Old Journal Logs

02/28/05 - Went and had lunch with Jamie downtown, then went to go watch the wedding
date. Which was not as good as I thought. Went to visit Brie at Chili's and that was fun. Went
home and did some small workouts on my legs. Gotta keep them strong for the football season
ahead. All and all a busy day. I almost bought a guinea pig today. I will probably do it next week.

02/27/05 - Sunday I wanted to have a low key day since I went out so much. I guess I had
more then a low key day, I had quite an adventure. Actually I just updated my website and little
things like that. I am supposed to be slowing down. Since I have thrown money around like its

02/26/05 - Got home after work, thank goodness it was very slow today. I only had 2 and a
half hours of sleep. Andy came over and wanted to play alittle C-strike. We had to prepare for
our casino night part at Lindsey and Marco's. I was doing quite well, but I just simply can't last in
poker. It just bores me after awhile. Even if it was for big money. Anyways I had a good time.

02/25/05 - Went up to East Bethel to some place called Hidden haven. There was a band there,
even though I thought they sucked ass. It was still a good time. We all then went over to
Jamie's moms place where we all just got drunker. I bought a bottle of Hennesy that night.
Surprisingly I had a good time though, for someone who didn't want to go in the first place. But
I took care of business, which was one of the main reasons why I came.

02/24/05 - I watched the O.C. tonight and it was actually a pretty decent show. Its been kinda
lame for the past few weeks. I took it pretty easy tonight. I have been eating very lightly, since
my stomach pains are nagging around.

02/23/05 - I was checking my finances today and I realized it was a bit low. Thats ok though,
atleast I paid of my credits quite well the past few months. It was Lawrences Birthday today. So
after dodgeball we all went to Legends for a feww drinks. It was a goo time. I found out I will
now be a member of there team. Later on, I guess it would end up to be a very long night for

02/22/05 - I had my interview for a different position at work today. It actually went alright for
once. Usually I suck at interviews, but for once I think I did great. I Went to the Wild Onion for
Kristin's Birthday tonight. It was good times. She is now 26 and still having a blast. Woot!!! I had
some nasty stomach pains lately. I have been unable to sleep at night, but I should be ok.

02/21/05 - Today is Presidents day. That means some people don't have to work. Or lots of
kids don't have school today. I went and watched Brian play a pick up game of basketball at
some church in Roseville. I am nursing  a bad right shoulder that got injured from bowling the
night before. So I couldn't partake obviously. So I just talked to Lisa and catch up on things
with her. We all went to Ruby Tuesdays and Susan met up with us to have a few drinks.

02/20/05 - I saw Hitch today, it was pretty good. Later went to Dolittles for lunch today. It
wasn't anything spectacular. Then Andy called me up and went bowling and then to Buffalo
Wild Wings. I just realized I been going out every night for dinner or some type of outting since
last Monday. Wow what an expensive week.

02/19/05 - Saturday went by pretty fast at work. We have been so busy the past month
down there which kinda blows ass. Later on that day, Chris came over and we picked up Ashley
and met up with Kristin at California Pizza Kitchen. It was some good pizza. Ashley said the
hummus was pretty good. I can't really tell since I eat anything. Went to the dodgeball party in
uptown. After that We spent the rest of the night at Williams and went and hung out at the
peanut bar down stairs. I kinda liked that bar. By that time it was snowing heavily outside and I
made it home ok.

02/18/05 - Today is payday, not like it matters anyways. Most of it is going to my credit cards
anyways. I had Lunch with Ashley today, since there was a college job fair at the convention
center. Later on that evening with to casino night with Becky for her little work function thing. It
was held at the Earl Brown Center. It was the most disgusting food I have ever ate in my life.
Played some texas holdem, did good then I sucked it up. Then I went over to the Black jack
table and worked the main boss guy over at Twin Cities Optical. I basically showed TCO what
TCF is made of. Hahaha. I went out with Patrick to Old Chicago after that to get a few drinks.

02/17/05 - After lunch today. Some of the crew went out for Sara's Bday outting. It was a
good time. I think Scott and I ordered grilled jumbo shrimp. Oh it was so great. This is the 2nd
consecutive day I have had seafood. I feel like I am living the good life these days. I got home
and I felt so full. I think I decided to just pass out on my bed and get ready for tomorrow night.

02/16/05 - Today after I got home from work I met up with some kick ballers and had all you
can eat crab legs today. I twas good. It costed about $25.95, which hurt the old piggy bank.
Wow I sure got my fixings of crab legs for months now. My stomach was hurting after we left. I
felt like I was gonna pass out. I definitely got my moneys worth and some. Did a light work out
tonight., I feel so fat from all those crab legs. I am supposed to be in football training. Oh well
looks like I will have to starve my self tomorrow. Haha.

02/15/05 - Worked till 1pm today at work. I needed the extra time off. I been working 7 days
straight since Monday of last week through Sunday. So tired. Went to Legends in Minneapolis,
and kicked a few back. I haven't been there before but it was fun. It was for Rob who had his
Bday today. Fun fun times.

