Old Journal Logs

04/30/05 - After work went to the tux fitting. Then went to dodgeball to throw a few balls
around. Went to my cousins welcome back from Iraq party. Had a few shots. Then drove to
Mary's and I was puking all over the place. I then passed out around 11pm. So basically 15
minutes after I got there. I was in pretty bad shape, I havnt been so drunk ever.

04/29/05 - I am more calm today but still pissed off. I made the most of what I had to work
with and tried to relax, but then I always have someone pissing me off when I finally catch my
breathe. Tonight I am going to take it easy. I am so depressed about a few different things I
just want to recharge for my big day tomorrow. Since my cousin is back from Iraq and its
Mary's house warming party tomorrow.

04/28/05 - I decided it would not be a good idea if I came into work today. I was a ticking time
bomb waiting to go off and I would rather not get fired for it. I saw Evelyn tonight, and it came
at the most perfect time. She usually calms me down and cheers me up. We ended up at Red
Lobster and I had a good time. For once I forgot about all the crap that was going on. Went to
BW3's for a few drinks with some peeps.

04/27/05 - Oh man am I in a fowl mood right now. So many people are pissing me off I can't
even deal with it. Ofcourse nobody ever cares about me, just themselves. Anyways, after work
I went to my dads and we talked. Had a bottle of beer with him. Thats when you know, I am
having a bad day. Went to dodgeball and we won 7 to 0. It was quite the snobber knocker.
Went to Legends for a few drinks, once I got home I realized how anfry I really was. I became
more psychotic and laid in my bed wanting to destroy everything I came into contact

04/26/05 - Work dragged on forever today. After I got home from work, I just laid down and
reflected. Theres been alot of things going in and out of my head lately. All this stress is taking
its toll on me and I am getting a pissed off pretty easily lately. So I am gonna try to take it easy
for awhile. This isn't good for me. I was talking with someone the other day and I just realized
what the joke meant. Hahaha I am so slow sometimes. I wanted to play basketball today.
Stupid rain, hahaha. I forgot how much I used to play ball at the parks ever summer. I feel I
might not be able to execute my tony crossover or my fading jumper. Atleast I can still drive to
the hole. I miss basketball.

04/25/05 - Went to see  The Amityville  horror. I was expecting more out if it, but it was an ok
movie at best. We lost 46 to 6 in football, it was quite the thrashing. Went to the corner bar
afterwards. I was not in a good mood tonight. I usually don't like to lose, and we are 0 and 2
now. The season hopefully still has hope.

04/24/05 - Lawrence and I drove around the Minneapolis area looking for a good chinese
restaurant, but they  were all  closed it kinda sucked. After about an hour, we finally found one
by my old orthodontist building. Andy called me and we had a kickball practice. I got home later
that day and basically did some laundry and rested up.

04/23/05 - After work, I went to play dodgeball outside. I was very ineffective. With both my
knees giving me troubles. Later on that evening, went to go eat at the Outback steak house.
Its been so long since I have been there. Emily came over and we stayed in for the night.
Basically I was trying to keep tonight low key.

04/22/05 - Work dragged on pretty bad today. Plus I really did not want to be there today.
Anyways, I went home after work and worked on my knees, there both hurting but should be
all ready to go by Monday. I have been trying to lose weight, so I am trying to work out more
and eat less. Stayed home tonight, I need to really rest up.

04/21/05 - After work, I went over to the 8th Street Grille. Rich, Lundzer, Jess and Paula were
going there after the Twins game, so I decided to stop by. I wanted to drink enough, so that I
wouldn't feel much pain in my knee. Well, our first football game had alot of mixed feelings. I
mean we did not have the talent to compete against the team we played. we were down 20 - 0
at half time. Somehow we finally locked down and shut them out the 2nd half and we had a
chance to tie it but we came up short 20 to 12. It was fun though. I played well for having a
bummed right knee.

04/20/05 - I got over 10 hours of sleep last night wowsers and I still came to work 30 minutes
late. I don't know whats wrong with me. Anyways, I just heard of the new Jesse Mccartney
song called "she's know you" and I like it. I know sounds cheesy. Haha. Went to my dads to
visit him for a bit. Then it was off to dodgeball. I really got to test my knee out tonight. I felt it
was sub par. Oh well we won 4 to 3. I didn't go out to the after bar. I was just tired and wanted
to sleep early tonight and rest my knee. I got a big day tomorrow.

04/19/05 - I went to Happy hour at Brits Pub. I was with John, Levi, and Dan. I was trying to
stay away from Happy Hour, but I was in the mood after a long day today. I got home around
7pm I think and watched a few shows and passed out around 8pm. I was so tired. I think my
body is finally telling me to slow the fuck down.

04/18/05 - It was about 80 degreees today, and it felt so good. I woke up around 9am today. I
bought shirts for our football team and I got crazy and bought stencils to make the initals "M
W" for Morning Wood. Had lunch with Jamie today, spent most of the day doing the shirts.
Then had dinner at Green Mill. Poor Laura she's still getting used to waitressing.

04/17/05 - Woke up and I was feeling pretty good. I wanted to go for a nice walk but I realized
I had football today. I did well today, but I got tired easily again. After the game, I went home
and layed in bed. I was sore all over the place. My legs aren't as young as they used to be.
Hopefully they will hold up for a whole summer of sports.

