Old Journal Logs

08/31/05 - After work I got home and played more of my role playing game. Work was pretty
weird today. I went to kickball and mingled with the team. We lost 6 to 7. It was a fun game
regardless, but we tried our best. Oh well, the ball didn't bounce our way tonight. I was very
disappointed in my performance. I absolutely sucked today. I didn't feel immortal tonight. I
hurt my knee when I let a ball go bye me, when I slipped and fell. That never happens. Oh
well. Me and Emily went to go eat at Perkins afterwards. that was fun. It will be my last time
spending time with her since shes going to school in River Falls.

08/30/05 - I was so tired today, but not sleepy tired. After work I went home and just cleaned
up. I had to meet up with
Ashley to drop her glasses off. I went home to grab some mail.
Then did some umping for the first kickball game and watched the 2nd game of the evening.
It ended in controversy ofcourse. I decided to go home tonight. I am a bit tired and I want to
take it easy and get some sleep.

08/29/05 - Went to work today and left at noon. I went to go to the UPS store and sent away
my dvd's and gamecube games. I laid around at home and took it kinda easy. I just realized,
that summer is basically over and I didn't go clubbin hardcore this summer at all. Hahaha.
Seems like I have been going to the small bars instead. Not my choice ofcourse. How am I
supposed to pick up a hottie at a hole in the wall joint.

08/28/05 - I woke up around noon today. I was so tired, but I think I might have somewhat
recharged from not sleeping much. I played Baiten Kaitos for like 5 hours yesterday. I know,
thats a long time. I didn't even walk outside today. How sad. I did some laundry and basically
cleaned. Packed my dvds good bye since I sold them all on ebay for $385 bucks. Very sad
day for me. I needed the extra money though.

08/27/05 - It was an action packed day for me today. Went to work it was very busy and then
it died down. Went home and cleaned up and then went to pick up
Ashley and went to the
fair. I ate a few different things. Did alot of walking, even saw the stinky animals. We went on
rides. Of course I had to win some prizes at the fair. I was kinda sad I could only throw 51
mph at the fast pitch. Met up with Lunzer. Later on that night, we went to The yacht club for
Benny's Bday.

08/26/05 - After work today we went to happy hour. Its been awhile since we have had that.
We went over to 8th street grill. I ended up taking Matt home, since he was so wasted. It was
weird, me being the one taking someone home and not being overly drunk. I stayed home
tonight. I really wanted to take it easy. I am really tired and stuff. My knee is hurting alot, I
think my scrape is infected but oh well. I had issues sleeping last night cause it hurt so much.
Hopefully tonight goes much better.

08/25/05 - Another night of kickball as I went for my 3rd straight win. We played against a
new team in pink. We made a dramatic comeback to win 5 to 4. I t was quite exciting. I drank
a few beers tonight. It was a fun week of kickball overall. I went home and watched my
nephews afterwards.

08/24/05 - I woke up late for work today. I didnt have my second alarm on and thats why I
didn't wake up. Work was nice and slow again. I am really enjoying this. I picked Emily up
afterwards. We went to Maplewood mall and shopped for a bit. Went to kickball and my team
beat Slow and Bouncy The state runner ups. I was so happy. The score was 7 to 6 I believe.

08/23/05 - Today was the nicest slowest day at work I have had in a long time. It makes me
happy. So I was watching my ebay items I was selling and people are bidding on them. So
thats good. I went to go play kickball for Ramseys team. We won, I think it was like 6 to 0. I
didn't do much of anything. I got on base a few times, but didn't touch the ball on defense.
Well I didn't need too. Emily came an watched me play today.

08/22/05 - Went to work and it went by pretty fast. I went home and took a brief nap and then
went on my bike ride. I ended up going to
Jamie's to pick up the gamecube and I went to best
buy to buy Madden 2006. I ate tacos tonight it went down so good. I forgot what home made
tacos were like. I am selling my dvds on ebay, all 100 of them. Also my gamecube games. I
just need extra cash for my Arizona trip and even paying for my car.

