today and gave my self alittle work
out. I cant do too much cause of my hand, but I tried. Chris came over and we played
Gamecube. Gamecube rocks for all you Nintendo haters out there. Hahaha. Had a 1 lbs burger
today at Ruby Tuesdays, wow I finished it off, but wow, I was full.

01/23/05 - I woke up early today cause I knew somebody had to plow the driveway. So I went
to Walmart and bought this 18 dollar shove. It was more of a pushing shovel but hey it got the
job done and it only took me like 15 minutes to do it all. Yes it was a crappy job, but atleast
everybody can make it up and down the driveway. Later on that day, we went to The chinese
buffet on Robert street in West St Paul. It was quite good. They actually got some new food
there. I was quite impressed. Got home and I just felt like taking it easy.

01/22/05 - I thought I was gonna die at work today. With only 2 hours of sleep and feeling a
major hang over. I just didn't know if I was gonna pass out or what. Somehow I mustered
enough strength to be awake. I got home and I passed out for like 4 or 5 hours. I felt like crap.
I seriously felt like I was still drunk all day. I then realized that my car was driving normal again. It
wasn't going into neutral anymore. And the 2nd gear start went away. Somehow it got fixed
when I drove it to St cloud in the snow. Craziness I say.

01/21/05 - I wanted work to get done with, why, I don't know really. All I heard all day was how
bad it was going to be outside, since we had this supposedly bad snow storm coming. Well it
took me an hour to get home from work. Which blew big time. Then I had to decide if it was
worth it going to St cloud for Bj's birthday. I was like the hell with it. I had Chris coming with me
and we drove anyways. It was scary, but we made it through the weather. We all met up at
the Mexican Village. Then we Went to the Dug out and had this thing called a Harry buffalo.
Then back to his place.

01/20/05 - So since it was Thursday, I realized that its almost February already. Wow, time just
flies when your older these days. I am still trying to figure a way to slow down time. Maybe
going to school at night for something random might keep me entertained for awhile. Nah just
a thought. I can't believe were gonna get lots of snow tomorrow. I am so excitied. I went home
and made my self some pasta. Gotta look fat for tomorrow. Just kidding, I have been in a great
mood lately. Watched the nephews while my sister went out tonight.

01/19/05 - So my normal lunch consists for going to taco johns on Wednesdays and talk with
the cashier about who's going to win on Sunday. I picked the Eagles, while he picked the
Falcons. He said he would give me half off if I won. I hope I win. I got home today, then realize
my passenger side rear tire was getting flat. So I bought some fix a flat and fixed it up for now. I
was so worn out the past few weeks, I had to take a nice 4 hour nap. I woke up and I thought
it was time to goto work. But I felt great and now I am gonna have my sleep habits all messed

01/18/05 - Work was a nice cake walk today, which always makes me happy. I realized my
funds have been getting kinda low lately, so I am gonna try to save more money in the next
few weeks. Later on that evening, we played some newb team for dodgeball. Wow we
whooped there ass 7 to 0. Even though I didn't try and was busy just putzing around in the
back. Maybe I feel that challenge isn't there anymore. Went to the VFW afterwards.

01/17/05 - I woke up at around 11am this morning, it felt so great. I needed sleep badly, but I
am glad I got it. I watched the nephews this morning on my day off. So it was nice to just sit
around and play video games. Even though thats basically what it seems like I do everyday
anyways. I even got to watch wrestling again. I havn't done that on a Monday night in a long
long time. Oh I miss it so much.

01/16/05 - I never really expected much from the Vikes today. I mean common, they can't
play good football two weeks in a row. Those people who believed are typical Minnesotan idiots.
You should no better. Its like a dumb stereotype of how we are. Ugh it just makes me mad
thinking about it. Get it straight people. We need a new head coach. Andy Reid totally
outcoached Mike Tice.

01/15/05 - Went to work and it went by pretty fast, thank god. Then went to go see "In good
company" I thought it was a very good movie. Then went home and got a nice little bite to eat
and went to Jessica's. Then went over to Jenni's for the evening. I bought a few bottles of wine.
I was in the wine mood. I am just glad both bottles were done after the evening was done.
Then for some reason we decided to goto brady's.

01/14/05 - Went to go see how my galant was driving and it drove pretty good, theres a
rough idle but hey as long as it drives right. Later on in the  evening went to Fred's party and it
was quite the interesting place. I havnt seen a plasma tv so big before. Oh well, saw some old
Roseville-ites there.