02/14/05 - I watched Kobe today, I knew I had to get alot of chores done and I actually got
them done. It was quite surprising. Ended up going out with Becky and Lawrence for chinese
buffet dinner at night. That was fun. I am starting to hate Valentines day. I used to love it so

02/13/05 - Worked for 7 days straight including today, which is Sunday. Wow so worn out, I
didn't expect. It too be the most busiest day in my TCF career, I felt like I was going to fall over
and die. Finally It was time to go home and crach, but I couldn't cause of the nephews were
running around. I weighed my self and I was a 159 lbs, woot. 4 more lbs till my idea weight. I
wanted to see Hitch today. But was too lazy to call anyone. Took a long nap and woke up at

02/12/05 - Today was my nephew Devons Birthday party. I stuck around for as long as I could
then it was time togo to Spin. Ashley, Andy, Chris, Brie, Becky and me went to Spin, but we
couldn't get in cause of Chris tennis shoes. So we hit up. The drink and then The Annexx then
to Brothers, and then back to The drink. Surprising we saw Guppy there. It was kinda funny. I t
was a good night of drinking.

02/11/05 - Friday was a good day if I remember it right. I was supposed to goto the Blue Fox
bar and grill to listen to "Uncle Chunk" but I decided to save my money for tomorrow night
when we goto Spin. So I took it easy tonight. Went out to eat with Becky and Emily for dinner
and their mom at the Red Ginger. I gave that place an ok rating. But the food was delicious that
night. Got a big day tomorrow.

02/10/05 - Watched the O.C. Last week I thought it was a pretty bad show for once. This
week, they really hyped up the last 5 minutes of the show. So I was expecting so much.
Unfortunately they didn't produce, I mean everyone knew Marissa was gonna kiss Alex. Geez.
Anyways, I realized today. Valentines day was right around the corner. Wanted to do
something special for someone I liked for a long time.

02/09/05 - Wednesday was pretty quiet, I am already getting tired of working. Since I worked
on Monday. I have been feeling kinda bloated these days. I have been eating alot lately. Went
to The 8th Street Grill, for Happy Hour with Andy and Rich. Stayed till 8pm. Then went to the
Hoggsbreath for more drinks. I got Half Life 2 today. Its a pretty kick ass game. I played
Counter Strike:Source for a bit. It was way different. But it was pretty tight.

02/08/05 - Dan has tonsilitis. SO he wont be at dodgeball tonight. So I figured I would have to
atleast try harder. Well we won 5 to 2 I think. It was an ok game, the other team really sucked,
it could have been a 7 to 0 thrashing but I assume we were being nice. Went to Herkimers
afterwards, I think thats what it was called.

02/07/05 - Went to work on my day off today. I guess I decided to pick up a few hours. I went
to my parents house today and I felt weird, it felt like I was in a strangers house. I had some
minor flash backs of little details. It was kinda weird. I think I was thinking back in time. Oh well I
grabbed some old junk. Went home and did some minor chores. Watched the final episode of
Dawsons Creek on dvd. Haha, trust me I can't believe I watched it either. I feel like a loser now.

02/06/05 - Superbowl Sunday. Me and Becky went to PF changs in Southdale and watched
Hide and Seek. I thought it was a good movie, but in my mind. It was very good overall. Later
went to Dee Dee's for the game. I told everyone it was gonna be a close game from the
beginning. But I was still going with the Patriots. It was rigged from the beginning, think of all the
patriotism at the beginning of the game.

02/05/05 - Went to work and it was nice and quiet. I love it when that happens. I thought it
was gonna be another warm day but I was wrong, I decided to go with my spring jacket. I was
freezing my nuts off actually. Went to Eri'ks to meet up with everyone else for the LAN party.
Lots and lots of Unreal Tournament. I was feeling so sick from that game. I don't think I ate
enough for or something..

02/04/05 - Yeah its Friday, how exciting. I basically took the night off and watched the
T-wolves lose to the Rockets. Wow they really suck these days. I feel like I am watching the
Linx or something. Quite pathetic actually. They better turn it around soon. Watched the
nephews tonight.

02/03/05 - It was a balmy 48 degrees today. It was so beautiful outside. I even took my jacket
off and it just felt like it was late spring. It was quite awesome. I rolled my windows down on the
free way and enjoyed the nice cool breeze on my face. Anyways, I decided I am gonna stop
drinking for awhile. Actually it started on Tuesday. I really don't have a reason, just thought I
would try it, since I am in my feeling healthy mood. Plus it would get in the way of me working
out lately. I watched The O.C. tonight. It was a pretty good show. So theres a new country
singer on the scene her name is Katrina Elam, she has a nice voice. Just thought I would share
that since her song is playing on my winamp.

02/02/05 - I didn't eat anything for lunch today. I just wasn't really too hungry today. So I
went for a nice long walk for lunch. I got home and I was so beat. I looked at my clothes on the
floor that I just had washed a few days ago, and I was just too lazy to hang them up. I took a
nice nap for 5 hours and woke up around midnight. I just screwed up my sleeping habit. Oh
well. Today was quite a lame day. But I really think I needed the rest.

02/01/05 - Thank goodness work was a nice slow day today. I didn't feel like doing much work
today. Today there was a orange alert out for the twin cities, since the air was bad in the metro
air. Any type of athletic running should not be done today. Since it would be hard on the lungs.
So anyways, with dodgeball tonight, we beat some crappy team 6 to 1 today. But we didn't
really play too well. I mean we played poorly. Its ok though. Went to VFW for a bit then we
went to get pizza at Dulano's. I ate so much pizza I literally gained 4 lbs.

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