08/21/05 - Woke up and went to the gift opening. They got some good stuff and I got to mark
it down on paper for them. I went to buffalo wild wings to meet up with
Jenny and Mike. Andy
later came by. I had a big burger and wings I was so hungry. I got home and I was just tired. I
think its time to go night night now.

08/20/05 - Woke up early and went to Ihop for breakfast with the other groomsman. It was a
nice wonderful day for the wedding. Although it got very happy with our coats on. The
wedding went very well. We all went to Champps for a few quick drinks. We then made it to
the reception and it was a good time. You can check the pictures for yourself. Everyone had
a good time.

08/19/05 - After work I went to go get the tux. I later drove around that day. I really wanted to
take it easy since there will be alot of running around tomorrow. Tonight I stay home and
sleep in. It will be nice to not have to work tomorrow. I am extremely happy about that. Its
been so long it seems.

08/18/05 - We had wedding rehearsals today.
Brian and Lisa got there 30 minutes late, but
we finally got it together. We went to Carbones for the grooms dinner. It was good times. This
place looked like a cabin which was weird. There was alot of people I didn't know. I ended up
going home and not going out later tonight. I am just tired and wanted to call it an early night.

08/17/05 - Had kickball practice today. I was feeling extra juiced up today. I seriously felt like I
was on steroids. After practice we all went to Legends. Some how I got the nick name "Big
Juice" which was pretty funny. I felt pretty relaxed tonight and was being my old self again. It
seems like I got my smile back again. I wanted to go home a bit early and relax and sleep.
Things are gonna get busy the rest of the week.

08/16/05 - After work I went home and cleaned up and let the dog out. I road my bike for a
long trip today. Its been awhile, since the weather has been crappy and I have been busy. I
wanted to relax today but I ended up running all over the place. I played with Achilles, are
dog and hes such a good/bad pup. I don't like dogs but this one is growing on me. It loves
me. I am sleeping a bit earlier tonight, just to recharge my batteries for the rest of the week.

08/15/05 - After work I went to go get my new car. I bought a Mazda Protege. I got a loan for
it. Its gonna really hurt my piggy bank, but I needed a car. I went to
Jamies and met up with
Chris there we played mario party. Later on we went to Jackie's power hour. Man she was
wasted in less then 12 minutes. Hahaha I really enjoyed driving my new ride around town.
Although its not a brand new car, it does the job.

08/14/05 - I woke up and I was so sick it wasn't even funny. I drove my self home from Li's
place. I was so tired and I felt like I was gonna throw up. I basically laid at home in my bed all
day and watched t.v. I havn't done that in a long time. I then had to pick my dad up from the
airport later in the evening, his flight got delayed a few times, but I finally picked home up
around midnight. Wow I was so tired.

08/13/05 - Got to work and I wasn't tired for once. Which was great. After work went to go
play some dodgeball and went home and cleaned up. Went over to Rich's little party ad
played some badminton. Afterwards went to
Brian's bachelor party. I remember the limo
dropping us off at Sevilles. I was so drunk, when we were driving home. I was out cold before
the strippers came.

08/12/05 - Drove my dad to the airport this morning. I had to wake up so early. Oh well, work
went by pretty good today. Went to 8th street grill with
Andy and Lunzer met up with us later.I
went home and just chilled for the rest of the day. I been so tired lately. I knew tomorrow was
gonna be a very long day. So I figured I better get some rest in. I just layed pretty low while
everyone was trying to get me out.

08/11/05 - Work went by pretty well today. Afterwards,I went home and tried to relax. I have
been very tired lately.
Evelyn came up and I fixed her computer. We went to go eat at
Biaggi's. I love that place. Everytime single time I go there. Went back to my place and she
played with my nephews like old times. I was just happy to view the moment again. We did
our annual swap of music cd's and mp3's. I realized tonight, I am one of those people that will
always put others before me. I forgot I used to be like that. I was always unselfish, thats
always been my M.O.

08/10/05 - After work I went to my dads and helped him out with a few things. Me and him
made crab and we had some bonding time. I even was nice enough to get his rear view
mirror back up. After that, I went to kickball practice. I noticed I had troubles with certain
scenarios that involved getting physical. I am just afraid to get hit now. Oh well, I will figure
something out I guess. After practice a few of us went up to Legends. I don't know how I
always end up there.