01/13/05 - I really felt like taking a nap today but I couldnt, so I was kinda sad. Oh well. Me and
Ashley went to the News room and ordered some hummis, her favorite. Kicked a few back
there, then walked in the frigid temperatures to brothers down town. Good times there, always
cheap drink specials.

01/12/05 - I woke up today feeling real good. I got to work way early and everything. I dunno,
maybe it was that extra hour of sleep I got in, who knows. I was pondering today about what I
should do this weekend, then I realized that Fred's party was this Friday. Good thing I
remembered. Seems I have a short memory these days. Since there was nothing to watch on
t.v. Later on that night, went to go  visit Heather at the Mermaid and get some food.

01/11/05 - Went to work today, pretty exciting. Decided to have lunch with Kristin today,
since its been awhile since I have done lunch with her in a long time. Got home and finally
cleaned my room. I can actually see the floor again. I finally got to take it easy tonight. No
dodgeball till the season starts up again in a week. Just a quiet night for me.

01/10/05 - Went to go have lunch at El Azteca , it was good mexican food, it tasted alot better
then Alcapolco. It was good though. Then met up with Ashley later and went to go eat at the
Khyber Pass. Which is an afghan restaraunt. I didnt think it was so good at all.  Then went
shopping at Rosedale and we kicked a few drinks back at Ruby Tuesdays for two for ones.
Overall I was all over the place today. What an expensive night.

01/09/05 - The Vikes pulled an upset and beat those silly packers in Lambeau. It was quite
exciting and now they will face the almighty Donovan Mcnabb and the Eagles. I was so happy, I
even went to go watch a movie afterwards. I saw the Aviator, which I cant decide if it was a
good night or not. Then of course I went to go get some food at Cub Foods pretty exciting

01/08/05 - Work was really rough in the morning. I wasn't really feeling to good at all. But
somehow some way I managed to get through the day. It was a mind over matter type of
thing. Thank goodness it wasn't busy or else I would have probably passed out. Went up to
this place we called "Ramsey" ugh I hate that city. Becky had people over and we all had a
good time playing darts and such. I just remember picking on this one kid cause he was
younger hahaha.

01/07/05 - Friday night, meaning it was Dan's bday. It was a good time. I heard I was pretty
trashed. I remember bowling but I didn't do so hot. There was alot of people from work there. I
I have lots of pictures but I have to throw them online at some point, which I will be doing
pretty soon. Afterwards Me, Lawrence and Becky went to Perkins.

01/06/05 - Wow I felt like crap this morning, but oh well I sucked it up anyways. I was doing
some reading about the vikings in the newspaper and nobodys giving them a chance to win,
well maybe they don't, but at least they can get a miracle or something and win. Went home
took a nap. Me and Ashley went to go see "Meet the fockers" that was a pretty good movie.
Then we went to grab a bite at Café Latte.

01/05/05 - Wow, today sucked, well it didn't really suck. I just didn't feel like doing anything
today. My arm is still hurting and I have a weird sharp pain that shoots through my neck every
5 minutes. Makes me twitch since its so painful. We all went to go see Lawrence play today. He
didn't do so hot, but its not his fault. When your the star player, they all gun for you. Only I
would know. Hahaha Went to some bar afterwards, don't remember what its called but I had
the bestest crab cake ever. Made my nightly trip to Walmart and bought toilet paper, pretty
exciting huh.

01/04/05 - My other team played another exciting edition of the playoffs. And amazingly we
won it all. I was amazed but I hurt my arm to the point where it was so painful. The things I do
for a championship I guess. We went to celebrate at the VFW. Even Lawrence came and
enjoyed the festivities.

01/03/05 - Had lots to do today, got my eyes checked finally, I know , I know. Got a new tire
on my car and a oil change. Got my watched sized. Got my tabs for my car. fcourse Had my
playoff game or dodgeball. Unfortunately we were knocked out of the first round. It was a
major upset. It hit me pretty hard. But thats ok.

01/02/05 - Another disappointing loss for the Vikes, how sad, sad. But oh well they made it into
the playoffs. Actual now that I think about it. I am mad that they are sucking it up. Oh well.

01/01/05 - Got up and felt like crap since I was sick. Had some crummy food at the Hometown
buffet. It didn't taste good. Then I went to sleep and I slept basically the whole day. Then saw
the entire season of Dawsons Creek how exciting.

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