04/16/05 - What an interesting day this was. After work went to get some dodgeball action in.
Then briefly went to the parents. Later that night we pre-bared it up. Then off to Mortimers,
and this girl was unbeatable at air hockey. So finally I stepped up to the plate and beat her after
falling behind 4 to 6. Some of us got kicked out so we had to goto some bar called Lyles? Then
back to Lawrence's. Fight  number 3 almost happened outside the apartment as I was ready to
unleash my super kick. What a night. From broken windows to 3 possible fights to getting
kicked out of bars.

04/15/05 - Friday was more of a relaxing day for me. So I ended up going out for Happy Hour.
Oh good times it was. We ended up going to Kierans and I was pretty drunk and I got home
around 8:30pm and I was just feeling it. So I passed out at 9pm. I am starting to have that
summer feel inside again.

04/14/05 - After work today, I drove to Burnsville to see Susan and had a quick lunch. Then
after that I went to play football, wow we played for like 2 hours I think. I actually ran hard
today and didn't take many plays off. We had a bbq at Mary's which was cool, I got to mingle
with some cool people. I wanted to go out more, but I realized I had no energy left and I was
going to be hurting tomorrow.

04/13/05 - Won 4 to 3 at dodgeball. We ended up going to the Country bar on Lyndale. Wow
I hate that place. Oh well, it was a quick night. We left at around 10:30pm. I jsut have been so
busy this week I have no energy for anything. With football tomorrow, I don't know how I will
even be able to move.

04/12/05 - Went to Big Tens for $1.50 pitchers. It was a rough night, somehow ended up
going to Legends and stayed till closing time. I was so exhausted tonight. Only 3 hours till I
have to wake up for work. How fun is that. Not fun at all.

04/11/05 - Woke up and went to have lunch with Lawrence and Mary. Went to Sportmart and
Dick's sporting goods. Went home and then went to my dads so he can do my taxes. I started
to feel a little sick. Watched RAW and did a light workout.

04/10/05 - Lawrence put in new rotors and brake pads for my car. It has been grinding pretty
bad lately. We had to buy a sledge hammer to get the dang rotor off. Went to Pizza Luce, I
love that place. Then had a little football scrimmage, in the rain. It only rained hard for a good
20 minutes, but we played through it. Went to my first Twins game, and got to see a homer.
Then we went to the Corner bar afterwards. What a busy day it was. I am so tired.

04/09/05 - After work went to an out door session of dodgeball. That was quite interesting.
Then went to the parents for dinner. Then went over to Jasons, since he was having a party.
Then went out to Pov's afterward. It was Andre and Gina's bday outting, the twins. Also met up
with Chris and we talked and had a few drinks.

04/08/05 - Went to Happy hour with Chris after work. Then we had football practice. That was
pretty fun. I think I was pretty drunk when we played. Then we went over to Ol Mexico for
Andy's Bday. It was a pretty busy day, but too much beer for me to handle.

04/07/05 - Work was kinda slow today. I was slacking a bit, but oh well. Went out to get a few
drinks for happy hour. I got home and I was exhausted and I decided to get a few things to
snack on. I been eating so much lately. I know I have to start eating healthy pretty soon. I am
getting somewhat older, so its time to take it easy for a bit.

04/06/05 - I finally made it to the doctor and I found out I just have bruised ribs and high blood
pressure after an x-ray and a few tests. The doctor told me stey away from stress and to not
do anything physical for a few weeks. So I went to dodgeball and tried to play through the pain.
We won, but I didnt do anything. We went to Legends and it was dead, but still fun.

04/05/05 - Today, the pain in my chest and heart area has made me feel real weak. To the
point where I actually scheduled an appointment. I had a feel red streaks in that area the day
before, but atleast that went away. Andy came over and we went to Albertville..... Anyways, we
went to the Nike Factory and Aeropostale. I have been wanting to go there for the longest time.

04/04/05 - Yeah my day off, how exciting. Lawrence came over and took my bad alternator
out and put in the new one. My car works. Woot!!! Looks like I will be able to drive around again.
I tried to play basketball, but it seems as my health is starting to be a concern, I couldn't do
anything and have it be pain free.

04/03/05 - I woke up today at around noon I believe. Lynn stayed the night and we went to
subway for lunch. I was so tired, my food didn't even taste good. Lawrence came over to help
me take the alternator out, well basically he did everything. We went over to Ryans for
Wrestlemania 21. HBK lost. I was so sad.

04/02/05 - Saturday was fun, but the last hour of work sucked giant ass. I had to many
errands to run I was literally passed out. My party started at 7pm. Thank goodness, nobody
comes on time. I was in the shower by 8:15 and there were some people there. Everything
went according to plan and it was a nice and fun bday. I wasn't as bad as I was 2 years ago.

04/01/05 - Wow we had some lame April fools jokes at work today. I mean lame. Anyways, all
day I had to recover from my night before. Its just funny, cause my manager Dale new I had a
rough evening. Wow everybody must really really think I am a alcoholic. Styed home tonight to
prepare for Saturday night. I made alot of eggrolls.
Sally Seller
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