08/09/05 - After work I went home and tried to figure out how long it would take me to walk
from my bus stop to my house. Wow it took me over 20 minutes. That really sucked, but what
I am I gonna do. I was basically cleaning all day today and just trying to goto bed early. Its
been kinda nice not going out lately. I got to spend the day with the nephews. I never really
had a chance to do that all summer.

08/08/05 - What an action packed day it was for me today. It looks like I made a major step
into buying a new car. After work. I took the light rail to Mall of America and I met the guy
selling me the car. I drove it around and it was in decent condition. The guy looks kinda like a
young Tom Hanks. I took the light rail back to Minneapolis and took the bus to Brooklyn Park
to pick up my car at my brothers house. I drove my Pontiac home and it barely made it. I was
afraid it was gonna die on me. I been all over today, I did alot of walking today. Mary would
have been proud.

08/07/05 - Sunday was a pretty quiet day, I really just relaxed at home and took it easy. I
been very tired from running around and doing lots of errands. Tonight I just want to take a
nice nap and get to work. I think I might even read a book to relax tonight. Now you know I am
serious. j/k haha..

08/06/05 - Work was the worst day ever. I almost walked out, I couldn't think straight and I
was just not able to do anything right. It was like I just got dumber some how. I was pretty
pissed at this point. I went to dodgeball to clear my head. I didn't really try, since one shot in
the head would have put my out of commission. Afterwards I went and biked around the lake
for my TdT. I got home and relaxed. I didn't go out tonight. Stayed home and relaxed.

08/05/05 - I was driving the mini van to work and the car died on me. I swear, every car I
touch ends up dieing. I have bad luck with cars. I have been pretty frustrated today. I didn't
end up going out tonight. Just no ride and I wont dare ask anybody to come pick me up since
I am so far away. Tonight I stay home and watched my nephews. Wow pretty lame I know, but
I need to get things figured out.

08/04/05 - After work, I went to my parents house to pick up my dads mini van. My car is
basically undriveable at this point. I was supposed to goto the Dr today, I rescheduled for
tomorrow, but I am afraid to go tomorrow too. Hopefully I wont reschedule again. Me and
went over to Bj's parents and we chose a few pictures from their wedding. Afterwards we
went over to
Jenni's. She wanted to grab some food so we went to TGIF. Today was all so
Guppys(adam) Bday!!!

08/03/05 - After work today I went to my parents house. Nobody was home so I just chilled
there. I later drove to Woodbury to pick up
Ashley. We went to Mall of America. We didn't buy
anything but its always nice to look. I ran into Staci there, she works at Club Moraco. Or
something like that. We ended up going to Legends and getting a quick drink. It was a good
night, I had a blast. Tonight it was raining, I forgot what rain was like haha.

08/02/05 - I had a good day at work for once. It wasn't too busy and I felt like I wasn't under
any pressure. I could just do my own thing. After work, I went on a bike ride to continue the
2rd stage of my biking. It was a good ride. I hung out with
Susan tonight. We went to Bostons
and then we ended up at Hoolihans. It was nice to finally get a chance to hang out like we
used too. I forgot what I was like around her and she usually brings out the wacky side of me.
It was fun drunken times... Hahaha. Sometimes I forget who I am. Tonight really helped me

08/01/05 - I went to work today with the worst pain in my head ever. I was slurring when I was
talking and couldn't even think straight. Somehow I got about 4 hours in. I still had alot of
time till my bus came, so I went over to 8th street grill and had lunch with
Andy L. Or Lunzer
as we call him... Went home and I laid down and relaxed. I felt a 2nd wind and decided to go
for the 2nd stage of my TdT. Afterwards, I finally got to do something with my nephews
Devon and Kobe. I helped him put together their first fish tank. They were quite excited. I laid
down and iced my head some more. Last time I got hit hard, I ended up having issues for 3
or 4 days. I skipped out on dodgeball today. I knew physically, not even I was able to
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